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What's On Your Bucket List?

What's on your bucket list?  You know ...the things you want to do before you die.

I recently watched a 2007 movie called The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It's about two men with terminal illnesses who end up as roommates in the hospital.  They decide to escape and experience as many items on their bucket list as they can before they die.  Along the way, they learn important lessons.

Too often people get to the end of their lives only to discover they never got to experience many of their dreams.

When I worked as a cardiovascular nurse specialist I remember a patient who worked in a job he hated for most of his adult life. Finally, he got to the day of his retirement.  He longed for the time when he'd be able to spend his days fishing and traveling.  But several months after retiring, he had a heart attack and ...died.

A 1959 episode of The Twilight Zone called Time Enough to Last made such an impression on me.  It's about a quiet bank teller who loves books.  He longs for time alone to read.  He takes his lunch break in the bank vault so he can read in solitude.  One day during his lunch hour, a nuclear bomb goes off.  The bank teller survives and finds himself alone as he emerges from the vault.  He quickly locates the library and finds books scattered all over.  Finally, he can read to his heart's content.  But as he reaches for a book, his glasses slip off and break.  Now he has plenty of time but he cannot do what he longed to do; read.

Is there something you long to do?  What's been keeping you from doing it?

Have you been postponing it for a time when:

  • You are retired 
  • Your kids are grown up
  • You have more money
  • You have more education
Is there still an unfulfilled dream inside of you?  

Blessings and love,

mccmicb via photopin cc
Debbie Petras
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  1. I think about this more than I do anything about it. Of course, it would help if I actually created a "Bucket List." I have a friend who has a BL, and really works at checking off those things she has on it. I think that must be such a sense of accomplishment. She is a planner, I think that helps.

  2. Debbie,
    Wishing you a new year that is filled with beauty, and wonder, and delight!

    I do have a few things on my bucket list - like going to visit friends in Scotland, Nunavut, and Norway! I am praying that these will become a reality sooner than later.

    Am taking time visiting my Blogville friends again this week! So glad to reconnect with you through your blog.


  3. I loved the movie "The Bucket List." I would love to be able to spend the summers in cooler weather and return here in the winter. As I get older the heat really is bothering me. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  4. What an appropriate subject for the beginning of a new year......I have been reflecting on my own bucket list and asking God to help me as He knows what my heart longs for more than I do....together maybe we will come up with one that on my death bed I can say...."I did all I was here to do".......

    You are a jewel Debbie...I appreciate you and your heart so much....

  5. We talked about that today, my friend!!! You know, we do should follow our dreams, because puts them on our heart.

    Maybe if I could just let go of my security blanket; just saying :)

  6. Me? Carpe diem:) doing the best I could ever do everyday. Living my life to the fullest:)

  7. I had things I liked to do, which I no longer can. Going for long hikes, reading a book a day. They never were on my bucket list. I did it while I could.
    I still hope to regain ,ore of my sight. That would have been sheer joy. Even so I am thankful for my big screen linked yo my lap top and for the Bible gateway which enables me to read in several languages.
    Just now I think that if my daughter gets well enough to go on with her life, that would be on top of any thinkable list.
    That's what I pray for, that's what I wish for.
    I have the confidence in the <lord that he will have her have exactly the wonderful life he has planned for her even before she was born.
    I live day by day one at a time. I am being given what I need.
    Proverbs 30:8 Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me.
    That is a good life.

  8. Hi Debbie
    Yes, dear one, life can and does throw surprises, not always pleasant, along your way. My chronic illness is a good example, but I did get what my heart desired and dreamed of above all else, there where there is fullness of joy ... a life lived in our sweet Lord Jesus.
    Much love


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