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My One Week Vacation

I had a one week vacation since the last day of our school year was Friday.  So what did I do on my vacation?

  • Clean
  • Rest
  • Spend time with friends 
  • Spend time with Greg
  • Work on lesson plans for Culinary Camp for Kids

Charity, Anna May, Helen and me meeting at Paradise Bakery for fun and food
The week has gone by too quickly as I'm gearing up to return on Monday.

For the next two weeks, I get to teach Culinary Camp to first through fourth graders.  I'm really looking forward to this but I want to be prepared.  What do 7-10 year olds like to eat?  I have lots of kids' cookbooks that I've been reviewing.  Thank you Heidi!

And I'm amazed at how much valuable information, with recipes and crafts are online, especially on mommy bloggers' sites.

If you have any suggestions or links to sites or blogs with information on teaching cooking to kids, I'd love to hear from you.  So stay tuned as I report back on how things are going.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. I was always amazed at how much faster a week of vacation went by than a work week did. Now that we're retired they all seem to fly by. Hope your class goes well. I'm sure that it will.
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Oooh! A culinary camp sounds fun! And what do 7-10 year olds like to eat? Well, that's a GOOD question! The answer is "not much" from my experience! Ha ha! But, I think that when they make it themselves...they will have more interest in actually eating it! I bet the camp will be fun. Keep us posted on what happens!!

    Blessings, Joan

    P.S. So glad your week of was enjoyable!!

  3. You know it takes me at least 3 days into a vacation to relax so if it's only a long weekend, I'm in trouble. LOL!
    Sounds like you had fun AND got things accomplished.
    Have a lovely day my friend.

  4. Culinary Camp sounds so fun for both the kids and the instructor! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes :)

  5. Sounds like fun!

    Enjoy them - it is a great age.

    Our girls love cooking.

    Baking is a huge hit and making icecream pies is their favorite!

    Love you!

  6. Crazy how fast vacations can go by! But Culinary Camp sounds like a lot of fun! :) Fruit Salad, Pizza, Pudding Cups, Cookies, Cupcakes,and Fruit Crisp are some great easy-to-make kid-friendly foods. I'd love to know how it goes! :)

  7. Dear Debbie,
    This must be a great opportunity for you. I remember you were quite interested in healthy food, and that you know a lot about it.
    Why not teach them from your own heart?
    Children often like what their mothers made them, in precise that way.
    Mothers aren't always so aware of what's healthy that you are.
    Fruit and veggies courses are great to learn.
    Baked potatoes?
    (My favourite, you don't need all that greasy stuffing)
    Oh, I'm sure you have lots of good stories and good recipes to share after the camp.
    Good luck to you.
    From Felisol

  8. Sounds like a wonderful vacation to me. That is probably what I will be doing too. I am changing grades next year so I need to study up.
    Your summer school job sounds really fun. Good luck.

  9. Culinary Camp sounds amazing! I cant' wait to hear more about it.

  10. I'll be thinking about this and see if I have any ideas to share. I will so look forward to your posts about culinary camp! Hope it is fun for you!


  11. Sounds like you have had a wonderful week :o) And culinary classes sounds like fun! Pizza is always a fun one to do...and if doing their own dough would be too much...having those already prepared pizza crusts are easy. (They can get creative with a variety of whatever toppings they wish to use :o) And it's fun to see what "artistic" pizza designs they end up with using the toppings.

    Blessings & Aloha1
    ...catching up on some of my blog reading :o)

  12. Hello, nice to meet you, thank you for visiting my blog on Friday. I love your blog, it is full of great posts! I will be back to visit. God Bless.

  13. Great photos and glad to see you are enjoying your summer!!! Blessings!

  14. Well, sometimes it takes me awhile to respond to these posts - I remember what a great time we had on your vacation week. We always have a good time together, wish we had more opportunities. HOpe you've had a good week with the kids - it's really fun to do those hands on activities with the kids. Later...


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