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In Other Words Tuesdays ~ Heaven and Earth

Today is Tuesday, so it must be "In Other Words Tuesday". Deborah of Chocolate & Coffee is hosting today and the quote she has chosen for this week is:

As I think about this quote, I believe it's talking about perspective. Where's my main focus; on heaven or earth?

If I aim at earth, I believe I will be more concerned about the things in this present life.

  • Where will I live?
  • What shall I wear?
  • Who are my friends?
  • Where do I fit in?

There are certain present day realities that we all must face as long as we are alive on this earth.

But if I aim at heaven, I really get so much more. According to the Bible, if I want to go to heaven when I die I must have a personal relationship with God ...through Jesus.

And having a relationship with Jesus ensures me that I'm never alone. His Spirit lives in me, even when I'm still living on earth. As I surrender and submit my life to His leading, He works in and through me ...to impact this world.

So, even though I'm aiming for heaven, I get earth thrown in. It's not my work but His work in and through me, which is so much better.

If I simply aim at earth, I may have some temporary pleasures but I would miss out on a life of freedom from the power and penalty of sin. I would not have hope of spending eternity with my loved ones and especially ...Jesus.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Beautiful post! Bless you for sharing.

  2. So true Debbie. It is amazing how different any situation seems IF my eyes are on Jesus.

    Have a blessed Tuesday!


  3. When we keep our eyes on JESUS, the Author and Finisher of our Faith we don't get side tracked by the lies and temptations of this world.

    FOCUS (perspective) was what I thought of when I first read the C.S. Lewis quote Debbie and then I thought of ENDURANCE.

    For me keeping my FOCUS ON JESUS (HEAVEN BOUNDED) helps me to ENDURE that which comes my way from the "world".

    As Christians particularly in these times we have to be focused on that which is the WORD so that we can endure through that which is of the world.

    I love you and I hope you had a great weekend.

  4. Hi Debbie :)

    Great post today - and very cool quote! I admire your desire to "impact this world" for Christ! :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!

    Sweet Blessings to you,
    Kate :)

  5. It always amazes me how easily I could walk away from material things when my focus is on the eternal.

  6. It's like what we are going through right now... Our RV broke down outside of Albuqurque, NM on Sunday. I am waiting right now, Tuesday morning) for my hubby to call me if the RV can be fixed. I have not panic, because I know God is in control. So I am sitting here in the laundry room/computer room of the KOA trusting that we can get the RV fixed and go on our way to PA.. God is in control! God bless you..

  7. A lot we can do with this quote, isn't there? I like it. Jesus was from heaven but got the dust of this earth all over his feet. He shouldered the pains of this earth, the deaths, the tears. His aim was never off heaven, but his burden was for the people trudging along in the dirt of this world. I think that is our calling, too. Tough as it is, we may never be more like Jesus then when we have some of the dirt of this world in our shoes! Good post.

  8. Amen! . . . great post. Let's continue to fix our eyes on Him. thanks for sharing

  9. This is an interesting quote. I enjoyed your thoughts on it. It made me think of how we know we're going to have troubles while we're on earth striving towards our goal of heaven.

    Hope you have a good week, Debbie!

  10. What a great post to get you thinking... thanks.

  11. I heard somewhere that we are not earthly beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having an earthy experience.

    I think we sometimes forget that our earthy lives are also a part of our eternity. We were made this earth to have joy and happiness too. But happiness does come when you have an eternal perspective - seeing the bigger picture helps you to appreciate your earth life.

    The life that you create now, family and friends, and your happiness, will echo throughout eternity.


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