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Blessings Keep on Coming

Since I've begun to look at life from a different perspective, I can't help but notice the simple blessings each and every day.  So, I keep on counting and thanking God for His goodness and His love.

On Sunday morning, our small church was delighted to have Pastor George's grandchildren sing with our music minister.  His wife Linda (who happens to be a teacher at Rancho Solano) had all three of them spending the week with her.  She had 'Camp Mimi' and the girls had such fun.  But how wonderful to see that they learned some songs and were willing to sing in front of the church family on Sunday morning.

Photo Credit: Linda Stroh
#115 Listening to the sweet voices of Bella, Trinity and Maddie sing "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" and "I Love You Lord" in front of the church on Sunday morning.

Greg and I have been getting up early in the morning and having our first cup of coffee outside on the patio.  At 5 am, it's very quiet except for the quail, rabbits and doves.
#116 The quiet of the morning
#117 Spending time with my husband
#118 Watching the mommy and daddy quail along with the little baby quail as they seek food
#119 Observing the large jackrabbits and how quickly they move
#120 Noticing how God provides for the little birds

How thankful I am that God is with me every step of the way.  I continue to learn and grow as I'm studying Hebrews each morning.  I'm amazed at how Scripture that I've read so many times seems new as it is sinking into my heart and not just staying in my head.

#121 The Holy Spirit teaches me through His Word

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Monday as we count our blessings.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Dear Debbie,
    I feel blessed reading about your blessings.
    Blessed to be made aware of what really counts in life.
    Keep'em coming, dear sister.

  2. How wonderful that these girls have been taught at an early age to use their gifts to magnify the Lord....

    I know what you mean about being more sensitive to God's blessings all around...I too am watching a mother bird sit on her nest on my front porch and I am excited everyday to go and check......God must feel the same way, checking in on us and seeing how we are doing...Of course He's watching all the time but I like to think of Him being excited to see me......

    I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week ahead....

  3. Beautiful blessings~
    It's awesome that you really do count them! :) There are soo many things to be grateful and it brings such joy just to see the small blessings :) 5 am is a beautiful hour -- and spending it with your husband is really awesome. :)
    Keep counting! Keep on being blessed!

  4. Great blessing you have in your life.

  5. How wonderful that you and hubby are getting up early together. You've encouraged me so much with your counting. I've not been writing down my blessings over the last few weeks. I've been thankful, just not writing them down. I hope to get back to that soon.

  6. Hello Friend,

    Debbie so well said;
    "it is sinking into my heart and not just staying in my head."

    It is so awesome to see how the Holy Spirit illuminates Gods Word, and the same scriptures we have read so many times always seem to teach us something different and I agree with you that studying Gods Word is how He reaches our heart.

    God bless friend and hugs too you :o)

  7. I think that is an awesome way to reflect on God's goodness by simply listing each and every blessing!! I think it would help us realize just how blessed we all are! Even in the simplest of things!


  8. Yes and Amen..time to stop and not look at the things the world gives us, but looking at the things God gives us...are they so much better?

  9. There is something so sweet about children performing, and when they do it in the name of Jesus,it is even more special.
    I too, have been out in the mornings recently - what a wonderful time of day, how easy it is to see all that God has given us. I love the way the birds praise God early in the morning, and the colors that God has used to paint our earth are so vivid in the mornings. Nature has a beautiful way of praising God and displaying His handiworks early in the morning.

  10. I love the simple life! There's just something so precious about your list of gratitudes that it deserves a hearty "Amen!".

    I see on the news you're about to be "showered" with yet another Monsoon storm. My fav!!

  11. Counting our blessings early every morning is a great way to get each day started on a positive note, and makes a major difference throughout the day! Keep counting! :)


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