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Do You Suffer From Information Overload Syndrome?

Have you heard about Information Overload Syndrome?

It seems as though life has changed. Everyone seems to be so busy! Between texting, email, social networks, blogging ...how does anyone have a real life?

So, go ahead and watch this video, OK?

I hope you found it funny! I have to give Xerox kudos for this very creative and entertaining video. They are trying to engage people with their product and I have to say that can be a challenge. But I will now remember Xerox for this video and ...I'll talk to others about it.

But it does highlight a potential problem in our society. Have we become overteched? Do you think it's becoming a problem? How about your children? Are they still having normal social interactions with others face to face? Is there unnecessary focus on Information Overload Syndrome?

I invite you to add your comments. You can access the video on YouTube to send to others, if you like.
Debbie Petras
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  1. I think that video brings out a very good point. I was just thinking last night what would I do without my cell...funny thing is before I had it I did just fine. I won't upgrade to a blackberry, I am vowing to stay simple.

  2. You know I hardly take my cell phone anywhere. I still use snail mail when I can. But I was telling my husband I have an ebook addiction. LOL. Now I feel I have to many an it's overwhelming me!
    I love the lady drinking the coffee directly from the coffee maker! That would be me. Hee! Hee!

  3. Excellent and true points in this video and in your sharing Debbie. Everything is OVERLOAD these days. I was actually speaking to a blogger friend on the phone today and she was saying that even the computer time spent seems to replace the personalization of face to face contact and personable conversations. I so agree.

    We live in the microwave, fast food, drive through and highly tech era and none of that leaves room to take life slower and easier and enjoy each other more.

    Love you.

  4. So funny, but true. Actually, I have spent the day telecommuting staring at my computer screen. And I keep connected to coworkers through work email and Messenger Live. Of course, I also have my personal email, Facebook, and Twitter pages open so I can check on them every so often.

    Your comments about kids is interesting. My granddaughter is the one who got us all started on Facebook, and she has a cell phone with text messaging. And while my grandson at 8 doesn't use Facebook or have a cell phone, he has a Nintendo DS, which he is always focused on.

    BTW, my granddaughter, her mom, and I all live in the same house, but we often message one another through Facebook!!! We are totally CRAZY!

    Love the video and your comments. Thanks,

  5. This video is funny and makes a very good point. I laughed so hard at the girl drinking coffee. Technology is so advanced; it is a must to stay balanced, I think. Relationships are vital and must be maintained in person.

    When I was out of town for 9 days visiting my family in Chicago, I was off line. They talked so much it drove me crazy. I enjoyed all the socializing but was happy to get back home away from all that high energy. (They talk over one another!) I'm exhausted. I really appreciate my blogger friends.


  6. So true! LOL... There is just so much this little brain of mine can take! LOL...

  7. This is a very interesting topic. I often feel 'overloaded' at times. This post reminds me of a concept in the movie Donnie Darko. Two kids invented a device that gave babies happy images when they slept - bright colourful images and happy sounds so the baby could be comforted. But the teacher asked 'have you ever thought that a baby might need darkness?'We are always told 'we could be better, we could be doing more' but I think it's time that the world now starts a new kind of self-talk: 'we need to slow down, we need to rest, we need to just 'be'.

    Technology is good, but it can be so easily abused.

  8. Very interesting video. It is true. I see kids younger and younger getting their own cell phones. It concerns me to see people always connected. I so don't get the whole texting thing either!


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