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Happy Birthday Katie

Happy Birthday Katie!

Katie is my niece and she lives in Brooklyn, New York.  So, she's away from family today. However, I know she has lots of friends to help her celebrate her special day.  She turns 23 years old.  My, how fast time goes by!

It seems like only yesterday Katie was a little girl.  She always knew exactly how to pose and look so cute.  She was even in a television commercial in the Tampa Bay area once.  What a little actress!

But Katie is all grown up now and still looking so cute!

I love this photo of Katie with Aunt Debbie.

We had so much fun when we went to New York City after her high school graduation.  She loved the city so much she moved there after graduating from beauty school.

Katie has many faces.  I used to call her my Katie bird because she is so free and fun.  She doesn't get upset and excited too often.  She is unusual in that she loves to hear stories from our growing up years.  My brother Steve and sister Chris and I have lots to share and Katie is all ears.  She loves music from the late 60's and 70's.  She loves vintage clothes and peace signs.  She would have fit right in with her parents and my generation.

She can be glamorous or just plain funny!

She loves her mom!

She loves her sister Kristin.

Katie was her sister Kristin's maid of honor recently.

Here she is with her dad, my brother.  Aren't they cute?  She knows her daddy loves her. I kind of think she has him wrapped around her little finger.  :)

Katie, you are so precious to your Aunt Debbie.  I love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday.

I figured Katie would appreciate the Beatles singing happy birthday to her.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Such a sweet tribute, God bless your niece Katie on her birthday, and always.

  2. You are the sweetest Aunt!

    Hugs and love - Happy Birthday Katie!


  3. You can tell there is a special bond between you and your niece! That is so good! And a beautiful young lady I might add!! Happy Birthday Katie!


  4. What a beautiful girl! HAPPY BIRTHDFAY to her, and may the Lord bless her with many, many more. HUGS, Debbie

  5. Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  6. She's beautiful! I loved the pictures (and the song!)

  7. Debbie, what wonderful photos, you love her very much.....makes me miss my nieces! Isn't being an Auntie the best?? Lori

  8. Happy Birthday to beautiful Katie! I loved all of the photos, especially the one where she was younger and posing for the camera.

  9. What a fun birthday song. You are a wonderful aunt. Katie favors you a lot!

    Thanks for being so faithful to pray for me in my grief. I know you know what it's like to lose a mother. The sadness almost overwhelms me at times but I know I will get through it with the Lord's help and with friends praying for me.


  10. Aww, Happy Birthday Katie! She's so beautiful just like her Auntie!!! SMILE.

    I love you dear friend.

  11. Oh Happy Birthday Katie!!She is so pretty..runs in the family:)
    Thanks so much for stopping by earlier Debbie..your words fill my heart with joy:)

    Hugs and Blessings,

  12. Happy Birthday Katie! I know you love your Aunt Debbie, just like we do!

    Hope it's the best year yet!

    Birthday hugs!


  13. Happy Birthday Katie! What a great birthday post Debbie...I'm sure she'll love all the photo memories too!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Your special bond is reflected in all of your words. God bless you all and Happy Birthday to your beautiful niece.

  15. This is such a special post, so much fun to read with all those beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. Did you know that she looks a lot like you?

    You have a lovely family. I love the way you put together all those pictures including one of when she was little!

    Happy Birthday to dear Katie!


  16. Happy Birthday and Blessings to your beautiful niece!!! Love the pics!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Hey Debbie,
    Your niece is precious, just as you are. I have several nieces and they are very special--one is about to deliver her first baby and she is 23. Hope her birthday was great!

  18. First - Happy Birthday Katie. You are a beautiful young lady and your aunt obviously adores you.

    Debbie, I'm here via Debbie's blog and when I read your comment about your rough heels, I just had to open the blog of someone soooo honest. Girl, I hear you. My feet too!! I'm always "working" on them. Now, I live in Oregon where we don't wear sandals most of the year like you do in Phoenix but I still love nice feet.

    Any Beatles Happy Birthday song lover, well, I just have to follow because I know you will be a hoot! That is one of my very favorite songs in the whole world. My hubby wanted to be a Beatle but, he settles for playing guitar and singing at church. God already had that plan in motion for him :)

    DO NOT BE AFRAID if you click back to open my blog and you see my scary, no makeup, having "work" done face. I am not nearly as scary when I have on my war paint and my hair isn't slicked back for "work." I have been touching on a subject - ok well, lots of them - that have to do with either middle years ISSUES. I promise I really am funny. I promise, or at least I try to be.

    Anyway, so nice to meet you and I'm so glad I found you by way of Debbie.

    Marla @ Always Nesting

  19. You are a loving aunt. Happy Birthday Katie!!!
    Also wanted to tell you I love the picture of you cheerleading. Those were the days!!!

  20. That's such a cute little face on the young picture of Katie!

    HOpe you have a great week, Debbie.

  21. Great pictures and a sweet happy birthday message to your niece! Perfect song to choose!!

    Living for Him, Joan


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