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Fitness Friday ~ Aging Gracefully

It's Fitness Friday. Sandy of God Speaks Today started Fitness Friday and she's had many requests from other bloggers who want to join in. So, now she's going to do the Mr. Linky thing so we can all write and link to each other's posts. This is so good because more people will write about ways to get fit and more importantly ...healthy.

I'd like to focus on aging today. It may not be a very popular topic of conversation because most people want to stay and look young. But take it from someone who has noticed a few body changes; it happens to us all. Can you still be fit and healthy as you get older? I believe you can but you'll have to make a few adjustments.

Remember when you were just graduating from high school?

This was me, way back in 1971. I know, I know ...that was probably before many of you were even born. I guess I could actually be your mom, right?

When I was in high school, I was very active. I used to be the Captain of our high school twirling team. It was great exercise and you could always find me in my yard practicing.

I even twirled with a fire baton! Can you believe that? It's true.

At this point in my life, I burned lots of calories. So if I overindulged occasionally it didn't make much of a difference in my weight.

Well, now it's many years later. And I have to say, I'm not as active as I used to be.

Sometimes, this is how you might find my hubby and me. That's not really us in that photo. But it could be us since we're on our computers most days.

Because of this, I have to schedule in my exercise. Because if I just sit and work, I'll gain weight.

Here's what happens. As we age, our bodies need less calories. That's because we progressively lose muscle mass. It's a function of age. Our metabolic rates (the energy used to perform basic body functions) drops by about 10% by the age of 75. In addition, as we get older people tend to be less active physically.

So, we don't need as many calories as we get older.

You have a choice to make.

Eat less to maintain your weight.

Or exercise more so you can consume the calories you're used to eating.

Something has to give ...or else you're going to get fat as you get older.

Sometimes, it's hard to be objective about ourselves. We look around us and see how our friends look. And we all look about the same.

But let's be realistic. We often see ourselves as we once were.

Since we are all getting older each day, let's get in the habit of becoming more active. Get outside and go for a walk. Ride your bicycle. Swim laps. Just get moving.

And make healthy choices in what you eat, especially if you're cutting back on the calories.

Don't forget. According to the American Heart Association, walk more + eat well = live longer. And it's never too late to get started.

Now, don't forget to hop over and visit Sandy of God Speaks Today to link to other participating blogs on this Fitness Friday. Have a great weekend!
Debbie Petras
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  1. Such a great, helpful post dear.

  2. I stopped over from Beth's and I must say, i love seeing all of these old photos of others when they were younger. But you all look just as beautiful today as you did then.

    Thanks for the post on eating less or exercising more. just a plain fact, nothing we can do about it huh! :)

    Have a great day!

  3. sigh...fine, I'll go do the treadmill. lol!

    I was a tennis player in high school and college, plus food wasn't a high priority so I was really thin. I probably didn't eat that well but I also didn't eat that much. My fat started when I had kids and was a mom at home. Yes, I was busy all the time, but it wasn't the same as "real" exercise, and I ate whatever was convenient and more of it. Now that I don't have little kids anymore, I'm still stuck with all the extra weight but like you said, the metabolism has also slowed down so it makes losing that fat harder than ever. But I'm not giving up...

  4. It is raining, and raining, and raining here today and I was just thinking about skipping my walk today...thanks for the encouragement I need to get up and out there!

  5. This is written so simply for us. It all comes down to choices doesn't it? Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Great post. This is SO what I have been telling my parents. All I here about is, "I've been eating this way for years, so why all of the sudden am I gaining weight?" I have to explain to them that they either need to workout or cut the bad foods out!

    Great post!

    And I too was VERY sad to see Danny go. He was my favorite of all of them. There is something that is so humble about him!

  7. Loved your post...thank you for sharing it.

  8. Dear Debbie,
    I'm still after three months not loosing much weight, but I haven't given up writing down exactly what I'm eating. It's at least helping me not gaining weight.
    I am painfully aware of lack of exercise. Still, I'm doing my best, if I cannot become slim, I need not be overweight either.
    The writing still keeps me away from cakes, ice and chocolate, my three deadly sins.

    I think fitness Friday is inspiring, I try out whatever I can manage.
    Just now I'm into the seasonal gardening.
    Just one more workday till May 17th. Every garden and pavement must be in shipshape by then you know.

    At least I know I fit into my bunad this year too. That's a strong motivation factor to Norwegian women.
    I was just 50 kilos when my mother made my garment. I have had it altered, but just once in 32 years.(I'm now 68 kilos)

    I wish you a happy 17th of may celebration.
    Hope you still remember "Ja vi elsker".
    send my loves to your dad.
    From Felisol

  9. This is such great advise and so true. Note to self... add exercise to *To Do* list. Can I take sleep off? :)

  10. I love your pictures, you still look very young Debbie and I am sure it is because you follow your own advice. I love to walk, wished I could do it everyday but so much to do in so little time..lol

  11. I'm right with you on this, I'm learning a lot about metabolism.

  12. Your not old enough to be my mom, but maybe my older sister. I graduated in 1975.

    You look great!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet words. You blessed me today.

    It's great to meet you... I look forward to more visits with you.


  13. Ah - exercise more so you can still eat what you used to! I think this is what Norwegians do when they get older....lol.

    The exercise of elderly Norwegians puts me to shame. ;)

  14. You are so cute in your photos! I can see you as captain of the twirling team!!! :)

    I think that's me and my hubby in that photo for sure only thing is we sit side by side with our laptops holding hands until one of us has to type (smile). I will have to show him this photo.

    I agree with you about aging gracefully and exercise, the care of our spirits, soul and whole being is so vital.

    We shouldn't be afraid of aging or discussing it because the truth is the Bible says our bodies are decaying daily but thanks be to God that He has given us all we need to take care of ourselves as we age.

    I was just sharing with my husband earlier this week that I have to make even more changes to my schedule because I have found that I have been ONLINE trying to read too many blogs during the week and I only have time to do that first thing in the a.m. or late in the evening. Well I workout in the a.m. and in the last two weeks I realized that I'm shortening my workout time from an hour back down to 30 minutes in order to try to read people's blogs.

    Well the LORD got a hold of me in His wisdom and reminded me that I can't read everyone's blog not even three times per week. I've got to walk in balance and back into my hour workout.

    I think I rambled but you know I love ya.

  15. It is still so frustrating though.

    I am now exercising 5 days a week with walking, jogging, hiking and bicycling. I am eating less and healthier choices but I keep gaining weight.

    I am wondering if stress is just playing games with my body:(

  16. What a great post! I love those pictures of you! How cute!

    And great info. I am definitely finding it to be true for me...I must eat less and move more the older I get.

    I've joked on my blog that by the time I'm 80 I will be living on a treadmill and hooked up to a saline IV to maintain my size.


    Love ya!

    p.s. You are not old enough to be my mom...unless you had me in high school.

  17. wow! that was quiet an achievement, Debbie^-^ twirled with a fire baton:)) You looked so great!
    you know, I have the same problem now...I always had a hard time balancing these two options "Eat less to maintain your weight. Or exercise more so you can consume the calories you're used to eating."
    I just realized that if I eat more amount of foods for about a week, it takes a while to get off the habit but soon as I start eating less again, it just continues on, ^-^ I think I shouldn't eat so much to expand my stomach, lolz!
    plus, I do the 20-minute workout from the DVD of Jillian Micheals, works wonders for me, hehehe... it's intense but I liked the short period:))
    and I promise myself to take care of it with healthy foods, exercise and spiritually too:))


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