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Happy Birthday Steve

My brother Steve is celebrating his 60th birthday today.  Where has the time gone?

I can still remember celebrating his 9th birthday!  This black and white photo was taken in our backyard when we lived in Kings Park, NY.

Steve is the birthday boy, the baby is my sister Christine and I am pictured sitting beneath where my mom is standing.  The birthday guests are the Braatens who are all grown up now.

Steve and I were very close growing up.  We are 18 months apart.  And yes, he is older than me!

We had our moments but most of the time we got along well.

This photo was taken in front of our house in Lindenhurst, NY.  This is where we lived during most of our grade school and high school years and consider it our home town.

We've both grown up since that time and we live in different states now; he is Florida and me in Arizona.  But between phone calls, visits and Facebook ...we manage to keep tabs on each other pretty well.

Steve celebrated last night with his wife Barbara and friends and family.  I wish I could have been there but I know they had a fun time.  That's what happens when the Sumstad's get together.

Steve's pride and joy are his daughters, Kristin and Katie.  Here he is walking Kristin down the aisle at her wedding to Kevin last September.

Me and my brother
So, I'm wishing Steve a wonderful birthday and many blessings in this coming year.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Yep, six decades can pass in one brief moment. Gives pause to thinking about how we spend those moments that we will never get back. Happy birthday to your brother.

  2. i love how connected you feel to your brother.
    that's one of my weak links. i pray he has a
    very special birthday.

  3. What a special birthday tribute to your brother....Time does goes by fast so all the more reason to spend as much time as possible with those we love....

    Happy Birthday to your brother....

  4. Praying for the Lord to bless your brother and what happy memories you included...Those pics are awesome! Especially the last one...What special love between you and your brother...God bless.

  5. Happy birthday to your brother!

  6. Love how you share photos through the ages and give us a glimpse into your life as a young girl! Love each photo - especially the late one of you both now!

    Happy Birthday to your brother!

    Love you,

  7. Big brothers are special. Mine is in Oklahoma, and I have many fond childhood memories of him - we were great pranksters. He still thinks of me as "his little sister," and when you are 60 something yourself, that still feels pretty special.

  8. Happy 60th Steve!! I already know you are a neat guy cuz your sister is so special!! :)

    Hope the years ahead are the very best of all!

    Special birthday blessings!


  9. Wishing your brother a happy birthday! And I know that he feels blessed to have you for his "little sister" too!
    Thanks for your encouragement to me the other day. I'm just now getting a chance to respond. Bryan's grandfather passed away suddenly last Friday, and we were out of state for almost 6 days or so. Hope all is well with you!
    Love and Hugs!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday to your brother Steve! What an awesome celebration!

  11. I always wanted a big brother! Glad you have had such a good relationship with yours over the years...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steve!

  12. I loved this post. Even the grass looks different on Long Island.
    I too love my brothers who live in Florida and New York and remembering them on their birthdays is so special. Posting of the old pictures brings back memories for all of us. Thank you Debbie. Good job.

    Anna May

  13. Birthdays come around faster and faster....Have a great week

  14. That is so sweet Debbie! You have some great pictures from your childhood. <3

    Our church is actually called King's Park!


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