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Ongoing Blessings

I continue to count my blessings.  There is so much heartache and difficulties in this world.  But it helps me to look at life through a different lens ...a lens of gratitude.

So I continue to seek out those everyday blessings.  And they keep on coming.

One of the joys of working summer camp at school was meeting Sloan.  She is a beautiful 17 year old girl who is entering her senior year of high school. She worked in our camp and I had the pleasure of spending time with her.

Can I just say that it encourages me to know there are young women like Sloan in this world?

She is a Christian.  She faces many challenges but I was so thankful that she was able to feel comfortable enough with me to share.  Although I certainly wouldn't reveal anything about our talks, I want to simply say that God always has a remnant of people in each generation who love Him and desire to follow Him.  And Sloan is one of them!

#121  Having the opportunity to encourage Sloan in her walk with the Lord

Every day I had moments when I had to pause and thank the Lord.  The joy I feel spending time with children is something I don't know that my words can adequately describe.  Simple things like reading a story to them or opening their lunches brings my heart joy.

#122 Getting to spend time each day helping the children

On the last day of summer camp, the Singing Idol camp had a show.  How fun to watch them perform songs like Soul Sister and Katy Perry's Firework.  Before the performance, several of them told me they were nervous.  My advice may not be the best but I told one 8 year old girl to picture the audience in their underwear and she would relax.

During the performance, she smiled at me and had two thumbs up.  So, I guess it worked!

#123 Watching the culmination of the Singing Idol summer camp and seeing the smiles of the children and their parents

I have been watching the images of the tragedy in Norway.  Many followers of Heart Choices know that my background is Norwegian.  Both of my parents' families are from Norway. And I have lots of relatives who still live in Norway.
Photo Credit: Jeff J Mitchell, Getty, USA Today
Norway is a country that hasn't been impacted by such violence since World War II.  The granddaughter of one of my dad's cousins was on the island when the gunman opened fire.  She hid in a latrine for two hours and many of her friends were killed.

#124  That my family is safe despite the violence that impacted Norway recently

I feel such sorrow for those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.  But I feel very proud to see the people of Norway come together during this time.

A new school year is about ready to begin.  I look forward to meeting the new students in our class and the time I will be spending with Heidi, the Pre K 3 teacher.  I have grown to love her and enjoy working with her.

#125 The great team Heidi and I have become as we work with the three year old children

My former car pool buddy Tara got married this past Saturday.  Since the wedding was held in her home state of West Virginia, I was unable to be there.  But how happy I am for she and Josh.

#126  The blessing and beginning of a new life together in marriage for Tara and Josh

Have you been counting your blessings?

There is always something to be thankful for each and every day, no matter what challenges you may be facing.

I'm linking up with Ann of A Holy Experience for Multitudes on Mondays.

Blessings and love,
Debbie Petras
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  1. I love your gifts. So sweet and special. Pxo

  2. There are indeed so many ways to count our blessings Debbie! What an inspiration it must have been to be involved in the summer camp; sounds like you inspired too! :)

    The devastation in Norway is heartbreaking; my prayers go out to you and the ones you hold near.


  3. What a wonderful list of blessings.....You obviously love kids and love being around them and that blessing flows both ways....Kids need ones like you around them to help guide the way through the maze of life and I so appreciate that you have this gift.......

    I too am very sad over the violence in Norway; so glad your family members are safe....Prayers going up for the all who were affected.....

    Hugs and blessings

  4. I am so sorry about Norway too Debbie!

    Lovely pics and sweet children. I know you are such a blessing to them!

    Love you!


  5. That whole Norway thing is just plain awful!

    What a good fit your job has been, Debbie. I grin every time I hear about those little ones. You are, after-all, a mother of the heart!


  6. So glad your family is safe!
    That is a blessing indeed!
    Yes, I am still counting:)
    May you find many more.

    Visiting from Ann's place

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I like how you are counting your blessings! I will definitely visit again!

  8. How beautiful, Debbie! You have such a precious heart! Blessings to you!

  9. My life has been impacted on so many occasions by the children I work with in Sunday school. I just love their little hearts for the Lord, so open and so free. The Lord has chosen you to impact these young lives. Okay, I am so out of it. What on earth is happening in Norway? I do not read the paper, nor do I watch thew news. I will have to Google to find out. I'll be praying!

  10. hi debbie. this is a good way to start a day. thank you for your reminder to count our blessings. you've got such wonderful list of thankfuls. God bless!

  11. I love reading your list and how the hand of God has blessed you so abundantly, in ways you never could have imagined.

    I would still like to hear how the little girl from school is doing.

    Prayers for all those in Norway.

  12. I always love reading your list of blessings! As always, your writing is an encouragment to me. Thanks for sharing!

    Through Him, Joan

  13. Debbie - You are an "ongoing blessing" to your family and friends.

  14. Hei hei.

    I've been taking a little break from posting lately, and the internet, mainly because of Oslo and Utøya. But we are now back in the swing of things.

    Hey, it's nearly your blog's birthday too?


  15. Hi beautiful sister,

    I enjoyed sharing a part of what you are grateful for...family, friends, serving the children and more. I'm thankful your family was well and unharmed as well.

    Looks like you are having a great summer! We are too on this end. I'm so enjoying having my grand girls with us. They and their parents move into their home Sept. 1st after living with us for 5 months. I've enjoyed it but certainly a transition. Now they will be about 10 minutes from us which is great. Adriana is off to college Aug. 20th. I can't believe it! Then, we are empty nesters. Unsure how I feel about that :) but I'm thankful and counting all my blessings too.

    Love you dear one as you are one of the blessings from God in my life.


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