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The Habit of Memorizing Scripture

holy experience

For Walk with Him Wednesday, Ann Voscamp of @ Holy Experience asks us to post about the habit of memorizing Scripture.

There's that word ...habit.

But the habit ...of memorizing Scripture?

If you click on my 'About Page' on the upper right sidebar, you'll read the following:

"The focus of Heart Choices is ...your day to day choices will determine what your tomorrows will become. These choices impact your body, soul (mind, will and emotions), and your spirit."

Memorizing Scripture was much easier for me as a child. I vividly remember attending Vacation Bible school as an eight year old. Throughout that week, we memorized the whole chapter of Romans 12.

As I remember what Romans 12:2 says, what better way to transform and renew my mind?

How often do you pray and ask for God's will in your life?

Memorizing Scripture is a perfect way to replace the lies of the enemy that often crowd our mind and thinking.

Will you make the choice to begin to establish the habit of reading the Bible and memorizing Scripture? This is a perfect way to allow His Word to renew and transform your thinking. Then you will know His will.

As an adult, I've found it a bit more challenging to memorize Scripture.

But I've made the decision and choice to become a life long learner. So, I refuse to excuse myself because of:

  • My age
  • No time
  • Too hard
  • I'll look it up when I need it

So, I here I sit on my upstairs patio memorizing Psalm 19. What a blessing to view the beauty of God's creation as I recite verses one and two:

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge."

Will you make the choice to begin to allow God to transform your mind and thinking through memorizing Scripture?

If you'd like to read other posts on this topic or write your own, it's not too late to link up. Simply go to Ann's blog @ Holy Experience.

I look forward to reading your comments ...or your posts.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh, I loved what you said here
    "Will you make the choice to begin to allow God to transform your mind and thinking through memorizing Scripture?" It is a choice and memorizing scripture is one of the very best choices we acn make. Loved your post, thank you for sharing!! Be Blessed!

  2. great post with so much wisdom packed inside of it

  3. I've found that since I've been teaching the girls to memorize scripture I'm memorizing it with them.

    I love the picture of you on your patio. I would love that view.

    Love you sweet friend!

  4. Hi sweet friend, Right now I'm working on Ps. 91...how right it is to chew on the Word daily.
    Blessings to you dear one.

  5. Beautifully said!

    We spent an entire year memorizing His word. This year we are spending time applying all that we memorized.

    Love and blessings - from the heart our mouths speak and our actions come!

    May they reflect the SON!


  6. Thanks for those thoughts, Debbie. I love the picture of you memorizing that beautiful verse.

  7. Your list of excuses hit too close to home. Ouch. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on despite them. I am thankful for every scripture I have memorized, but I do find it harder and harder the older I get. But that's okay - it just keeps me looking more and more at each scripture to learn it. All our time in the word is a blessing.

  8. It's important that we make that choice and realize that it IS indeed a choice we make. Having His Word in our hearts is a great way to combat the lies.

  9. WOW - that has been on my mind this whole week! There are several passages that I've had memorized for ages, and a few were not coming back to me so well, lately! Psalms 1, for example. Anyway, thanks for your post!

  10. What a beautiful post Debbie. Full of such important truth!
    And the photo along with your verse is gorgeous!
    I too am really enjoying following Ann's blog.
    Thanks for sharing. And our family's ABC Bible Verse Memory project is working!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,


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