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The Gift of Receiving

The gift of receiving. Why write a blog post on the topic of receiving? You've probably heard the phrase "it's better to give than to receive". But how well of a receiver are you?

I love to give gifts to others. My sister and I tend to love many of the same things and so it's easy and actually fun to find a gift for Chris. I know that if I love something, so will she. But it's a little harder to shop for other family members and friends. I have to think in terms of what they would like and not necessarily what ...I like.

Think for a moment about how well you receive gifts.
  • Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable receiving a gift, especially if you know that person doesn't have much money.
  • Or have you ever received a gift and thought "oh no, I didn't buy her anything for her birthday. Now I'm going to have to get something for her"?
  • Or have you ever felt indebted to someone because of a gift? Did you feel there were strings attached?

I think our society has a harder time receiving gifts than giving gifts, but that's just my opinion. I know there are people who are takers and not givers. But the majority of people I've been around seem to be better at giving. I think sometimes we rob people of the pleasure when we are so uncomfortable receiving.

However, there's one gift that is offered to ALL PEOPLE! Not just a select few who are good enough or done enough for others. The Bible is clear that this gift is for WHOEVER BELIEVES.

John 3:16-17 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him."

I'm sure most of you are familiar with these verses. But some people that I know have never received that precious free gift. They still think they need to do something to earn it.

But that's what grace is all about. You're right; you don't deserve it. And you can never do enough good deeds to deserve it. It's free but ...you must RECEIVE it for yourself. You don't inherit it because your family goes to church or prays before meals.

Jesus died on the cross for ALL. He didn't want us to be condemned so God sent Him into this world and He lived a perfect, sinless life. Jesus showed us what God is like. And then He died and rose again. Jesus already paid the penalty for our sins. So, we can be set FREE ...if we receive His gift of salvation.

That's what grace is all about. It's a gift that's free to all who make the heart choice to receive it. And you can do that by talking to God in prayer and receiving His gift of life.

Although many of you may already be believers, I don't ever want to take that for granted. I've always wanted Heart Choices to be a blog that attracts all people who are interested in making healthier choices. And I believe this is the most ...important heart choice of all.

So, let me ask you something. How well do you receive gifts? Have you received this free gift of God's grace?

There is a READY button on the right bar of my blog with more information or you can always contact me privately through my email. It's on my ABOUT ME page.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Your questions about receiving gifts were tough ... I think we often times we would rather give the gift than receive it. Why? Gives us a greater feeling of control. I've seen older people who served their whole lives break down in hurt and anger when someone from church had to mow their yards for them b/c they couldn't due to illness or injury. Perhaps their role of receiving at this advanced age was to learn grace.

  2. Oh, the greatest gift of all! No trouble accepting that One! Great post!

  3. My mother was such a giving person and she gave so much to me that I guess I learned to be a good receiver. My mother was a great giver, but not such a good receiver. Every time we gave her something nice she wanted to give it back to us. That can be a little frustrating.
    Thanks for the thought provoking post.

  4. Great thoughts here about receiving. I agree that it seems easier to give than to receive for me, depending on the situation. yes I've had those thoughts too that I didn't give her something and now she gave me this...

    My hubby made it to Phoenix. We didn't realize it was two hours different from TX. He is so tired, he's been up since 2:30 to go catch his flight!

  5. I never really thought about it before, but I have had those same kinds of thoughts when receiving gifts. Sometimes I feel like if we didnt' give gifts at all, then we would be about equal in the money department, because person a buys person b a $50 gift, and person b will feel obligated to buy person a a similar cost gift later on.

    But giving gifts really does feel good. I've given many gifts with no thought of anything in return, just because I enjoy finding something that someone else needs or wants.

    Interesting how that works, when most people would think the receiving is better.

    ~ Kristi

  6. This is beautiful Debbie. May the HOLY SPIRIT lead everyone here that needs to read and receive the precious gift of JESUS!

    I love you.

  7. Debbie this post is awesome, I am not a receiver but when I think of it in terms of robbing someone of a blessing by not receiving their gift...it is easier to receive.
    I know sometimes I like to just give my sister money because both of us rob peter to pay paul and when she does not want to take it I feel robbed of a blessing. So now we are on a pattern of giving each other 20 dollar bills every other week or so. She gives me one, then the following week I give her one....

  8. Great post! I LOVE to give, and try to be a good receiver but that is definately harder.

  9. I struggle with receiving, it is something God has had to work on w/ me. Then when I do, I feel so unworthy and cry (kind like when I just got this quilt). It blew my mind.

  10. Good message. What a gift in deed.

  11. Your post made me pause for awhile, Debbie^-^ (wink) I didn't think of that question... I am guilty for all of these:
    Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable receiving a gift, especially if you know that person doesn't have much money. Or have you ever received a gift and thought "oh no, I didn't buy her anything for her birthday. Now I'm going to have to get something for her"? Or have you ever felt indebted to someone because of a gift? Did you feel there were strings attached?
    Yes, to all of the above... but I didn't think of connecting those thoughts to "receiving the gift of Love, the gift of Christ" in my life...I think of it as a separate and you're right, they're never found separate...
    That's one thing I should be working on, be grateful enough that I deserved to be a receiver too^-^
    Have a blessed, thankful Thursday:))

  12. Wow Debbie, you really did nail some things about receiving gifts.
    Sometimes, I don't feel worthy of the gift. And like you said, it is especially hard to receive when you know the purchase may have put a hardship on the giver. Of course , the most Wonderful Gift of all is our Saviour, Jesus Christ. IT is there for everyone of us, we just have to reach out and take the gift. Hm.............this post really opens up alot of thoughts. Like the gift that is received but never used.....
    Good post, room for thought.


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