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Thankful Thursday ~ God's Peace

It's Thankful Thursday and my friend Iris of Grace Alone is hosting this month.

I'm so thankful for a one week vacation.  Friday was the last day of school at Rancho.  Although Greg and I aren't going anywhere, it's nice to be together, visit with friends, and catch up.
Photo Credit: True Food Kitchen website
I'm so thankful for friends.  I met my friend Terri for lunch at the Scottsdale Quarter today.  We had lunch at True Food Kitchen.  What a treat this was!
Photo Credit: True Food Kitchen
We ate outside on the patio and the weather was perfect.  It was overcast so it wasn't too sunny or hot.  And the food was fabulous; chopped chicken salad for me.  Thank you Terri!

Tomorrow I will get to see my friends Helen and Anna May.  Although we now live closer to each other, it's been so long since we actually got together.  That's what happens when you return to full time work, I guess.

I'm thankful for the gift card I received from the parents of the children in our preschool class.  It was very kind of them and I was eager to get some long needed clothes for summer.  So while I was at the Scottsdale Quarter, I was able to pick up a few things.  It's been so long since I've gone shopping.

Iris wrote about peace in her Thankful Thursday post.  In this world, peace is not something I would use to describe all that's going on now.  Even in my own life, there's still so much uncertainty.  But I'm thankful that despite all of this, I can have God's peace.  I may not know what tomorrow will bring or where I'll be living several months from now.  But I'm learning to trust that God loves me and has a purpose and plan for my life. I don't have to carry the burden.  I'm learning to pray and ask for His direction.  And then I'm slowly learning to listen and obey.

You can visit Iris at Grace Alone to join in.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Good for you Debbie! This is going to be a fun week! I wish I could sit and have chicken salad for lunch with you in that cute restaurant. :)

    You're so right... uncertainty abounds, and the closer we draw to Him during those times, the better off we are. He IS at work, all over the place, even when it seems slow or long... you're such an example to me!

    Love you!

  2. Debbie,

    I'm so glad you're getting a rest and that all is well with your soul! I haven't been able to keep up very well with you this last year, since I took on a second job myself. It really is harder to keep up with people when you work full time! I'll look forward to catching up with you here in a few weeks when my other job is finally complete.

  3. That place looks amazing. I wish school was out here. I have till the 9th.

  4. Uncertainty seems to be the norm right now for so many....but if it can help us to rely on God more that is a good thing! What a beautiful restaurant and beautiful words you shared with us today! ♥

  5. I'm so glad you had a fun day out with a friend! Blessings to you on this Thankful Thursday!

  6. God bless you. Have a wonderful week!!

  7. Enjoy your week at home! Sometimes that's the best place to just putter around doing what you want.

    Continuing to pray for you!

  8. Dear Debbie,
    Walking through the week with you has been a pleasure and instructive.
    Counting blessings are a great way of feeling the presence of the Lord in one's life.
    Friends who stay put in times of trouble are true friends. So these past years you know the people who are around you really love you for your own sake.

    I sure have experienced that, and what beautiful, God sent people I have left.
    Treasures that cannot be bought.
    Today we are celebrating the Ascension of Christ in Norway. It is a holiday and all shops are closed.

    Most people use the day to visit their hytte by the sea or in the mountain.
    Even so, the day still remain a holiday and thereby hopefully make people reflect.
    Some politicians have tried to remove the day.
    I am truly thankful as long as it is still being celebrated.
    Yours Felisol

  9. Debbie,
    Your words echo my thoughts as I continue to struggle in the "trust" department.
    Inspite of ALL the ways our Gracious GOD has provided for me in our recent upheavel, I tend towards "unhappiness" which doesn't please Him.
    Ah, but moment by moment, His Spirit enables me to repent and praise Him from a grateful heart.
    Praising the Name of JESUS!

  10. There isn't anything at all like the peace of God. Uncertainty in the world yes but not with the Word. We can stand assured on our lives in Him as we pray for everyone and about everything that is going on around us.

    My friend, I'm so glad you are enjoying this vac break with Greg and your friends. You need it. Enjoy and know that GOD's Hand is with you both and the outcome of everything is GREAT!

    Romans 8:28, 31.

    Love you much!

  11. I'm glad you got a chance to enjoy yourself and have some friend time!

    This is an uncertain time in America in general. You aren't alone my friend.

    Bless you!

  12. Wish I could have joined your for lunch one day. I bet we could talk for hours non stop. :o)

    The world is so full of change, our lives are constantly changing and it's not always easy adjusting. Blessings to you as your "journey on."


  13. I had breakfast with a friend too and the #1 topic? Peace. What a gift God has given us. Thank you too, for your encouraging comments on my blog.
    Anita Johnson

  14. For some reason I just haven't done much blog visiting lately...you'd think that I'd be here all the time now that Mark is gone but my nights are SO terribly lonely that I cry when I start reading blogs and such!
    Anyway, hope you are enjoying your vacation time and that God is moving in your midst!
    Sending hugs all the way from Ahwatukee ... maybe we can still geet together sometime this summer:) I would truly enjoy that!!
    Blessings, Cindy

  15. Thank you for sharing! What an encouraging post.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  16. I am so glad to have found your blog......It's so encouraging and inspiring so I joined. I look forward to stopping by often.....

    I hope you have a wonderful week full of peace and joy and that God will give you many opportunities to sense His presence.......

  17. Enjoyed your post, sweet friend. How nice to get a gift card from your class! I like finding a good chicken salad too. Yum!

    have a beautiful Friday!

  18. Oh, how cool that you had time to visit with friends and have lunch :)

    You are right Debbie, we do not know what tomorrow brings, but we do know that He will be there with us.

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  19. A great way to organized what you finds & shares in your blog... Words are such treasures and you prove it..


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