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Friday Photo Flashback ~ Wounded Warriors

Friday Photo Flashback

I'm linking up with Alicia of More Than Words for another Friday Photo Flashback.

My parents came to Arizona for a visit. My dad was recuperating from recent knee surgery. I tore ligaments in my ankle as I was exiting a dark movie theater. Greg and I were trying to beat the crowds. We thought we were so clever going down the stairs to an exit. But I slipped and fell. I know ...just call me Grace (not).

We actually flew to San Diego for the day. This photo is Dad and me taking a much needed break from walking.

I'm so thankful for El Roi. The God who sees met my need during this time.

I was trying to make hospital rounds with my crutches and backpack. An orthopedic surgeon I knew came up to me and asked me to come to his office. He did another x-ray and had me fitted with a boot that was so much easier to negotiate.

Have fun visiting others for Friday Photo Flashback at Alicia's.


Debbie Petras
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  1. What a memory; I'm grateful also to the Lord as His name is powerful! Happy Friday, Debbie.
    Praying for your "organized" lifestye and other things.

  2. Debbie! Looking back at photos are so special! Goodness, you and your dad were a pair :o) What a sweet and happy photo of the two of you despite his knee and your ankle.

    It takes me soooooo long to finish a post! My hubby suggests that I try a "short, brief" post sometime! ...so hard for me to do. haha

    You are a dear, dear friend! Would be awesome if we lived nearer :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. What a GREAT pic of you and your dad! He is such a handsome man. Memories such as these are the best. Have a wonderful week-end. Hugs, Debbie

  4. Just got back from weekend in San Diego, wish I'd known to look for a very cute girl with crutches and a boot! (And a cute dad to match!) Our whole family broke something or other over one huge dog we had who sat in the road and we literally fell over.
    God is with us every "step" of the way, and may your steps soon be back to normal!
    Carol Joy

  5. That reminds me of when I was hobbling around with a knee injury and then around the same time my daughter injured her knee. For the next few weeks we were hobbling around together, both with our right knees injured, me walking with a cane and she with crutches.

  6. Your dad has a sweet smile! And that is a cute picture of the two of you!

  7. What a beautiful Daddy/Daughter photo!!! Love you!

  8. Now that is quite a memory! a little sad but a little funny to. =)

    My Grandma and I were in arm casts the same year. I wonder if we have pictures of it. We sure should have gotten pictures of it.

    Thanks for popping over to "Spain"! Love seeing your wonderful smile!

    Dani Joy

  9. What a cute picture and I love the story of the nice ortho who got you off your crutches!

  10. Sweet picture of your dad and his girl....

  11. You poor things!! It made a cute photo though! :)

  12. A cute picture of you and your Dad, Debbie ~ Love you ~

  13. Awww...your family likes to do things together. Even injuries! lol

    This is a great picture of you and your dad.

  14. What a great pic and wonderful memories!

  15. I am so thankful for the God who sees too!!! Have a blessed Sunday!

  16. It is so neat to look at old photos and remember the moments they were taken.

    Thank you so much for sharing this visit with your dad.

    Love & peace,


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