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Five Minute Friday ~ Again

It's Five Minute Friday when I link up with A Gypsy Mama.  Lisa-Jo gives us one word each Friday and we get to write on that word for five minutes flat.  Our word for today is: AGAIN.


The physical place may have changed over the years.  But the habit hasn't changed.  For the past 18 years, I awaken early so I can spend time reading my Bible, praying and writing in my journal.  I call it my morning quiet time.  It's become a necessity in my life. You see, there have been many changes.  A change in homes, a change in finances, a change in the freedom I experience.  But one thing that hasn't changed is this time that has become constant in my life.

The amount of time spent has changed.  When I wasn't working, I could spend hours reading, learning and growing.  In this season of my life, the time is limited.  But I choose to set my alarm earlier so I can make the time.  

Again I rise early.  My tools are ready.  Coffee set to go.  Bible and journal ready and available.  Pen and marker right there.  Meeting with the Lord each morning has enabled me to weather many storms in my life.  He has given me strength for each new day.  He knows the plans He has for my life.  And I want to live right in the center of them.

So again I have my quiet time before I venture out into the world.


Blessings and love,


Weigh-In Wednesday ~ Challenge

It's Wednesday so it must be Weigh-In Wednesday.  In our Pre-K 3 class it will be Wacky Wednesday when we do our Open Court backwards.  Heidi and I like to keep the little ones challenged. After all, the alphabet and the sounds each letter make are important to learn.

But back to this Weigh-In Wednesday post about challenges.

Challenges ...do you like them?  Or do you tend to stay in your comfort zone?

I have to admit that I find it easy to continue doing the things I normally do.  I make my plan and I stick with it.  But I want to begin to change things up a bit.  So when Kim of At Home with Kim posted about a weekly challenge, I thought to myself 'you can do this Debbie.  Yes you can!'.

We have two challenges this week:

  1. Do at least two planks every day. 
  2. Drink at least 48 ounces of water a day.
First of all, I have to admit that I didn't even know what a plank was.  I had to Google it!  :)


So in case you don't know what a plank is, check out this short video.  I started doing them in addition to my daily treadmill exercise.

My routine is to immediately head to my treadmill when I get home from work.  My husband knows not to distract me and has my water ready.  Thank you Greg!


Our second challenge is one I need to work on.  You'd think that since I live in Arizona, I would automatically drink lots of water.  In the summer season I drink lots of water but I tend to forget when the weather is cooler.  When I get home I start drinking water but then I have to wake up at night a few times.  I need to drink more water earlier in the day so I get a good night's sleep.

I wrote about creating habits last week.  In case you missed it, you can read all about it here.

Creating healthy habits is so important.  But it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  I'm working through those 21 days so it becomes automatic.

It's not too late to join in.  Be challenged and be accountable.  It's actually fun.  I'll be writing about my progress each Wednesday so stay tuned.  Here's to good health!

Blessings and love,


Counting Every Day Blessings

Every day blessings come in a variety of ways.  On Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my blogging friend Iris of Grace Alone.  She is also the founder of Laced with Grace, a Christian women's devotional site.  I am honored to be a monthly contributor there.

Although I'd met Iris in person once before, it had been much too long since 2009.  So we agreed to meet at Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona.  The weather was so beautiful; sunny and in the low 70's. What a welcome relief after our cold spell this past week.  I know you Northerners are probably rolling your eyes but remember that we move to the Phoenix area for the weather (the winter weather in particular).

So what do two bloggers talk about?  Well, I'm not going to share our conversation with you but I will say that we talked nonstop. What fun and ...such a time of encouragement.

Iris was sporting her new pink cowboy boots.  So of course I had to snap a photo of them to share with you.  Aren't they cute?

In my quest to lose the extra pounds I put on over the last few years, I've come to know Kim of At At Home with Kim.  She started a Facebook accountability group so we could share recipes, tips and advice with one another.  In the process, Kim decided to form another Facebook group so we could stay grounded in the Word of God.  That same encouragement has spilled over to our group as we share what we are learning in our morning quiet time.  What a blessing to get to know more women with a heart for the Lord.

Pre-K 3 Class

Speaking of blessings, I can't help but write about those little blessings in our Pre-K 3 class.

The children are too cute.  I love how they learn new motor skills. We are up to the letter N in the alphabet.  And Heidi and I have been working on getting each child to count up to 100.  We count every day and so far we have two children who counted by themselves all the way up to 100.  Our goal is to have 20 stars in our class!  We can do it; yes we can!

I found these cuties on Pinterest.  I had to laugh because many of the children have these tiny oranges in their lunch boxes.  I get to help them with their lunches and whenever a child has them, they lift them up and say "Miss Debbie, look what I have."  We always say "Cuties for my cuties".  :)

#635 A wonderful meeting with my blogging friend Iris
#636 Beautiful weather in Phoenix
#637 Sitting outdoors enjoying the weather in January
#638 A three day weekend
#639 Equality for all people regardless of skin color or background
#640 Recognizing that we're all level at the foot of the Cross
#641 The encouragement I've been receiving in my weight loss quest
#642 New friendships as we encourage one another on Facebook groups
#643 My sweet next door neighbor Caroline
#644 I get to work alongside of someone I like each week day; Heidi
#645 My husband who encourages me to get on the treadmill every day
#646 My hubby who tells me how pretty I am after 28 years of marriage
#647 The cuties in our Pre-K 3 class
#648 That I get to see little children learning each day
#649 For God's Word that speaks to my heart each morning

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience as we count those every day blessings.

Blessings and love,

[name=DEBBIE PETRAS] [img=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2CDrwq9-7eo/WV6tdbP-QgI/AAAAAAACfb0/ViqQSnSVaDsMLXyz3AEEzZ5-78luBHOGgCK4BGAYYCw/s1600/Debbie%2BFace%2Bblog.JPG] [description=]