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Impact of Lifestyle

How did life get so complicated? You'd think with all of our modern conveniences, life would get easier.
  • With my cell phone I never have to miss any calls when I'm not at home.
  • My internet connection provides me with instant access to all of the latest news, blogs and social networks.
  • I can even stay in touch with my family and friends easily and more often with email.
  • I can instantly share photos I took that day after uploading them to my computer.
  • I've made connections with long lost friends from high school and college on Classmates.
  • I've even made many new friends online between Twitter, Facebook and many interesting blogs.
  • If I need to shop, why leave home? I can access websites and even compare prices and locate ratings and reviews to find out what other people like me had to say.

Our fast paced lifestyle has given us many conveniences.

But at what cost? Do you remember when life was simpler?

Don't get me wrong. I love my modern conveniences. But there are moments when I long for simplicity. Do you remember? When...

  • Families sat down to meals together without the TV on
  • Dinner consisted of a homemade meal and not fast food or take out
  • Kids walked to school without being driven everywhere by their parents
  • Kids played games and ran outside instead of sitting for hours in front of the TV, computer and video games
  • You actually had to do errands to earn an allowance
  • You had time to sit and talk face to face with friends
  • You didn't have to schedule exercise time because you walked everywhere

How about you? Can you add to my list? What do you remember?


Another Thankful Thursday

Being thankful is a choice. It's easy to become overwhelmed and anxious when you turn on the TV and listen to the news. Between the economy, politics, hurricanes, train wrecks, embassy bombings and job losses who could blame you for becoming anxious?

I'm thankful that I found Iris' blog. She proposed a thankful Thursday so that in the midst of the week, we could take a moment and choose to focus on what we're thankful for. And today is a good day to do that.

I'm reading the latest book by Jim Cymbala entitled "You Were Made For More". He is the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Here is a quote from his book:

"We would do well not to focus on the troubles lined up against us. Instead, we need to celebrate the God who already demonstrated his power and provision in our past."

I thought this was a good reminder. As I remember how God has provided for me in the past, I can be thankful. I don't need to be so anxious about tomorrow.


Aging Gracefully

People are living longer, especially women. Growing old is a fact of life but aging gracefully is a skill that can be learned. Did you know that you can have a dramatic impact on how you age? And I'm not talking about plastic surgery either.

Making healthy lifestyle choices can have a major impact on how well you age. And research shows that it's never too late to begin to exercise, stop smoking and to eat healthier. That's motivating for me because no matter how long I live, I really want to be able to take care of myself and not have to be dependent on others. How about you?

As I get older, I'm becoming more aware of the changes that are happening to me. In the past, if I gained a few pounds it was no big deal. I'd simply cut back on what I ate and exercise more and my weight would go back down. Now, it seems to take so much more effort. As I speak with friends my age, I find I'm not alone.

Have you ever heard of sarcopenia? Probably not, but I'm sure you've seen it. It's a condition that results from the physical ravages of aging on your muscles. If a person remains fairly sedentary and doesn't do regular exercise as they get older, their muscles weaken which often impacts their balance. You've probably seen many older people who begin to walk in a slow and more shuffling manner. They become quite frail. I think of the little old lady in the rocking chair. But what you need to know is that this typical pattern of aging is largely preventable.

So, what do you need to do? Find some exercise that you can enjoy and just do it. Begin at a slow pace but be consistent. In future posts, I'll provide more details on the best kinds of exercise to do.


As you consider making this healthy lifestyle choice, just check out some of the benefits that exercise provides:
  • Strengthens your heart
  • Reduces body fat
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves the quality of your sleep
  • Improves your energy level
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Raises your good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Helps you feel good

Does that sound good or what? Will you make the choice to begin exercising? How about making that commitment to yourself?

So, let's get moving and start exercising. And in the process...age gracefully!

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