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Friday Photo Flashback ~ 1968

Friday Photo Flashback
I recently was tagged in a photo on Facebook.  That's something that has been so fun as I become reacquainted with friends from so long ago. 

I really love Facebook! 

Pictured left to right is Linda, me, Kathy, Donna, Chris and Christine 

The Lindenhurst High School Twirlers

We were marching in a parade.  Parades were always a big deal growing up in Lindenhurst, New York.  That's on the south side of Long Island in Suffolk County.  Most of the town turned out to celebrate each holiday.

Notice the pizzeria in the background offering 25 cent slices.  A friend also pointed out the telephone number.  That's how it used to be.  We'd call TU 4-6540.  After that prompt, I actually remembered my phone number from that time.

The American flag and the older model cars are seen in the background if you look carefully.

You can hop over to Alicia's blog More Than Words to link up and add your pre-digital photos for Friday Photo Flashback.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I really love old photos of friends too:)

  2. Fabulous photo - the year I was born!

  3. How cute! That was the year I was born :-)

    Love you,

  4. Fun picture!! I twirled a baton when I was younger, too! I took lessons at the local community center...

    Anyway, thanks for the flash from the past!

    Living for Him, Joan

  5. This is a great pic! I loved to twirl a baton~~Just had to make sure I was outside! LOL Pizza only 25 cents!? Wow. We couldn't get a single sliver of pepperoni for that now-a-days. Such happy memories--thanks for sharing. Hugs! :)

  6. Well you are doing your tales like I just finished...isn't it fun?
    I posted my last one yesterday...makes you just smile.
    You had the twirling and I had the drill team!
    This will be so fun for your niece to enjoy also.

  7. Love the photo and wow does it ever bring to my mind so many memories of my high school days in Decatur, Georgia! Oh, and the phone number....ours began with DR and like you, I suddenly remember my old number!....hadn't thought about that in years! lol!

    Thanks for the memories, Debbie!

    Have a blessed weekend!!

    Hugs! : ))

  8. Oh my goodness - just stopping by and I love this!!!! Blessings friend.

  9. How awesome! I love old photos! I love facebook,too!!!

    I'm your newest blog follower from the Photo Friday blog hop!!!

    Hope over!


  10. What a great picture! What memories!

  11. Debbie that is too cool! Thanks for sharing. I thought I posted mine last night & I got home today and realized I didn't, so I just posted mine! Sheesh! Have a great weekend.

  12. A much more innocent time don't you think? How I loved to walk downtown and go to Woolworth's!
    Have a blessed weekend ~

  13. What a cool picture! What a nice thing to do on Fridays! I think I just might have to join you instead of listing my failures :-)

    I remember the phone numbers being like that and a lot of other things from that simpler era.

    I wish I could take my kids back there, even for just a day to see me as a younger person and my life :-) That would be a trip! LOL!!

    Love you honey!
    Grandma Patty Ann

  14. Ah, 1968...I was a freshman in high school with the same type of hairstyle as yours. I love this flashback, Debbie! I had to smile when I read that this was the year a few other commenters were born - makes me feel like a grandma! And I am! LOL
    Love and blessings to you,

  15. I love looking at older pictures. I am 29, but I would love to get a subscription to the Reminisce magazine.

  16. What a cute picture!! You are all so pretty!!! Wow, I never knew that phone numbers were listed that way!! That was neat to point that out for us!!!!

  17. Oh! That is such a great photo! How fun to have someone tag you on this photo on facebook! Do you keep in touch with any of the other girls?

    You all are so cute!
    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you again...soooo...much for stopping by my 100th post!

  18. Oh this is PRICELESS Debbie!!! It's always such a treat to look back at the photos from when we were younger. Love ya!

  19. Debbie -
    Well aren't you girls just too cute! I never could figure out how anyone could do that baton thing, but it looks like you had it mastered. Fun stuff!

    Thanks for the smiles - Marsha

  20. I'm so glad you left a comment, so I could visit here. What a cute picture! I've so enjoyed these flashback moments...I just can't tell if they make me feel young or old. LOL :-)


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