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Hosting "In Other Words" This Tuesday

I will be hosting "In Other Words Tuesdays" this week.  

The quote I chose for us to write about is this:

I encourage you to join in this Tuesday, July 26.  

Simply write a post on your blog and then come back on Tuesday and link up.  
To learn more about how "In Other Words Tuesdays" works and how it got started, click here.

I hope to see you back here on Tuesday!

Blessings and love,

Thankful Thursday

It's been way too long since I participated in Thankful Thursday.  I'm linking up with Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

I am feeling very thankful this morning.  My circumstances haven't really changed considerably but I realized that I'm learning to live by faith more and more each day.

Here are a few things I'm thankful for:

  • I found my iPod in a box that was packed away!  Greg charged it for me yesterday and I got to listen to a variety of songs while I exercised on the treadmill this morning.
  • I got to listen to Carrie Underwood singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" and Randy Travis singing "I'll Fly Away" along with Tony Bennett and The Carpenters.  I think I need to categorize my songs, ya think?
  • I love working from 9:30 am until 6 pm, especially when I complained at first.  I miss the rush hour traffic and have time to have my quiet time, exercise and spend time having coffee with my husband.
  • Realizing that my love for my husband has grown in the midst of some very trying circumstances
  • Greg holding my hand while we are watching reruns of "Cagney and Lacey" which is one of my favorite TV series from the early 1980's.
  • I get to spend time with so many children all day long
  • Heidi, my partner in crime (only kidding) is coming to set up our classroom for the school year.  So I will get to see her finally after a long summer.  She is the teacher for our class of PreK 3's.
  • Although I miss my car pool buddy Tara, I'm using the time on the drive to  listen to some old cassettes I found of Anne Graham Lotz and Beth Moore.  I'm glad my car has the a tape player too.  I found the cassettes in a box too.  Such treasures I'm finding!
  • I am thankful for this journey that has included so many changes.  I can't believe I'm actually writing that because I've always dreaded change!
  • Since my brother and his wife are on vacation, my dad is staying at their home this week.  He gets to spend time with their dog and swim in their pool.  But how thankful I was that my niece Kristin has reached out to  my dad and even made dinner for him.  Thank you Kristin and Kevin!
  • God is good and God is faithful!
My Dad standing next to Kristin.  My brother Steve is to her right and her husband Kevin is on the far right.

A rainbow I captured on my way home from work

Blessings and love,


Arizona Monsoons

It's monsoon season in Arizona.  That's the time of year when we experience sudden storms with blowing dust and rain.  I was driving home from work on Monday evening and this is what I was driving into.

It was a bit scary.  My husband Greg called me to warn me but I was already on the 101 heading home.  

I posted these photos on Facebook but I thought I'd post them here for those who aren't into that.

I  know I shouldn't have been taking photos while driving on the highway but at least I wasn't texting.  And I have to add that I was careful and just used one hand to snap these.

And thank the Lord, I got home safely too!


I'm Over at Laced with Grace

Are you in the midst of a period of trials and challenges?  How is this time impacting your faith?

It's easy to have faith when life is good.  But what happens when those times of testing are present?

I encourage you to link over to Laced with Grace to read more ...

Laced With Grace

Blessings and love,

Blessings Keep on Coming

Since I've begun to look at life from a different perspective, I can't help but notice the simple blessings each and every day.  So, I keep on counting and thanking God for His goodness and His love.

On Sunday morning, our small church was delighted to have Pastor George's grandchildren sing with our music minister.  His wife Linda (who happens to be a teacher at Rancho Solano) had all three of them spending the week with her.  She had 'Camp Mimi' and the girls had such fun.  But how wonderful to see that they learned some songs and were willing to sing in front of the church family on Sunday morning.

Photo Credit: Linda Stroh
#115 Listening to the sweet voices of Bella, Trinity and Maddie sing "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" and "I Love You Lord" in front of the church on Sunday morning.

Greg and I have been getting up early in the morning and having our first cup of coffee outside on the patio.  At 5 am, it's very quiet except for the quail, rabbits and doves.
#116 The quiet of the morning
#117 Spending time with my husband
#118 Watching the mommy and daddy quail along with the little baby quail as they seek food
#119 Observing the large jackrabbits and how quickly they move
#120 Noticing how God provides for the little birds

How thankful I am that God is with me every step of the way.  I continue to learn and grow as I'm studying Hebrews each morning.  I'm amazed at how Scripture that I've read so many times seems new as it is sinking into my heart and not just staying in my head.

#121 The Holy Spirit teaches me through His Word

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Monday as we count our blessings.

Blessings and love,

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