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I Need a Vacation

Do you ever feel like you need to get away?  I'm in great need of a vacation but since that's not going to happen for a while, I decided to do something different. 

Have you ever heard of a virtual vacation?  After all, I love to daydream. 

So, do you want to come along with me?  Let's 'hit the road' and find some fun places to visit on vacation.

(Photo Credit: Victoria)

Before we get started we have to eat right?  I'm always hungry.  When my niece Kristin and I travel together it's great because she's the same way.

(Victoria Magazine)

I love flowers.  Check out this scene in Nantucket.

(Away Network)

How about driving along the Coastal Highway?

(Coastal Living)

I think I'd like to stay here.  There's nothing like the sound of the ocean and the smell of the salt air.

(Coastal Living)

Oh my, what about this view?

(Coastal Living)

I could get into this!

(Coastal Living)

A relaxing bubble bath is definitely on the agenda for a virtual vacation.

(Coastal Living)

I think I'd like to sleep this close to the ocean front.

(Coastal Living)
Of course, this virtual vacation would include lots of sitting and talking and probably blogging.  I'd have plenty of fresh coffee, lemonade and sunblock as I burn easily.

You'd think I live on the ocean but no ...I live in the desert.

Maybe that's why I want my virtual vacation to be on the beach.

I hope you enjoyed our vacation.  I guess I better get back to reality now.

Debbie Petras
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  1. I'm with you Debbie... but don't forget to make a stop right outside of Dallas, in Rockwall, Texas! After all, we do have a lake a block or 2 from where I live, and it would be SO MUCH FUN to have you come and visit!!!

    Love you sis,


  2. I got to visit the beach for one day this weekend and let me just say I could live there and never leave! I loved your virtual vacation!

    Was fun going with you - now we just need to do this in real life!

    Love you,

  3. I enjoyed this...daydreaming is fun...especially when you share it....

  4. Now Debbie, you know how to enjoy a vacation and know where to go! The places you decided to visit are places I could really enjoy too! Fabulous photographs, hope the virtual vacation helped a little bit!

    Take care!


  5. Gotta say I love the coastal living. great idea.

  6. Beautiful and I'm ready to go too!

  7. Debbie,

    That was such a great virtual vacation! You picked all my favorite places....I LOVE to sleep with the ocean waves splashing! I always say the LORD was in the BEST MOOD EVER when HE created the Oceans and Beaches :)

    Heaven on Earth!


  8. My, my, my friend...You and I LOVE the same vacation spots!!
    Thank you for taking me! I had a blast!!

  9. The best place to vacation is by the ocean. So when my husband retires(semi-retire) we hope to snow birds. :)

    love and hugs~Tammy

  10. Sweetie, I loved our vacation.

  11. I can't do these virtual vacations because then it depresses me when I realize it's not coming true..LOL!

  12. Oooooooh, thank you girl...I took that virtual trip with you. Just didn't want to come back!!!! :D

  13. I can leave in a couple of hours ~ where should I meet you? :-) This is definitely my idea of a vacation! You live in the desert and I live in Texas heat & humidity...I'd say there is definitely something wrong with this picture.


  14. Yes and Yes...so know that feeling. My four year old said on Saturday while getting gas..."Let's get lots and lots of gas and go far, far away" We haven't been on a vacation with him yet and the beach sounds just wonderful...that would be a Texas beach for distance purposes....instead we will drive up the road to the lake and enjoy the time we can play anyway.
    Enjoyed the virtual vacation...loved the picture of the camper,

  15. I love this! A virtual vacation. This is what my friend and I do when we need one of these....we go to Barnes and Noble, stake out a table and fill up our arms with magazines, especially Coastal Living! Great post....Lori

  16. I just got back from a vacation at the beach, but I could sure go back again! Thanks for the virtual vacation!

  17. A beautiful virtual vacation :o) I could go to each of these places at the drop of a hat!
    ah! How relaxing and awesome to have that little bit of get away time.

    ...I am off today so I am trying to get some blog reading in. I have some drawing orders to work on and then clean house... Now that our children are grown, I cannot be a stay at home mom, but I would love to be a stay at home wife :o)

    Blessing & Aloha!

  18. I'm SO in need of this vacation. Thanks for taking us all there!

    Love ya!


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