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Do You Want to Become a Mentor?

Have you ever thought of becoming a mentor to someone?  Maybe it's crossed your mind but you're not sure how to mentor.  And then you wonder if there are any young women who would like to be mentored.  Maybe you're concerned about the time commitment.  After all, you're busy enough as it is!

Well, I want to introduce you to a place that may help you decide.  It's all about mentoring teens and college aged girls and it's called More to Be.  The founder is eLisa Pulliam.

If you've been blogging for some time now, you may remember her previous blog called Extravagant Grace.  I subscribed to it and loved reading her posts.  She is an amazing woman of God and very transparent (my kind of gal).  She didn't grow up in a Christian home and experienced a time of rebellion.  So she understands!  You can read all about eLisa here.

After becoming a Christian in 1993, the Lord has been doing a work on her heart.  She has a passion for teenage girls and women.  She is doing what God has called her to do and ...I'm so excited.

Read what eLisa has to say about the ministry of mentoring at More to Be:

It is time for a life that is more. to. be.
It is time to become more like Christ as we get to know God personally and grow in our relationship with His Son.
It is time to experience life transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit drawing on the truth revealed through the Word.
It is time to impact the next generation as we live with them established and rooted God’s purposes.
It is time.
Will you join me?

More to Be is participating in the 31 days linkup this year.  It will be an opportunity to learn all about mentoring.  eLisa will be blogging here.

The start date for the 31 days is October 1st and in case you didn't realize that is this coming Saturday.  My how time goes by so quickly.

So mark your calendars!

I encourage you to stop by and visit More to Be.  

Blessings and love,


WFW ~ Down to the Details

I remember telling my nieces how God numbers the hairs on their heads.  Kristin and Katie both gave me this incredulous look.  I am awed by that too but ...it's a fact.  

How thankful I am that God knows all about me; even down to the tiniest detail like knowing how many hairs are on my head.

I'm linking up with the Internet Cafe for Word-filled Wednesday.

Blessings and love,


Multitudes on Mondays

Each week, I look forward to Monday when I get to share the everyday blessings of my week.  I continue to be on the lookout each day and I try to remember to write them down.

The three year old children in our preschool class were learning about the senses.  Vision was the emphasis as we made binoculars with black construction paper.  And then we all went for a walk to SEE things.

How interesting to see things through the eyes of a child.  The wonder of seeing the cloud formations and a simple flower somehow appear more special.

It also reminded me of how innocent the children are.  As we grow up, how often do we set our eyes on things and people that maybe we should not?  I thought of the song "Oh be careful little eyes what you see".

#174  The experience of seeing things through the eyes of three year old children

#175  A reminder to be cautious as to what I set my eyes upon

Each week we present a new letter to the children.  This week our letter was "D".  They begin to learn phonics in this way and it's so fun to see them discover words that start with D.

Danielle was excited because her name starts with the letter "D".  In fact, it is a capital D, not lower case D.

#176 Children who are excited to learn new things

#177 The adventure of searching for things that begin with the letter D

#178 The excitement when words like dancing and diaper are shouted as they begin with the letter D

The children learn to sit criss cross applesauce when they gather to hear a story.  This helps make room for all of them and also to avoid anyone stepping on another's fingers.  They need to be reminded though.

#179 To see children learn the expectations and to begin to listen and follow them

On Saturday, I joined with a small group of women from our church for a brunch.  It was such fun to get together and talk, eat, and to hear a testimony.

Our theme was on hospitality.  I immediately thought of Sandy Coughlin's blog called The Reluctant Entertainer. She wrote a fabulous book by the same name and ... I have it.  No excuses for not entertaining when you can have access to great simple ideas.  After all, the emphasis should be on your guests and helping them to feel welcome in your home.

Wouldn't you know it?  Debbie Moore spoke about this very concept.  She had each of our tables answer questions to keep us on our toes too.

And one of the prizes was Sandy's book "The Reluctant Entertainer".  How perfect is that?

As we left the restaurant, I was so thankful for this church family.  It was good to hear another's story of their life before meeting Jesus.  But it was even better to hear the difference He made in her life and in her heart.

#180 Having friends who share my faith

#181 For women who are willing to be transparent and share from their life story with others

#182 For the encouragement I receive being together with friends

Have you begun to look for your everyday blessings?  I encourage you to share them each Monday as I link up with Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience.

Blessings and love,

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