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God You Reign

It's all a matter of perspective.  I had to laugh.  In my previous life as a cardiovascular nurse, I was often paged at the hospital for life threatening emergencies.  Most of them looked something like this.

Photo Credit: Google images
Now when I am paged, it's a bit different.

At the end of the school day at Rancho, I head to a holding room so I can escort a group of little children to the gate where their parents pick them up.  The other day, I suddenly heard a frantic message from my walkie talkie.

"Miss Debbie, do you have your walkie with you?"

"Yes" I responded.

"Briana is having a meltdown at Gate G.  Do you know where her gray elephant is?"
Photo Credit: Amazon 
I chuckled to myself but quickly responded to the call.

"Tell Briana I packed her gray elephant in her backpack."

The result: a calm and much happier three year old girl

My, how my life has changed!  But how thankful I am that God is in control.  I'm learning to walk by faith and take one moment at a time. I'm also beginning to enjoy the moments as I no longer feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  Whether the urgent call is for a life threatening problem or simply a lost toy ...I respond quickly and thankful that I can be of some help.

I'm linking up with Amy for Then Sings My Soul Saturday.  I chose the song "God You Reign" by Lincoln Brewster since I heard it several times this week and loved it.  The images in this video are awesome.  But my favorite part is the end with children singing too.  :)

Have a great Saturday!

Blessings and love,


Word Filled Wednesday ~ No Fear

Its Word-filled Wednesday and I'm linking up with The Internet Cafe.

"WFW is not about books, authors, artists ...it's about God and HIS WORD ONLY.  WFW is about celebrating the gift of creativity through God's Word."

I took this photo from an overlook along the highway in Big Sur, California.  There's something so special about the incredible beauty of God's creation and being reminded that He is my refuge and my strength.

Blessings and love,


Under the Weather

Google Image
I've not been feeling well lately; a bit under the weather.  I guess working with little children who forget to cover their coughs plays a part in it.  And then there's springtime in the Phoenix valley with all the orange trees in bloom.  One year I actually broke out in hives after spending too much time walking among the citrus trees.

I hope to be back at work tomorrow.  But in the meantime, I am focusing on those everyday moments and gifts from God.

My good friend Jamie from San Antonio was visiting family in town this past week.  She took the time to drive to Rancho Solano Private School to see me.  I was so excited that she had all four daughters with her too.  When they pulled up in their rental car, out burst Ellie with her arms wide open to hug me.  I could have cried.  I had forgotten my camera but here's a photo of Ellie from last year.

Her birthday was the following day; April 1st and she turned 13 years old.  I met Ellie when she was in my Bible Study Fellowship children's class and she was only three years old.  In fact, that's how I met her mom Jamie.  We became fast friends and continue to stay in touch even after they moved away from Phoenix several years ago.

Ellie has grown into such a wonderful godly woman.  She is still going to BSF studying Isaiah this year.  She shared one of the Bible stories that touched her in this study and my heart was warmed once again.

#26 The gift of seeing a child grow into a teenager and still in love with the Lord

#27 Smiles and hugs from Jamie, Ellie, Marybeth, Karli and Rachael.

The children at Rancho are used to Miss Debbie having her camera handy.  And they also know I love any unique shoes.  Elle was so proud that she could model her fabulous new sneakers for me to photograph.

#28  Children eager to pose for photos, even if it's only their shoes

Every day I thank the Lord for providing me with this job.  I often look out at their faces and pray silently for each one of them.
I know God loves each one of them.  And I'm so thankful for the love He gives to me to share.

#29  The sight of the children each morning as they greet Miss Debbie

I had to laugh.  On Friday I lost my voice; laryngitis.  It was April 1st (April Fool's Day).  When Heidi told the three year olds that Miss Debbie lost her voice, they didn't quite understand.  She explained it to them.  But later that morning, little Rachel smiled and said to me "The birds took Miss Debbie's voice; April Fool's Day".  Of course, the others had to get into the fun of this and had their own opinions of who took my voice.

But then Dax looked up at me with that innocent face and said "No, Miss Debbie's voice is still inside.  It just can't come out."  Out of the mouths of babes!

I was glad to have Surya's very booming voice in my first grade after school class.  He became my spokesperson for the afternoon.  Of course, he loved it.

#30  An appreciation for having a voice to speak.  It is back now and I don't want to lose it again. :)

During the past three days of resting, I've had more time to read and pray.  Standing on the Promises is a song that brings me much comfort.  Even though I cannot sing it aloud YET, I love many of the old hymns.

#31  Memories of old hymns sung in church

Despite feeling a bit under the weather, I'm thankful for the time of rest as I sip my hot cup of tea.  I'm participating in Multitudes on Monday ~ One Thousand Gifts with Ann of A Holy Experience.

Blessings and love,

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