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Thankful Thursday ~ Blessed by Love

It's Thankful Thursday and I'm linking up with my friend Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage today.

My heart is overflowing with love today.  As I continue to study Ann Spangler's "Praying the Names of God" I've been so blessed as I continue to learn who God truly is.  The focus for this week is God as healer or Yahweh Rophe.

The Lord is opening my eyes and changing my perspective on life. 

I've been a Christian for many years but I believe that I continue to grow in my  understanding and am walking closer with Him now than ever before.  How grateful I am for that growth as He is the One drawing me closer to Him.

In the process ...I've been blessed by love.

Jill of Forever N Ever N Always is the person who began this study and encouraged my participation.  I've been blessed by reading about all she's been learning and sharing.  Thank you Jill!

Blogging has become such a joy in my life.  I've journaled for years but now I can write on Heart Choices and I get to meet so many new friends.

Iris of Grace Alone and Laced with Grace (and originator of Thankful Thursday) has been such a blessing and encourager to me.  Since she lives in Arizona, I've had the privilege of meeting her in person. Love you Iris!

Besides being a blogger, Iris is a fantastic photographer!  She recently completed a photo book and asked for suggestions for a title.  I loved that she involved her readers in this decision.  And guess what?  I was amazed that she chose the title I suggested.  You can read all about it here

Take a look at this front cover.  Don't you just love it?

I'm so proud of you Iris!  And btw, did you know some of Iris' photos are featured in the Exemplify Magazine?  I told you she's good.

I was also blessed by love this past Sunday when I visited with Kathleen of Sassy Granny.  I can't tell you how many fans she has in bloggy land.  I think they were green with envy as so many would love to meet her.  I'm taking advantage of the fact that she lives fairly close to me but will be moving in a few months. :(

I've also been blessed by love through my 'sister' Sonja of bits & pieces.  She wrote about our bloggy relationship here

Sonja's background is also Norwegian.  Her mother was born in Tromso, Norway and her dad was a traveling preacher from the US.  Her married her and brought her back to the States.  There are so many similarities in our families that it is uncanny.  I believe if we traced our roots back, we would be related. 

I know for sure that we are sisters in Christ though.  And I have to say that her sister Carol Joy is such a blessing to me too even though she's not a blogger.  She is so kind to visit me on Heart Choices on a regular basis.    I love you both and am so thankful for you.

I love Thankful Thursday, don't you?  God is so good.  I've been blessed by love this week and I'm so grateful that I have a platform from which to share. 

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Yes, I too love Thankful Thursdays - but more than that I love you!

    WOW! The book looks amazing - what a great title and cover shot!

    I need to take a closer look at that!!! Great job Iris!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing journey with me Debbie. I have thanked God many times for you in our lives! What an incredible blessing you are to me and our family!

    BIG HUGS sweet Sis!

  2. Ah Debbie... I just saw this post. I know that God puts people in our lives that are immediate kindred spirits, and I am so thankful for the rich blessing of your friendship!

    There are so many people who are blessed as they come and visit you on these pages, and I am one of the first every time! God has given you such a sweet and natural way of sharing His love, and it draws us here. The honesty of your heart is beautiful.

    Love & big hugs to my special sister!


  3. What a thankful heart you have. Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Lyndy

  4. it's truly a blessing to meet bloggy friends. i love meeting those on my lists too.

    iris is such a good photographer. congratulations on completing a photo book. photography is such an expensive hobby here. but i sure like to go into that too some day.


  5. I am thankful for all the blog friends also. God bless you.

  6. what a great post I am thankful for all the strong ladies I have met as well while blogging I have not had the opportunity to meet anyone face to face but maybe that day will come some day Have a happy TT today

  7. Oh this was such a good post. You have met many of your blogging buddies Deb! How fun... I just couldn't agree more that there are SUCH wonderful gals in this blogging world. I am soo happy for you that you feel you are growing closer and closer to Him. Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  8. Loved your post. Enjoyed reading about ur blogging friends you have met how wonderful.

    God Bless

  9. This is such a great idea. . . I love the idea of setting aside a day to stop and consider just how much we have to be thankful for.

    I love that you've concentrated here on being thankful for blogging and the relationships you've developed. I share your sentiment. . . and reading this post reminds me that there are so many wonderful people that I have yet to meet! It makes me excited to get to know even more faithful, true people. People like you!

  10. Oops! Debbie, I just left a comment, but I wasn't signed in properly. So now I'm signed in. Wish I could do more than one thing at once! :)

  11. Building relationships - never easy. You must be a unique person to have moved relationships from bloggy land to physical meeting. That is my desire too...I'd love to meet a number of my blogging friends. Thanks so much for sharing.

    God bless you.

  12. This is a great Thankful list! I'm glad I happened upon your blog today.

    God Bless!

  13. What a lovely list. I too have been blessed by many friends here in blogland.


  14. There's just something about "Heart Choices" that keeps reeling me in....there's just something about Debbie!!! The way you put it out there just as honest and open as you can be is so humbling...and I truly see myself in your words so often...wanting to live victoriously with God ...both through the struggles and the halleluiahs! I love my 3rd sister!

    Carol Joy

  15. You're so darn sweet!

    I totally understand the gift of love bequeathed us by such a generous Father. To think He's woven our lives together is simply beyond belief.

    We've got LOTS of hours before I eventually make my way north; and I look forward to our "girl day" next week.

    Thank you for the gracious mention here.

    Love you, girl!


  16. Oh, Debbie - you made me cry. Life has been handing me some sacks of lemons...thank you so much for your sweet, sweet post. I love you too...and I think the title is just perfect for the book :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

    Love & peace,

  17. Loved your list =) What a blessing of wonderful bloggers. I am blessed to have met you and Iris, you two keep me sane.

    Have a wonderful Friday.


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