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Five Minute Friday: STILL

It's Five Minute Friday when I get to link up with Kate Motaung and many other bloggers. Each week we are given a one word writing prompt. The rules are to write for five minutes flat. Our word for today is STILL.


"Be still and know that I am God." The words from Psalm 46:10 immediately come to my mind.

But how easy it is for me to want to take action and not be still. You know, figure out things in my mind and do something. After all, I'm fairly intelligent. I have a good mind and a healthy body. I've heard the popular slogan JUST DO IT.

But when do I come to the end of myself and begin to trust the One who created me?

Do I trust Him enough with my life to be still?

I think of the children as they learn to float. Little Jimmy was so scared of letting go. But over time he came to trust his swim instructor. She taught him to rest quietly, be still and not fight. Slowly she removed her hand from beneath his body and ...he floated.

I see that as an illustration for my life. Do I trust God enough to be still? Do I really believe He can perform the impossible in my life? Or am I struggling and trying to do it in my power?

As I consider the word STILL, I see that often my pride gets in the way. I can do it myself. I can figure it out. I, I, I.

Being still causes me to rest. To rest in His promises. To rest in His ways.

As He teaches me to trust, I find that my desires begin to conform to His desires for me.

Being still teaches me how to walk by faith. When He prompts me to move, I begin to obey.

It's the best place to be. Be still.


Blessings and love,


How To Handle a Challenging Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know, it starts out with one challenge after another. I had one this past week. There were moments when I wanted to put my head between my legs like the children in our preschool class.

It started out like this. Several teachers approached me asking if I owned a white Lexus. I had a feeling of dread and nodded yes. A rock hit my rear window and shattered the glass. Apologies and a letter from the student ensued. His parents had my window replaced and lessons were learned. A little inconvenient but ... all is well.

This was the week our condo roof was to be replaced. We were the last group and I'd been observing the progress for weeks. Little did I realize the total mess that would transpire! I had to cover all my furniture with sheets and put away all fragile items. It was very challenging to come home from work each day to such a mess. The roof was so old and in need of replacement that there were tiny flakes of black falling down from the ceiling. Poor Greg had to try to work from home with the constant hammering and the sound of loud footsteps on the roof all day long.  The roof is now finally completed and looks great. But the aftermath of cleaning continues both inside and outside. I'm thankful to have a three day weekend!

Then to top my week off, I almost lost my wallet!

I stopped at Costco for gas and placed my wallet on top of my car. I never do this but for some reason I did it this time. I drove away oblivious to the fact that I forgot to put away my wallet. I drove several miles on busy streets and did some food shopping at Trader Joe's. At the checkout, I realized I didn't have my wallet. I silently prayed as I frantically ran outside to my car. There right on top of my Lexus was my wallet untouched. I thanked the Lord over and over and returned to pay for my groceries.

Instead of crying over inconveniences and the issues I encountered this past week, I chose to be thankful. Things happen. Life doesn't always go smoothly. But in the midst of challenges, I know Jesus loves me and knows every single detail of my days. And for that, I'm so thankful.

So how do you handle a challenging week? Do you comfort yourself with food? Do you go shopping as you convince yourself you deserve it after the week you endured?

Or do you believe that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and allow the Lord to develop your character?

I make a daily choice to count my every day blessings ...
  • It was only a car that was hit and no person was injured
  • Windows are replaceable
  • We have a new roof on our condo 
  • Our electric bill should go down in the future
  • An opportunity to do fall cleaning in our condo
  • My wallet wasn't lost and remained intact despite a wild ride
  • The Lord's care for me
Will you begin to count your every day blessings? I guarantee that it will help to change your perspective on life.

Blessings and love,

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