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Counting Every Day Blessings

Every day blessings come in a variety of ways.  On Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my blogging friend Iris of Grace Alone.  She is also the founder of Laced with Grace, a Christian women's devotional site.  I am honored to be a monthly contributor there.

Although I'd met Iris in person once before, it had been much too long since 2009.  So we agreed to meet at Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona.  The weather was so beautiful; sunny and in the low 70's. What a welcome relief after our cold spell this past week.  I know you Northerners are probably rolling your eyes but remember that we move to the Phoenix area for the weather (the winter weather in particular).

So what do two bloggers talk about?  Well, I'm not going to share our conversation with you but I will say that we talked nonstop. What fun and ...such a time of encouragement.

Iris was sporting her new pink cowboy boots.  So of course I had to snap a photo of them to share with you.  Aren't they cute?

In my quest to lose the extra pounds I put on over the last few years, I've come to know Kim of At At Home with Kim.  She started a Facebook accountability group so we could share recipes, tips and advice with one another.  In the process, Kim decided to form another Facebook group so we could stay grounded in the Word of God.  That same encouragement has spilled over to our group as we share what we are learning in our morning quiet time.  What a blessing to get to know more women with a heart for the Lord.

Pre-K 3 Class

Speaking of blessings, I can't help but write about those little blessings in our Pre-K 3 class.

The children are too cute.  I love how they learn new motor skills. We are up to the letter N in the alphabet.  And Heidi and I have been working on getting each child to count up to 100.  We count every day and so far we have two children who counted by themselves all the way up to 100.  Our goal is to have 20 stars in our class!  We can do it; yes we can!

I found these cuties on Pinterest.  I had to laugh because many of the children have these tiny oranges in their lunch boxes.  I get to help them with their lunches and whenever a child has them, they lift them up and say "Miss Debbie, look what I have."  We always say "Cuties for my cuties".  :)

#635 A wonderful meeting with my blogging friend Iris
#636 Beautiful weather in Phoenix
#637 Sitting outdoors enjoying the weather in January
#638 A three day weekend
#639 Equality for all people regardless of skin color or background
#640 Recognizing that we're all level at the foot of the Cross
#641 The encouragement I've been receiving in my weight loss quest
#642 New friendships as we encourage one another on Facebook groups
#643 My sweet next door neighbor Caroline
#644 I get to work alongside of someone I like each week day; Heidi
#645 My husband who encourages me to get on the treadmill every day
#646 My hubby who tells me how pretty I am after 28 years of marriage
#647 The cuties in our Pre-K 3 class
#648 That I get to see little children learning each day
#649 For God's Word that speaks to my heart each morning

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience as we count those every day blessings.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Hi Debbie - I need to get back to reading my blog friends posts. I always get such great words of encouragement. You mentioned some blogs I would love to check out. Thanks so much for sharing - I was blessed today. And those little ones are cutie pies!!!

  2. Hi Debbie~My favorite gift on your list is a three-day weekend. I so needed this catch up and rejuvenation time. Think I'll stop by at Kim's as the Lord is taking me deeper in His Word.

  3. So great that you got to meet up with Iris. I haven't been fortunate enough to meet any of my bloggy friends in person yet but I hope to one day.

  4. I love blog meet ups. I'll never forget the day I met you! Don't you just love Kim? I am so thankful for community in blogging. Have a blessed week my friend.

  5. Such wonderful blessings and your friend has some really cute boots.

  6. Isn't it fun to meet bloggy friends in RL? I hope we get to connect one day on this side of heaven :)

  7. That's awesome isn't it to meet wonderful women who always hunger for the Lord? That sounds like you both had so much fun! And what cute boots! Kids...truly...they are always "cuties" in their own ways...Have a blessed week ahead sister and always be strong in the Lord's mighty power! Thanks for encouraging me always!

  8. Wonderful blessings! Loved the boots too btw! And those orange cuties are just the best. All my grands love them. I try to have a bag around whenever I know their coming. Enjoy your week!

  9. Oh, meeting blogging friends is just the best! Glad you had that special time!

    Wish my little Granddaughter had you for her teacher, but we couldn't be more pleased with the home daycare that she is in right now. She stays with a precious lady that loves her dearly!

    Happy week my friend!

  10. Loved the time we had on Saturday. It is a blessing to have a friend like you in my life :). Next time I will bring my 'big-girl' camera and take some portrait photos for you.
    Love your #'s 639 and 640 - Amen, Sister.

  11. Hi Debbie! LOVE your post!!! And I love the idea of counting blessings. Now that I'm journaling in my Quiet Time, perhaps this will be my next addition. PS ~ I'm THANKFUL for knowing you and for your part in our WIW and MM groups. You are such a blessing!!!!

  12. I love how you count your blessings, its so lovely to see. Your blog is such a blessing to me!

  13. Iris seems like such a sweet and caring woman. I bet it was fun visiting with her again. Those kids are so blessed to have you as their teacher, Debbie!

  14. Dear Debbie
    And you are a blessing to not only your family, but also to your little ones at school and to us at the Blogger's Paradise!
    Much love XX

  15. What a blessing to be together! I need those pink boots!!! Honestly, I'd have a closet filled with them if it wasn't for guilt.


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