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WFW ~ God Loves Even You

It's another Word-filled Wednesday and I'm linking up with the Internet Cafe Devotions.

Recently, I've been taking time to sit on the back patio before it gets too hot.  It's a precious time of sipping coffee, looking at the birds and bunnies and spending time with my husband.

As I notice how tiny many of these birds are, I'm reminded again of how God is sovereign.  He knows all of the intimate details of my life.  After all, He provides food for even the smallest bird.

Don't forget how much God loves you!

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh, yes, He has proven that He loves me so many times. To God be the glory.

  2. One reason I enjoy watching birds so much is that they remind me that God cares for them as scripture says, so how much more does he care for me.

    Have a blessed week, Debbie!

  3. Such sweet thoughts....He not only loves us but takes such good care of as well.....

    Sounds like you and your hubby have such a sweet time on your patio just being together.......

  4. Perfect picture with that scripture Debbie.

    A wonderful reminder of His Love!

    Happy WFW!

  5. What a great word for today! People are so fickle with the love, withholding or taking it back. God and His love are always and totally consistent.
    I'm so thankful for that!
    Happy WFW!

  6. So grateful for the depth of His love.

  7. A beautiful post, Debbie.

  8. I am so thankful and amazed just how much He cares for me. Thanks for the reminder.

    And at this time of the year it is always hot in Phoenix! lol..

  9. Quiet morning outside . . . Jesus' observation of the birds and His words . . . your photo. Beautiful reminder.

  10. In one of the seminars that we offer, we are reminded to have "sparrow faith", the kind of faith that sparrows have! They never worry where their next meal will come from, because they know that their heavenly Father will always provide!

    We would all do well to have sparrow faith working in our lives!

    Thanks for this brief but meaningful post, Debbie!


  11. Good morning! How I would enjoy that patio time too. I love that time of day! I enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful day Debbie! HUGS

  12. Good Morning Debbie, I wanted to stop back and thank you for such a kind comment on my Thankful Thurs. military post. I can tell from your comment that you read every word and I greatly appreciate it. Five little words can mean so much: I am praying for you! You are in my prayers today; may God richly bless you. Mildred

  13. Karen,
    Yes, remembering every day how much He loves us is a life-fulfilling this to do. He is life and in Him we have life abundantly.
    Thanks for the great reminder. blessings to you - Marsha

  14. Yes He does and even when we are going through a drought...those birds are still taken care of...God provides

  15. I love that, Debbie. Recently I was thinking of that verse too. :) Love you ~

  16. I certainly needed this reminder today sister! Thank you . . . ALWAYS praying for you!!!

  17. Such encouraging Scripture and thoughts in this post!

    A joy stopping by!

  18. I call this entry, "short, to the point and very profound." I needed to read this and I've missed reading your lovely entries these past weeks. It's so good to be back in touch. You are a blessing!


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