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The Choice to Mentor

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a brunch in honor of a woman who has mentored more than 20 women. Susie is 71 years young and has probably never considered the word retirement. As I looked around the room, I saw many young mothers and some who were a bit older. But the common denominator was that each woman had spent hours with Susie one on one as we allowed her to mentor us using a program entitled "Called to Obedience". It is a Christian based program that uses the Bible as the standard and has helped many people over the years. The author of this study is Dennie Dowell and she was in attendance also. It was so interesting to hear her testimony of becoming a Christian in her adult years. She and her husband helped many people who were struggling and he has since died. I'm sure it was inspiring for her to see the impact of their work in obedience to God.

As I'm entering the latter half of my life, I have a choice. I could rationalize that I've worked hard for many years and now is the time to sit back and enjoy. Or I could learn from both Susie and Dennie that it's even better to give to others and be used as a mentor. I believe our world has too few people who are willing to sit with another and offer wise counsel. I enjoyed having a mentor and I hope to be a mentor to other women.

Choices People Make

I have to admit that I'm a fan of the reality TV show "Survivor". A part of me would love to be a contestant on the show and the other part of me doesn't like to starve and be seen without makeup and in a bathing suit, especially on national TV. Not that they would pick me since I'm older than 45 (and that's all I'm saying). But I would like to show those young people that just because you're older doesn't mean you can't compete. I've learned much about relationships and I believe that's a big part of outlasting the others.

However, I have to say that I was so disappointed in Dreamz. He made a verbal agreement with Yau Man and he didn't deliver in the end. He got greedy and wanted the 2008 truck and in the end used the excuse "it's just a game". Yes, it may be a game but integrity would have been the better choice in this instance. Dreamz has a son and what will that tell his son about his father. That when it comes down to a new truck or delivering on your word, greed got in the way.

I think Yau Man would have won if Dreamz had delivered. But I also liked Earl and I'm happy for him. What do you think Dreamz should have done? What choice would you have made if you were in his shoes?
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