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Enjoy the Moment

Enjoy the moment.

I've heard it and said it so many times. I try to do this in my daily life.

But I have to admit there are times when I think back and realize I missed out on the joy of a moment because I allowed worry and anxiety to take over. And often the issues I worry about never end up actually happening.

I've been looking back over photos from this school year. Since January I began teaching the youngest class at our school called the Mini-Mustangs. These are children who are aged 2.75 to 3 years old. You would be surprised at how much these little ones can learn. They surprised even me!

One thing that reminded me to enjoy the moments was something that happened when I came home after work.  My husband Greg would ask me to sit down with him and tell me how my day went. He didn't want to hear me say 'fine' and that was it.

Greg loved to hear the stories. How fortunate I am to have someone who really cares to listen. He'd give me his undivided attention so he could hear about what Vivaan, Gabriel, Lacey or ILI said or did that day.

I'm realizing more and more how rare that is.

When I go out to a restaurant, I'm amazed at how little face to face conversation occurs. Couples are texting. Parents take photos of their outing to share on Facebook. While I am not being critical of social media in general, I think sometimes we simply need to put our phones down and ...enjoy the moment.

Lately, I've been hearing news of people I know and cared about dying. It's sobering to realize how fast time goes by.

My dad drove with me when I moved to Arizona

It seems like only yesterday when I was moving out to Arizona as a single gal, driving my red Corvette. It actually was more than 30 years ago but it still seems like yesterday.

Time goes by so quickly.

Bill Leonard fixed my car up to be sure it was safe for me to drive cross country. And recently my dad called to tell me Bill died.

The talented pianist at my church died suddenly this week of an apparent heart attack. Every Sunday I would see Connie faithfully playing so beautifully.

Time goes by quickly.

Enjoy the moments.

Treasure the moments.

Give your entire attention to those moments.

Take time to smell the roses.

Do you enjoy the moments? Will you make the choice to savor and treasure those little moments each day? It can make such a difference in your day.

Blessings and love,

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