Heart Choices: 2019

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What Are You Searching For?

When I saw the one-word writing prompt for Five Minute Friday, I knew I wanted to participate. I have five minutes to write a blog post and link up with other writers. So here goes...


It seems like I'm always searching for something. I call them the "Debbie goes down the rabbit hole" moments. I start out looking for an idea for my preschool class on Pinterest. Of course, there are so many fun things to check out while I'm there. I rationalize that I can categorize all the recipes I want to make one day, the clothes I'd love to purchase, and the crafts that are too cute. I know where to go back to so I can find them. That is if I really remember and go back. (Yeah, right)

So where was I? Oh yes, searching. I end up on Teachers Pay Teachers, which by the way is a great site to help with lesson planning. I start out looking for something specific but spend way too much time looking at the many cool ideas there. I look at my watch and realize I've spent an hour and I almost forgot what I was searching for. Does that ever happen to you? Am I alone here?

I come back to my search. I want to do my best, whether it's teaching preschool children, helping my family, or cooking a great meal. But I end up all over the place in my quest.

How thankful I am that I know where to go to be accepted just as I am and that I am loved. My search for perfection and acknowledgment are my fleshly desires. But God loves me. I can be myself as I sit down and do my quiet time first thing in the morning. He guides me through His Word. I share my concerns and then rest in Him, knowing that He hears. 


Blessings and love,


Who Do You Influence?

Influence is defined as "the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself" according to dictionary.com.

Influence happens to be the one-word writing prompt for Five Minute Friday. Since it's now Sunday, I'm late to the party. But that word is one that I take very seriously.


As I think back over my life, I've been influenced by many people and circumstances. Some are good and others not so good. During my childhood, my mom was always there for me. She was my biggest cheerleader. She taught me good manners, how to be a good guest, how to listen and not just talk, and she shared her sense of style with me. She's been gone now for almost 18 years, and yet I still momentarily forget and long to call her on the phone for one of our chats. She knew my strengths, but she also knew my weaknesses. And yet she loved me.

As an aunt, I longed to influence my nieces. Although we lived across the country from each other, frequent phone calls and travels bought us valuable time together. Trips to Washington DC, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco provided us many opportunities to share our lives with one another. I learned from Kristin and Katie, and I hope they learned from me.

As a nurse, I hope that I influenced the patients I cared for positively. I tried to model healthy habits as I taught them how to prevent future heart problems.

As a preschool teacher, I also hope to influence my students positively. After all, they spend many hours with me in our classroom five days a week. Besides teaching them academics, I hope to influence their character. I want them to be kind, to listen and not be so quick to speak 'me, me, me'. Of course, that's a challenge at the age of three.

Who do you influence? People observe you every day. What do they see? Are you stressed out? Are you impatient? Or do they see someone who cares and listens?


Blessings and love,

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