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Exercise is a Healthy Heart Choice

I know you've heard it over and over again. Exercise is good for you. You have to exercise! Exercise is a healthy heart choice. But let me ask you a question. How many of you enjoy exercising? What excuses do you have for not exercising?

I can't tell you how many women my age groan when they hear the "E" word. Even friends who have the time would rather do anything else but ...exercise.

It takes discipline and commitment. Another dreaded word; the "D" word.

I can honestly tell you I'd rather sleep an extra 45 minutes in the morning. But I've learned that unless I get up and jump on my treadmill first thing, I'm not going to get around to doing it. I may have every intention of exercising when I get home from work but something always seems to get in the way. Even on weekends, I have to do it first thing.

Why do people exercise?
  • Some people exercise to lose weight.
  • Some people exercise because they love to eat.
  • Some people exercise because their doctor told them to do it.
  • Some people exercise to set a good example for their children.
  • Some people exercise because it makes them feel good.
  • Some people exercise because they find they have more energy during the day.
You can add your own reasons to this list. (I'd love to know why you exercise if you do.)

I'm getting older. You're getting older. These are facts.

Each year seems to go by quicker and quicker. I work with people who are mostly younger than me. I teach little children who have lots of energy. It's important for me to keep up.

What I've learned over many decades is that ...exercise is a major key to enjoying a healthy and rewarding older age.

Have you ever noticed how many elderly people become so frail that they spend their days sitting. Every activity becomes a struggle. Is this what we have to look forward to as we get older? Now there are certainly medical conditions that may cause people to become more sedentary. But there's something called sarcopenia that medical people use to describe a condition that becomes quite common in the elderly. They have a change in body composition where they lose muscle and there's more fat. Their bodies become weaker and they have more of a tendency to fall.

And guess what?  It's preventable!

Yes I'm growing older each day. But I want to have the energy I need to do the things I enjoy.

Since this is still February which is Heart Month, I will continue to share my two cents with you about making healthy heart choices. And exercise is a healthy heart choice.

So what are you going to do today? How about going for a walk? If the weather is too cold outside (unlike us in Phoenix) why not pull out one of those exercise DVD's or watch a YouTube video and get moving. What choice will you make today? It's one day at a time, one choice at a time.

Blessings and love,

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