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Thankful Thursday ~ El Roi

It's Thankful Thursday and I'm linking up with Laurie of Women Taking A Stand. Laurie shared a story that is worth reading so I hope you'll take the time to visit her. Her theme is God's faithfulness.

I'm involved in a study with Jill of Forever N Ever N Always. We are reading Ann Spangler's book "Praying the Names of God". This week's focus has been on El Roi, the God who sees. How thankful I am for El Roi.

In the midst of the stress of moving both my husband and I are not feeling well. I think all of the changes are taking a toll on our bodies. I haven't done so much lifting in a long time and my muscles ache.

This morning I called my prayer partner Helen. She told me that she was bringing her special brew of vegetable soup for Greg and me. That was music to my ears! Nothing like a good bowl of soup made with loving hands to strengthen our bodies and soul.She also mentioned that she had an extra lamp for us. Since we sold all of our furniture, this will come in handy. Thank you Helen!

This act of love reminded me that God is El Roi. He knows exactly what I need when I need it. And He used Helen as His instrument to bless and encourage me.

Helen moved into her home not too long ago so she knew what it was like. She was able to understand the emotions of moving. Her simple act of kindness blessed me more than words can say.

Do you miss out on blessing others because you don't know what to do or say? We can't meet every need of others but when the Lord prompts you, I pray that your answer will be ...YES LORD! eLisa of Extravagant Grace has created many wonderful Scripture graphics and this one was so perfect.

I'm so thankful for my bloggy friends too. During this time of transition, El Roi has seen my need and provided me with such encouraging friends. So many of you have been a gift from the Lord.

I want to give a special shout out to one person who has been such a sister to me and I'm still just getting to know her.

Sonja of Bits and Pieces is a fellow Norwegian but lives in Texas. Go figure!

But Sonja and her sister Carol Joy always seem to be there just when I needed a word of encouragement and love. I hope you will visit her and tell her I sent you. You will be blessed. And btw, her mom was from Tromso, Norway and her dad was a traveling preacher who brought his bride to the US. They have such an awesome Christian heritage, including having Corrie ten Boom in their home. I wish I could have been there to listen in. :)

I'm so glad to have Thankful Thursday to look forward to each week. Please visit other thankful hearts today on Women Taking A Stand.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Amen, such a wonderful thankful post.

  2. I was just thinking about this same kind of thing yesterday....God knows what we need when we need it. Your post was such an encouragement today!

  3. Thanks to Helen who looks like to a Greek mythological goddess!

  4. Debbie:

    That was beautiful. No wonder I feel such a connection with you... you are not only a Norwegian and spiritual sister, you are a definite "Heart Choice" sister!

    Love you,


  5. It is soo amazing to have a simple act of compassion and kindness so bless us. I am grateful that your friend was able to do this for you. I am looking forward to visiting your new friends blog page. Thanks for the heads up. Praying you feel well soon. Take time and rest. My pnemonia started with a simple cold too. Hugs, Debbie

  6. Thank YOU El Roi - for seeing and knowing the needs of Debbie and Greg.

    Father, thank You for being so giving and loving!!

    Praying you feel better quickly Debbie.

    Much love,

  7. I enjoyed that book too. I love studying the names of God to get a better picture of who he is.

    I'll be praying for you to feel better!

  8. that was a lovely post I hope you feel better soon and I am gonna have to check out that book!

  9. Wonderful post, Debbie...and to this statement..."We can't meet every need of others but when the Lord prompts you, I pray that your answer will be ...YES LORD!"...I give a loud AMEN! You just never know what a word, a prayer, a hug, or a note might mean to someone...sometimes the supposedly "smaller" things we do end up being the bigger things in God's plan for someone's life....

  10. Debbie!! I full well KNOW I have missed out on blessing others just cause I haven't known "what to say"....and yet am reminded as you were that when someone simply reaches out to me with even a simple act, how blessed I am!! Thanks for that, it's huge! Please know that you encourage me as well....just by knowing we share such kindred spirits... you have a way of putting into words the very things that are on my heart as well, I feel such a "sisterhood" with you. I
    thank you for being such a faithful follower of Christ, you are truly "delighting yourself in the Lord" and He WILL "give you the desires of your heart"...feel better soon, wish I could make you some "risengrot",(comfort food)
    Carol Joy

  11. I love you my friend. Feel better, and thank-you for your kind words.

  12. Praying for you and your beloved, Debbie.
    I know this time is very stressful for you both. May God give you continued comfort and joy.

    Love & peace,

  13. So glad you stopped by....Jack got a clean bill of health yeseterday....the med changes were working perfect....his blood pressure was 120/75 and he feels great...and best of all, all 4 of those 18 year old bypasses are open...Thanks for all your concern and information....
    Great post....

  14. Praying for you and Greg continuously and thankful for GOD's hand on you both.

    Your friend and prayer partner Helen is clearly a blessing. Friendships especially those that are cultivated and nurtured up close are so vital and such a treasure.

    I too am on the other end of Sonja's great encouragement that she sends to me in messages so I'm not surprised.

    GOD has a way of sending His touch through those He selects just at the perfect moment in time. He's amazing!

    My love and prayers remain...

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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