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Arizona Monsoons

It's monsoon season in Arizona.  That's the time of year when we experience sudden storms with blowing dust and rain.  I was driving home from work on Monday evening and this is what I was driving into.

It was a bit scary.  My husband Greg called me to warn me but I was already on the 101 heading home.  

I posted these photos on Facebook but I thought I'd post them here for those who aren't into that.

I  know I shouldn't have been taking photos while driving on the highway but at least I wasn't texting.  And I have to add that I was careful and just used one hand to snap these.

And thank the Lord, I got home safely too!

Debbie Petras
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  1. Goodness, Debbie, that does look so scary. I'm glad you made it through the storm and home! Love you ~

  2. Hope you all get some respite from these dust storms. Thank God you are safe! I have driven on the 101 My mom lives in Surprise. I love Arizona. Beautiful state, great people like you!

  3. We sure could use the rain. Maybe with the hurricane coming up in the pacific will give us some much needed relief. Thank goodness all is well while you were driving.

  4. That does look terrifying! I saw it on the news. I can't imagine seeing something like that. Does the dust come through the vents on the car too? I'm grateful you are ok!

    Well my friend, I have a much prettier blog button if you would like to replace that ugly old one. Ha. I appreciate you!


    Love ya!

  5. Dear Debbie,
    This looks absolutely scaring. The dark sky and the clouds to your left thick as a wall.
    Tell me, does anybody use BOTH hands texting while driving???
    Oh. my take care, dear Debbie.
    Pray you get a new car-pooler real soon.
    From felisol

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Wow; scary but exciting! :) I love how every storm we face in life is an opportunity to trust God more and recognize His unfailing love and care! :)

    Glad you arrived home safe and sound! :)


  7. It's looking a lot like Texas! We get some just plain scary storms here, the kind where you hide in a closet!! :)


  8. I know it was scary driving in that.......but thank goodness God carried you through and you got home safely......He's always there for us, isn't He?

    It's so hot here in NC; and we need rain.....Please be safe and take care.....

    Hugs and blessings,,

  9. I read on these the other day..something I hadn't heard of or experienced. Wow!

  10. Oh Debbie!
    I've driven through some nail biting, terrible storms (rain, wind, snow and hail), but never a dust storm!
    I can't imagine the lack of visibility. Praise GOD, He is your shield and protector!
    Thanks for sharing. ((HUGS))

  11. I live here and I've never seen dust storms like this. One time John and I got caught in one on our way home from San Diego. We had to pull over at a rest stop because of the lack of visability.
    Loved the pics., but you be careful. No one ever thinks a wreck will happen to them.


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