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Sunday Morning Ministries

For those people who may be sick or for some reason can't get to church on Sunday, I want to share a few resources that I've found valuable.

Brent Riggs posts a short message based on Scripture every Sunday morning. You can either listen online or simply read the message. Brent gets right to the point and tells it like it is. I like that about him. BTW, he's Abby's daddy (I have "Pray for Abby" on my sidebar) and he's also the editor of Serious Life, a free online Christian magazine.
If you want to hear some good Bible teaching verse by verse, you must check out Scott Samter's teachings. Scott's wife Jill of the blog Forever n Ever n Always downloads his messages after his teachings on Monday nights. I'm so glad to have the opportunity to listen in ...to learn and grow.

I also enjoy listening to a good sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley. Don't live in Atlanta? No problem. Just link to In Touch Ministries and you'll be able to listen and watch at your convenience and even download sermon notes.

Although I love to attend church and to worship with others, there are times when it's not possible to do. We are so blessed in America with an abundance of online resources. So take advantage of them! I often go to church and still check out these sites.

Please feel free to share other resources in the comments below. I love to hear about others too. Happy Sunday!


Then Sings My Soul Saturday ~ Focus

Once again, it's Then Sings My Soul Saturday. I link to Amy on her blog at Signs, Miracles and Wonders where you will find other participating bloggers. I enjoy blog hopping to listen to the songs that have touched others this week.

I chose to post a video of a song that I've known for many years. In the midst of challenging circumstances, it helps me to remember where I need to focus my eyes. "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" is a song that helps to remind me of His glory and grace. The things of this life are temporary.


Fitness Friday ~ Cool Down

It's Fitness Friday today and I want to talk about ...cool down.

When you heard the term cool down, did you think of relaxing in your favorite lawn chair in front of the ocean? Doesn't that scene above look awesome and inviting? Living in Phoenix it feels like it's already been summer for a while. (Sigh) ... a girl can dream of being by the ocean, can't she?

Just so you know, when I say cool down I'm referring to the period at the end of your exercise session. It's a very important component in exercising and one that's often skipped by many. Often people don't take the time or they don't realize how important it is.

So, let's get back to Fitness Friday business, OK?

Maybe this photo won't be so distracting and get us (me) back on track. Did it work?

Let me put on my nurses' cap for a moment. Yeah, when I went to nursing school, we actually had to wear those white caps (along with white hose and uniforms; yuck!).

When you exercise the goal is to get your heart rate elevated for a period of time (20-40 minutes). If you suddenly put on the brakes and stop, there are a few things that can happen, depending on how conditioned you are.

Your blood pressure can drop suddenly causing you to become dizzy, nauseous or possibly even faint. Believe me, I've seen it happen too many times. It's so easy to avoid this too.

All you have to do is to simply end your workout by slowing down your pace for the last 3-5 minutes.

  • If you've been walking rapidly, slow down to an easy pace at the end.
  • If you've been bike riding, slow down at the end and pedal easily.

This allows your heart rate and blood pressure to return to normal before you stop. And it helps to prevent you from getting injured too.

I mentioned on another Fitness Friday post about the importance of stretching. I won't review that now but you can always click here and read all about it. At the end of your workout and cool down, it's a great time to stretch.

One more thing ...don't forget to replenish yourself with lots of fluids throughout your workout and particularly during your cool down period. It's easier to do when you're not bouncing or running. During the summer when it's hot you tend to sweat more so that means ...more water.

Keep hydrating yourself throughout the day and not just during exercise.

By including a cool down time:

  • You're going to feel better
  • Replace fluids lost during your workout
  • Help prevent muscle soreness

So why not add those important 5 minutes to your exercise? You'll be glad you did.

Now, don't forget to hop over to Sandy's blog at God Speaks Today. She's our host of Fitness Friday and I think other bloggers are starting to join us on a weekly basis.

Thankful Thursday ~ The Voice of God

Today is Thankful Thursday and Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage is hosting. She has chosen the theme of discerning the voice of God. You can read other posts on this topic by linking there.

When I checked Lynn's blog to discover what the theme would be I was taken back. You see, I just had a conversation with my friend Helen yesterday about this very topic. So, I guess it was perfect timing to write about this today.

I'm so thankful that as a child of God, He hasn't left me alone in this world to figure things out by myself. The Bible is His inspired word that teaches me how to live and love. He speaks to me through His Word. I've had times when a particular verse of Scripture practically leaps off the page even though I may have read it many times before.

Sometimes I've heard people say God told them to do something and yet it directly contradicts what is written in the Bible. I don't believe them because He doesn't contradict Himself.

I think the biggest barrier to hearing the voice of God is ...not listening and instead being so distracted with things of this world. If I don't take the time to spend with the Lord in prayer and reading the Bible, how can I expect to hear from Him?

Another obstacle is not obeying what God's already told me to do. When I disregard what He's already said, it's called disobedience (or sin). So, how can I expect Him to speak to me about something else in my life? Sin interferes with my intimacy with God.

I don't pretend to have all the answers about hearing from God. There have been times when I haven't been able to hear from God. I need to remember that I don't live a life of faith by my feelings. I know in my heart that God has never left me and I still believe even when ...I don't hear His voice clearly.

On this thankful Thursday, I'm so thankful that I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. I can walk by faith knowing that He loves me and cares about my life. How awesome is that?


Serious Life ~ An Online Magazine

Have you heard of Serious Life Magazine? It's a free publication and you can access it online. The May issue is still available by clicking on the photo above.

Serious Life is a digital publication and the editor-in-chief is none other than Brent Riggs. You may know him as Abby's daddy. I have her photo on the sidebar of my blog. It says "Pray for Abby". He also writes The Riggs Family blog along with his wife Michelle. And he has another website called Brent Riggs, where he tackles many interesting questions.

If you're a blogger, this is a great opportunity to be listed on their free blogger directory. Heart Choices is listed for the second month now and I want to do my part to tell others about the publication.

If you're not a blogger but enjoy reading a great online magazine with many color photos and a wide arrangement of articles, you must check it out.

Here's a listing of some of the current articles:

Why Women Live Longer Than Men, Angry at God, Spring Clean Year Round, One Sign You're Driving Too Fast, True Peace, Has Evil Gone Out of Style, Understanding Why We Get Sick, Marriage is a Trip, Living for Heaven, Cammy Aguilara bio, games, featured blogger and ...much more!

So, don't waste any more time and click on the link to access the magazine. I love it! You can also download it to your computer to read at your leisure.


In Other Words Tuesdays ~ Heaven and Earth

Today is Tuesday, so it must be "In Other Words Tuesday". Deborah of Chocolate & Coffee is hosting today and the quote she has chosen for this week is:

As I think about this quote, I believe it's talking about perspective. Where's my main focus; on heaven or earth?

If I aim at earth, I believe I will be more concerned about the things in this present life.

  • Where will I live?
  • What shall I wear?
  • Who are my friends?
  • Where do I fit in?

There are certain present day realities that we all must face as long as we are alive on this earth.

But if I aim at heaven, I really get so much more. According to the Bible, if I want to go to heaven when I die I must have a personal relationship with God ...through Jesus.

And having a relationship with Jesus ensures me that I'm never alone. His Spirit lives in me, even when I'm still living on earth. As I surrender and submit my life to His leading, He works in and through me ...to impact this world.

So, even though I'm aiming for heaven, I get earth thrown in. It's not my work but His work in and through me, which is so much better.

If I simply aim at earth, I may have some temporary pleasures but I would miss out on a life of freedom from the power and penalty of sin. I would not have hope of spending eternity with my loved ones and especially ...Jesus.


Then Sings My Soul Saturday ~ Kris Allen

It's Then Sings My Soul Saturday. You can link to other participating blogs by visiting Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders.

I'm a fan of the TV show American Idol. It's something my husband and I enjoy watching together. Everyone seemed to think that Adam Lambert would win, but no ...the winner was Kris Allen! He was described as the dark horse coming from behind.

I'm sure Adam will do well in the rock music industry.

But Kris is a different kind of musical talent and I'm thrilled to know that he's a Christian. Here he is singing "God of this City". What an opportunity for Kris to have a platform to share his special talent! He will need lots of prayer, friends.

Kris Allen Singing "God Of This City" from Rick Smith on Vimeo.


Thankful Thursday ~ Nature

It's Thankful Thursday. Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage is our host. She's chosen the theme of ...nature.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year. I'm thankful that God created different areas of the world in such unique ways. Since I live in Arizona, our outdoors looks very different from those who live in northern places.

I want to share a few nature photos from Arizona.

Many of you will recognize the Grand Canyon. I'm so thankful I've had the opportunity to visit this awesome place of beauty. As I gaze out I'm overwhelmed by the majesty of our Creator.

I took this photo as I was walking through my neighborhood in Phoenix. I'm so thankful for the unique beauty of the desert.

Since it rarely rains in Phoenix, I'm thankful for the times when it does rain. The rainbow is a great reminder to me from Genesis 9:13-15. God set the rainbow in the sky as a sign to future generations that all life would never be destroyed again by a flood. I'm also thankful for His promise.

This is a photo taken from my back patio. You can often find me sitting in a lounge chair sipping a cup of coffee or iced tea, enjoying the view. I'm so thankful for the mountains and beautiful scenery.

I want to close this thankful Thursday post with a video called Creation Calls. I posted it another time for Then Sings My Soul Saturday. But just in case you missed it, I hope you enjoy seeing how creative our God really is.

I'm heading to the high country with my hubby for a much needed time of rest and relaxation. So, I probably won't be online. I'll miss my blogging buddies and will check your blogs when I return. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Enjoy Special Moments

Do you take the time to enjoy those special moments in your week?

I have a habit of going through my day with my to-do list. There's always so much to do and I'm afraid I'll get off track and ...forget things.

Be warned, that's what happens when you get older.

Before I know it, the week has gone by and I haven't taken the time to enjoy and reflect on the special moments. My blogging friend Lori writes a weekly Saturday post on Lori's Reflections called Looking Back. She shares what she's learned during the week and I find myself looking forward to reading her post each week.

So, I want to take this opportunity to share a few special moments from my week. And by sharing them with you, I get to ...enjoy them too.
I attend a weekly Sunday morning Bible study at my church. Our group is called Life Group. We're currently in the midst of a study called The Truth Project. Since our group is small enough, we watch the DVD and then have a chance to discuss it. Dr. Del Tackett of Focus on the Family is the instructor for this series. If you ever have an opportunity to do this study, it's well worth the time.

As I've written before, my desire is to be a life long learner. The Truth Project is a study that requires lots of thinking and stretching. But it teaches me about worldviews that are in contrast to my biblical worldview. It really helps me to understand how others look at life. I want to be able to discuss why I believe what I believe intelligently and respectfully, without fear of being ridiculed for my beliefs.

After church on Sunday, I went to lunch with two of my friends from our class. Nancy is on the left and Marcia is on the right. Postino is one of my favorite places to eat and they just opened up a new location down the street from my church on Central Avenue in Phoenix. Yay!! They have the best bruschetta in town!

Now, I have to mention a special accomplishment by my friend Jamie's son, Braden. Jamie sent me this photo of him. She said he spent four years of hard work, along with much fun and maturing and has accomplished his goal. On Thursday night, Braden went before the Board and passed as an official Eagle Scout. Woo hoo, way to go, Braden!

Jamie is like my adopted daughter/friend. She used to live in Phoenix but since her hubby got transferred a few years ago the family lives in San Antonio. I've written about her in other posts, including two interviews here and here for Fitness Friday.

Jamie's daughter Mary is celebrating a birthday today. And I'm so sad that I can't be there to join in and ...maybe have a piece of cake. Wouldn't you know I'm thinking of sweets?

Mary is growing up so quickly. But she is still just as sweet as ever. I have a few photos to share with you.

This is me, Mary, Ellie and Jamie outside their home when they lived in Phoenix.

I had to laugh at this photo of Mary on the right. I wanted to find an opportunity to use this picture for some time now. It's Mary's first visit to the dentist. Notice the sunglasses; too cute!
And here's Mary with her sister Karli. She lost another tooth at the beginning of this month.
So, on your special day I want to wish Mary a very happy birthday! Mrs. Petras loves you!

OK, I know this post is getting too long but when I think about it, there's much to enjoy and reflect upon.

But I have one more thing to share with you. I had my first Norwegian lesson on Monday! And I did it online at My Little Norway. L-Jay is one of my blogging friends. She's from Australia but fell in love with a Norwegian. What can I say? Those Norwegians are irresistible! She lives in Tromso, Norway which is so far north it's close to the North Pole. So, if you want to learn the Norwegian language, go visit L-Jay at My Little Norway.

And don't forget to savor those special moments and celebrate life! Life may be challenging but you have a choice ...as to how you respond.

Have you had a special moment this week? Have you learned something new that you can share?

In Other Words Tuesdays ~ Failure

It's Tuesday and I'm a bit late in getting my In Other Words Tuesdays post published. Miriam Pauline's Monologue is hosting this week. You can link there to read other participating bloggers take on our quote for this week.

Mi Pau choose the words to the chorus of a song called "What If I Stumble?" by DC Talk. I started out by going to YouTube and listening to DC Talk sing that song. I really focused on the words. It's a beautiful song.

I realized they were touching on a subject that I struggle with too. Could it be that others share this same fear? What if I stumble? What if I fall?

It's what keeps me from doing things that are out of my comfort zone. After all, who wants to risk failing? Not me. And yet, isn't that what God is calling me and you to do? To step out of our comfort zone and ...trust Him to work in and through us?

My flesh keeps getting in the way. My spirit is willing but the flesh cries out the words to this song.

Take a look at little Karli. She's learning to walk. You expect her to stumble and fall down many times before she gets the hang of it. Eventually she is able to stand up on her two feet and walk.

But when I try something new, why is it that I ...expect perfection?

Is it because I don't want to make a fool of myself? Probably.

I'm so thankful that God is patient with me. He even gives me words of assurance in Psalm 37:23-24:

"If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand."

Notice that it says "though he stumble". I guess the Lord knew I would stumble but ...He will uphold me with his hand.

Oh my, how cool is that?

The one, true, living God holding Debbie's hand!

Now that's amazing love.


Are You Living in a Holy Huddle?

Today I'm over at Laced With Grace. I wrote on a topic that I hope will stimulate some discussion. I think it's good to talk about these issues. I realize that not everyone will agree with me. But that's OK. Let's at least discuss it.

I hope you're curious enough to link to Laced with Grace and read all about it. And I love to read your comments. :)

I'll be back on Heart Choices tomorrow.

Norwegian Independence Day

Today is Norwegian Independence Day. It's called Syttende Mai or seventeen May in Norwegian.

Many of you may not care about this date but since ALL of my relatives are Norwegian, it was a big deal growing up in the Sumstad household.

Both sets of grandparents came to the US from Norway and settled in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, New York. That was where both of my parents were born. At that time, it was like living in Little Norway.

Every year on this very important Norwegian holiday, the Brooklyn streets closed down for the big celebration. A huge parade with flying Norwegian flags was a sight to behold.

Of course, you could find all of the traditional Norwegian foods and crafts such as rosemaling (a type of painting), hardanger (needlework) and many little trolls.

My parents were very active in the Sons of Norway organization. Even when they moved to Florida in the early 70's, they continued their involvement. My dad was the lodge president for many years and mom was the musician. She played the piano for all their events.

My parents did Norwegian folk dancing. I have to admit that they taught us to do a few of the dances when we were kids. I think I could still do the Norwegian polka and another one called something like the shotish (sp?). I'm sure my Norwegian friends will be able to correct that one. LOL.

Here's a photo of my mom in her bunad. This is a traditional Norwegian costume and they vary according to the home town. Each area in Norway has a different bunad. My mom was always so proud of hers and loved to wear it for Syttende Mai.

I know that in Norway, the celebration is even bigger. They celebrate Norway's independence after a 500 year union with Denmark and the signing of their Constitution.

I still like to remember this date each year. Maybe I'll make some Norwegian waffles. My husband Greg has grown to love them too. And he doesn't mind hearing "uff da" every once in a while.

I'll end with the Norwegian anthem which is called "Ja vi elsker". I hope you enjoy the beautiful Norwegian scenery in this video.


Then Sings My Soul Saturdays ~ I Never Lost My Praise

I'm excited that it's Saturday which means it's ...Then Sings My Soul Saturdays.

I hope you get in the habit of going blog hopping on Saturdays to check out all of the participating blogs. You'll certainly find a wide variety of songs to get you worshipping. You can link to other TSMSS participants on Amy's blog Signs, Miracles and Wonders or just maybe it's time to join in and post your own video.

This week, I chose the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir's version of I Never Lost My Praise. I've visited the Brooklyn Tabernacle several times when I was in New York City. I took my nieces with me on the subway to attend Sunday services. There's nothing like hearing this wonderful choir in person. And Pastor Jim Cymbala is excellent. If you go to NY, I would highly recommend it.

But back to my song choice for this week.

No matter what you're going through in these challenging times, keep your focus in the right place. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Then you will never lose your hope and your praise.


Fitness Friday ~ Aging Gracefully

It's Fitness Friday. Sandy of God Speaks Today started Fitness Friday and she's had many requests from other bloggers who want to join in. So, now she's going to do the Mr. Linky thing so we can all write and link to each other's posts. This is so good because more people will write about ways to get fit and more importantly ...healthy.

I'd like to focus on aging today. It may not be a very popular topic of conversation because most people want to stay and look young. But take it from someone who has noticed a few body changes; it happens to us all. Can you still be fit and healthy as you get older? I believe you can but you'll have to make a few adjustments.

Remember when you were just graduating from high school?

This was me, way back in 1971. I know, I know ...that was probably before many of you were even born. I guess I could actually be your mom, right?

When I was in high school, I was very active. I used to be the Captain of our high school twirling team. It was great exercise and you could always find me in my yard practicing.

I even twirled with a fire baton! Can you believe that? It's true.

At this point in my life, I burned lots of calories. So if I overindulged occasionally it didn't make much of a difference in my weight.

Well, now it's many years later. And I have to say, I'm not as active as I used to be.

Sometimes, this is how you might find my hubby and me. That's not really us in that photo. But it could be us since we're on our computers most days.

Because of this, I have to schedule in my exercise. Because if I just sit and work, I'll gain weight.

Here's what happens. As we age, our bodies need less calories. That's because we progressively lose muscle mass. It's a function of age. Our metabolic rates (the energy used to perform basic body functions) drops by about 10% by the age of 75. In addition, as we get older people tend to be less active physically.

So, we don't need as many calories as we get older.

You have a choice to make.

Eat less to maintain your weight.

Or exercise more so you can consume the calories you're used to eating.

Something has to give ...or else you're going to get fat as you get older.

Sometimes, it's hard to be objective about ourselves. We look around us and see how our friends look. And we all look about the same.

But let's be realistic. We often see ourselves as we once were.

Since we are all getting older each day, let's get in the habit of becoming more active. Get outside and go for a walk. Ride your bicycle. Swim laps. Just get moving.

And make healthy choices in what you eat, especially if you're cutting back on the calories.

Don't forget. According to the American Heart Association, walk more + eat well = live longer. And it's never too late to get started.

Now, don't forget to hop over and visit Sandy of God Speaks Today to link to other participating blogs on this Fitness Friday. Have a great weekend!

Thankful Thursday ~ Wisdom

On this Thankful Thursday, I am linking to Lynn's blog at Spiritually Unequal Marriage. Lynn is hosting today and you can find other participating blogs there. The theme Lynne chose for this week is wisdom.

The world offers wisdom in many ways including pursuing higher education, philosophy, reading, traveling and mentoring. There is nothing wrong with learning new things. I've written and stated many times that I consider myself a life long learner. I don't know everything and I'm always eager to learn and grow.

But many people settle for living their lives being wise in their own eyes. And often, this kind of wisdom can change depending on the society, culture and times.

I'm so thankful that I have a place to go to find ...wisdom that doesn't change.

I'm realistic to know that I need all the help I can get and I know where to go for that wisdom ...the true Word of God; the Bible.

On this Thankful Thursday, I want to share with you a place of wisdom that's been such a blessing to me. It's called Opening His Word Together.

Scott Samter teaches a Bible study in his home every Monday. His wife Jill downloads his teachings for all to listen. Many of you may follow Jill at Forever n Ever n Always where she shares her life of raising 8 children according to Biblical principles. I've learned so much reading her blog for the last year.

I often take the freedom I have for granted. I have many Bibles in different translations. I've attended many Bible studies. I attend church every Sunday. But there's nothing like reading God's Word and allowing it to penetrate my soul and spirit and then ...applying it to my life.

If you want to be challenged to live out what you believe, take some time this week to visit Scott's blog. Maybe you've never studied the Bible for yourself. You may have depended on your pastor or priest to teach you. But if you are a true believer, you have the Holy Spirit within you to help you understand.

You can study Hebrews or Romans verse by verse. Scott reads each verse and is well prepared with background information on the author, the times it was written, the culture at that time and so much more. You will be challenged to walk your talk before others. It takes a little bit of an investment of time since each chapter runs about 45 minutes. But it's well worth the time. My life has been impacted greatly by this free ministry.

That's why on this Thankful Thursday, I am so thankful for this ministry called Opening His Word Together. I pray that you will discover it for yourself and stop by and say hello to Jill or Scott. I can guarantee that ...you'll be greatly blessed.

And don't forget to visit other participating blogs by linking to Lynn on this Thankful Thursday.


The Gift of Receiving

The gift of receiving. Why write a blog post on the topic of receiving? You've probably heard the phrase "it's better to give than to receive". But how well of a receiver are you?

I love to give gifts to others. My sister and I tend to love many of the same things and so it's easy and actually fun to find a gift for Chris. I know that if I love something, so will she. But it's a little harder to shop for other family members and friends. I have to think in terms of what they would like and not necessarily what ...I like.

Think for a moment about how well you receive gifts.
  • Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable receiving a gift, especially if you know that person doesn't have much money.
  • Or have you ever received a gift and thought "oh no, I didn't buy her anything for her birthday. Now I'm going to have to get something for her"?
  • Or have you ever felt indebted to someone because of a gift? Did you feel there were strings attached?

I think our society has a harder time receiving gifts than giving gifts, but that's just my opinion. I know there are people who are takers and not givers. But the majority of people I've been around seem to be better at giving. I think sometimes we rob people of the pleasure when we are so uncomfortable receiving.

However, there's one gift that is offered to ALL PEOPLE! Not just a select few who are good enough or done enough for others. The Bible is clear that this gift is for WHOEVER BELIEVES.

John 3:16-17 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."

I'm sure most of you are familiar with these verses. But some people that I know have never received that precious free gift. They still think they need to do something to earn it.

But that's what grace is all about. You're right; you don't deserve it. And you can never do enough good deeds to deserve it. It's free but ...you must RECEIVE it for yourself. You don't inherit it because your family goes to church or prays before meals.

Jesus died on the cross for ALL. He didn't want us to be condemned so God sent Him into this world and He lived a perfect, sinless life. Jesus showed us what God is like. And then He died and rose again. Jesus already paid the penalty for our sins. So, we can be set FREE ...if we receive His gift of salvation.

That's what grace is all about. It's a gift that's free to all who make the heart choice to receive it. And you can do that by talking to God in prayer and receiving His gift of life.

Although many of you may already be believers, I don't ever want to take that for granted. I've always wanted Heart Choices to be a blog that attracts all people who are interested in making healthier choices. And I believe this is the most ...important heart choice of all.

So, let me ask you something. How well do you receive gifts? Have you received this free gift of God's grace?

There is a READY button on the right bar of my blog with more information or you can always contact me privately through my email. It's on my ABOUT ME page.


In Other Words Tuesdays

It's Tuesday so this must be "In Other Words Tuesdays". Loni of Writing Canvas is our host for this week. You can link to other participating blogs there. Loni chose the following quote for this week:
Hmm ...isn't that true? I love it when I pray and get an immediate answer. Or the times when it's so obvious God is working in the midst of a situation I've been praying about. But what about those times when nothing seems to be happening? It's easy to wonder if God is listening and what He is doing.

It's times like these when I take out my journals. I can look back to a period of seeming darkness when I thought my prayers were hitting the ceiling and realize that all along ...God heard my prayers.

He was working in the situation but in His perfect timing and His perfect way.

It also helps me to remember some of the names of the Lord:

  • El Roi: The God Who Sees
  • El Shaddai: The All-Sufficient One
  • Jehovah-jireh: The Lord Will Provide
  • Jehovah-rapha: The Lord Who Heals
  • Jehovah-nissi: The Lord My Banner
  • Jehovah-raah: The Lord My Shepherd
  • Jehovah-shammah: The Lord Is There

So, instead of going by my feelings ...I learn to trust by faith. Even when I can't see, feel, hear or sense that He is at work. I've learned to trust that His Word is true. And yes, ...I can trust Him.

And in the midst of it all, I will praise, worship and thank Him even when I don't seem to have an answer.

How about you? Do you get frustrated when you don't seem to have answers to your prayers? Or have you learned some faith lessons that you care to share? I always enjoy hearing what others have learned.

[name=DEBBIE PETRAS] [img=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2CDrwq9-7eo/WV6tdbP-QgI/AAAAAAACfb0/ViqQSnSVaDsMLXyz3AEEzZ5-78luBHOGgCK4BGAYYCw/s1600/Debbie%2BFace%2Bblog.JPG] [description=]