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Faith to Enter In

Photo Credit: beautiful-places.com

When I think of entering in to rest, an environment like the one pictured above comes to my mind.  Tiburon, California; a place where my husband Greg and I got engaged many years ago.

My body and flesh long for a season of rest.  A time to sit and reflect.  And it would be preferable if this time included something with a view of the water.

Another Rest

There is a promise for believers to enter in to the rest of God.   It is a present REST.

Hebrews 4: 1-3 says:
"Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it.  For we also have had the gospel preached to us, just as they did; but the message they heard was of no value to them, because those who heard did not combine it with faith.  Now we who have believed enter that rest ..."

Who were the people who had fallen short because they didn't combine it with faith?  It was the Israelites who had the faith to believe and leave Egypt with Moses.  But they didn't have the faith to enter the Promised Land because of unbelief.  Fear got the best of them, except for Joshua and Caleb.  So they stayed in the Wilderness for forty years.

God is calling us to enter His rest NOW.  Yes, I know that one day when I die I will be in heaven.  But what about today?  I had the faith to believe the Gospel message of salvation.  Jesus died for my sins and paid the penalty so I can be in a right relationship with God.

But in the meantime, life is hard.  As I continue to study Hebrews, I long to truly enter His rest NOW.

  • Instead of working in my own strength, I chose to trust Jesus to work in me and through me.  
  • Instead of looking at all the giants in my life, I focus on Jesus who works all things together for my good.
  • Instead of being fearful, I believe the promises of God.
Sometimes believing can be hard.  If you've had disappointments in life or people have let you down, it can be easy to be distrustful.

But God is different.

He is trustworthy.

He is faithful.

He is sufficient.

I do not want to harden my heart.  I want to have faith to believe and to trust God.  I want to enter in to the rest of God.  I want to submit my will to His Will.  As His Word speaks to my heart, I choose to believe.

I'm jamming with Bonnie of Faith Barista on the topic of FAITH.


Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Thank yo for that reminder. The rest is there, we just need to take it. He is the only rest from so many of life's trials.

  2. What an awesome post sister!!! I always remind myself that if God never took me into the desert, I'd never realize my need for Him and the power of His presence and provision in my life!
    Love and hugs to you!!!

  3. Debbie - I love this post as you know we are going through Hebrews as well. It has and will always be a book that grows my faith by leaps and bounds!

    Love you!

  4. Great reminder that we cannot fix our own faith. He is author, perfecter, everything!

  5. So with you on this post from beginning to end. I am exhausted both physically and emotionally...so my body is responding with aches. The tension was brought on by my lack of resting in Him.
    Just yesterday I text my husband I wanted to go to an isolated beach. It has been decades since we have gotten away for a good rest and it just sounded so peaceful to my flesh.

    The truth is God provides the rest we need when we trust in Him and look to the promise land and not Egypt.

  6. I am so right there with you Debbie... I am stepping out in new ways based on what He has said and the obedience that is required from me. I am such a 'feelings' person sometimes, so each new step is both challenging and also exciting. It's not about how we feel, it's about who He is!

    On we go!! :)

    Love you.

  7. My bp was up when I saw my doctor but he wasn't surprised knowing how much I was going through at work right now...It was because I tried many times to suppress my anger caused by many injustices and evil plans by some.

    Then, I remember and ask myself, "Why am I doing that to myself? Not worth it..." What's worth it is to continue relying on His faithful and wonderful promises and always believing in Him and trusting in Him alone, I am more calm and more at peace.

    I love the fact that we can enjoy His peace and rest when we seek safety in His refuge. You reminded me too just now. This comforted me! Thank you.

    God bless you sister and that's a beautiful place where you got engaged. There are days I long for the Central Coast especially with hot temps next week. But I know deep inside, I don't need to go that far. He is our contentment. So, glory be to God! Your faith blesses mine.

  8. A beautiful and thought-provoking post Debbie. Through life's valleys and mountains, He is with us.

  9. I agree I think we get so busy even in our Christian works that we forget to rest in Him...and that can entail so many areas of our life......physical, mental and emotional......

    I needed to hear this today and I am so glad you were obedient to remind us of His Words......

    Hugs and blessings

  10. Thank you for the reminder...gonna focus on his promises today:)

  11. Amen Debbie! If I couldn't rest in knowing that no matter what is going on around me right now, I don't know what I'd do.

    Love your post friend!

  12. Dear Debbie,
    Even Jesus needed rest. He drew away from the flock to rest the scripture says.
    We are not supposed to be stronger than him.
    It is difficult to find the right time and place for meditation and prayer.
    If I only..
    The rest is supposed to be within us.
    To be a prayer room in our basement does the trick. Not for long, 15 to 30 minutes and I feel like I have had a soul shower.
    I pray and hope you can find a place in beautiful Arizona where your soul can be renewed for awhile.

    When I'm abroad I usually look up an open catholic church, (they are more likely to keep open even if it's not a service going on).
    To sit in the cool, quite peace, unknown to anybody, but seen by God, brings comfort and renewal to my spirit and mind.

    I hope I don't sound like I'm doing this on a regular basis. Things aren't that well.
    But I have found ways to relieve of tension and evil, and I try to use these paths so often as I manage to get away from my Martha martyrium.

    Blessings and well wishes to you from felisol

  13. Oh Debbie I can soo relate to this. It is just what I was thinking yesterday...slow things down a bit....rest for a while. But then we realize we CAN enter that rest in Him KNOWING He cares for us....I do need to remember this. Thanks for this post, and have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

  14. Come unto me says Jesus and I will give you rest. I wonder if resting in the Lord is more simple than we often think it is. We carry so much anxiety and fear that causes us to be tired abd stressed out. Cast all your CARE upon Him for He cares for you. Change your mind set and begin to praise Him for what he has done and for what he is NOW doing to correct your situations that have caused you pain. Faith is believing that He is working on our behalf.

  15. I am feeling God calling me to enter His rest. I know that when I stop to rest and listen and meditate on His word, that is when my faith is strengthened.

  16. You know the feeling when you are feeling down and your hubby puts his strong arms around you and just holds you for a bit...and you just rest for a few moments? That comes to my mind when I think of entering into His rest!

    It's like the Lord is always there with arms wide open...ready to pull us into an embrace...and yet we scurry around and keep on struggling with things and we don't accept His rest...His offer of peace.

    I loved your post Debbie. And I am so glad I read it this morning. Oh, and by the way...my perfect place to find serenity is to sit at water's edge too. I love the calming effect that I get when I sit by the ocean and think of God's power!

    Love to you my friend!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  17. Hi Debbie! I love knowing you were engaged at Tiburon. I will think of you when I visit there. There is a wonderful bakery I love stopping by there,just next to the water -- and I take the ferry to Angel Island. I love how you reminded us it takes faith to enter into rest -- AND that we can enter in because we had the faith to trust in Jesus at the beginning -- we can have the faith to enter into rest. Especially if we have faith friends to encourage us even when it is hard. Makes a WORLD of difference. I know your life is full and so it is a treat to have your post in the jam a couple weeks ago. Thank you for that gift. Thank you for YOU, Debbie!


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