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Introducing Jackie Dishner

I was so excited to meet another fellow blogger yesterday. Her name is Jackie Dishner and the name of her blog is Bike with Jackie.

Jackie is a professional writer and public speaker. I first met her online when she was writing for b5media. She was the blogger for the Phoenix area. If you've heard of Darren Rowse of Problogger, he's one of the founders of b5media.

Anyway, back to Jackie. We are also Facebook friends and she posted an invite to a book signing at Pluma Designs located in the Signature Salon Studios in Scottsdale. She gets her hair done there and it's not too far from my house. So, I decided I wanted to take this opportunity to buy her book and give her a hug ...in person.

Here's what the cover of her book looks like. I haven't started reading it yet but it looks like a great resource for drives, day trips and weekend trips in Arizona. So, if you live here or are planning to take a vacation to the Phoenix area, you might consider buying Jackie's book. You can purchase it here.

Jackie is a woman who loves adventure and travel. She has a philosophy of life that she calls BIKE and speaks on this topic as a member of the National Speaker's Association. From what I've learned from Jackie's blog, she's dealt with many challenges in her life.

But I can tell you ...Jackie was a delight to meet.

Jackie is adorable and we were both so excited when I walked up to her and said "Hi, I'm Debbie of Heart Choices."

Now, you bloggers know what I'm talking about. You feel like you already know the other person because you've read what they share from their heart on their blogs.I know this won't be the last time I get to meet with Jackie.

As I glance through her book, I'm already mentally planning trips I want to take in my own state of Arizona. It's amazing how you can live in a place for 25 years and not take advantage of some of the beautiful and historic places that are close by.

I encourage you to stop by and say hi to Jackie on Bike with Jackie. Tell her I sent you. And while you're at it, you might check out her book.

Debbie Petras
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  1. That is so nice that you were able to meet another blog friend sweetie.

  2. Debbie, what a delightful post introducing Jackie. Her book sounds so interesting. I am so happy you two got to meet. Hugs, Marty

  3. I can't wait to have my first real-life meet with a fellow-blogger. Glad you were able to meet Jackie! She sounds delightful.

  4. It's neat how God brings us together.

  5. Thank you so much for this post, Debbie. It's so sweet of you. Love the photos. You forgot to mention that we shared about four or five hugs during our brief encounter. Not a bad "heart choice."

    I hope we'll go for a ride or a hike here soon. I have a feeling we'll be getting to know each other better. That's a nice feeling.

    Hello to all of your friends and fans! From another one...

  6. How fun Debbie. I would love to meet some more of the wonderful women I have gotten to know through blogging. Last Mon. I met for the first time two women (we were all attending a mutual party with another blogger friend) for the first time. We immediately hugged and fought tears. It is just soo wonderful to meet someone that you feel you have known forever. It was a great feeling. I am happy you got to meet this woman. I will definitely be checking our her blog and the book sounds great. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs, Debbie

  7. Thank you, Debbie! We have bikers in our family so I am interested and I was happy to read that you met Jackie. What fun!

    Always praying,

  8. Thanks Debbie. We'll have to get this book. I'm going over to see her blog too.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Thanks so much for telling us about Jackie! I'll be hopping over to meet her. :-)

    I saw your last comment on Elaine's blog, and I just had to come over and comment to YOU about YOUR comment! ;-)

    I thought what you said was spot on. God does allow us to go through those difficult times... it is, as you said, a refiner's fire process. I have to admit, though, that during those times, I am often praying, "Lord, if you're trying to teach me something through this difficult time, PLEASE SHOW ME what it is, so I won't have to endure this anymore!!!" ;-)

    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you this day. I don't know your circumstances - don't need to know. But I want to encourage you in the knowledge that even the comments you leave on other blogs are a blessing to so many of us.


  10. She looks so cute. What a great picture of you two. I'm glad you were able to meet another bloggy friend!

  11. Another fun meet and greet...

    Only God can orchestrate such goodness.


  12. It's so true that when a place is just 'normal' to you it remains undiscovered. I guess thats why discovering Norway is so easy for me because everything is strange ;)


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