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Do You Have a Personal Trainer?

Do you have a personal trainer?  In the pursuit of getting back in shape, having a personal relationship with someone who can work with you and encourage you can be so beneficial.  

However, my personal trainer isn't like one you may have imagined. You know the exercise guru who is in the best shape at the gym.  My inspiration is a four year old little boy.

  • Sam asks me if I exercised today.  
  • Sam tells me we should do exercise.  
  • Sam and Sawyer drop to the ground at my feet on the playground and start doing mountain climbers.  
The energy these kids have is amazing!  I laugh and laugh ...

But I think about Sam when I get home.  It would be so easy to simply sit and relax.  After all, I've had a busy day working with three and four year old children.  I do get some exercise.

But I know I need to get on that treadmill.  So I take my Kindle and prop it so I can read while I'm working out.  And when I'm done I feel better.  And I have more energy.  How about that?

So who is motivating you to get in shape?  What's your reason for wanting to be healthy?  Do you have a personal trainer?

Blessings and love,


Easter Blessings

Happy Easter!  I can't help but smile when I see the sweet faces of my niece Kristin and her daughter Kenzie.  This was Kenzie's very first Easter.  I only wish they lived closer so I could spend time with them.  But I pray for them every day.

It was a little sad as my pastor is retiring.  So this was his last Easter sermon.  I will miss him.  Despite being a member of a very large church, he was always available to talk and pray with me when I was in need.  I will never forget the time when I called Pastor Dan during the week as I was going through a particularly rough time. He spoke with me and prayed for me.  The following Sunday at the conclusion of the service, I was getting up to leave.  Standing at the end of the pew with his arms open wide was my pastor.  He hugged me and told me he was continuing to pray for me.

The school where I work is not a Christian school.  We have children from many different backgrounds.  But each one is special to Miss Debbie.  I love each one of them and silently pray for them.  Since I help them with their lunch, I get to see what their parents pack for them.  Whenever a child has an orange cutie, they hold it up for me to see.  All together we all say "cuties for my cuties".  

Little Hilton was standing next to me as I was unpacking my things at my desk.  She grabbed my cuties and held them up as the other children yelled "cuties for my cuties".  

The little girls love to have their fingernails painted.  They are always showing me the colors and sparkles.  After a few days they're often chipped but they still love the colors.

We had a special science class with Mrs. Baer.  She taught the children about clouds, rain and condensation.  They were fascinated. I love to watch them as they learn new things and new words.  If only we could retain that love for learning no matter how old we get.

There are so many every day blessings if we would just open our eyes.  How often do you go about your day worrying or simply being in a rush?  I wonder how often we miss out.  Counting my blessings has helped me to focus on what's good in my life.  It doesn't mean I live in denial or ignore the areas that need work.  But I make the choice to not allow myself to get overwhelmed.  There's such wisdom in the Bible.

#754  A glorious Resurrection Sunday
#755  Responding as the pastor said "He is risen" with "He is risen indeed".
#756  Listening to John Shillington sing "He's Alive"
#757  Feeling goosebumps when John reaches the finale of this song
#758  A phone call from my niece Kristin
#759  So thankful for my cuties in our classroom
#760  Working out as I try to lose these extra pounds
#761  Locating my summer clothes as it's already in the 80's in Phoenix
#762  Children who love to learn
#763  Amazed at what children aged 3-4 can actually learn
#764  Listening to the children tell me what they are going to be when they grow up
#765  Writing down the cute things they say so innocently

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,

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