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Friday Photo Flashback ~ 1960

Friday Photo Flashback
It's Friday Photo Flashback and I'm linking up with Alicia of More Than Words.

This photo was taken in the summer of 1960 before many of you were even born. 

Pictured are my father's parents; Nana and Grandpa Sumstad with my baby sister Christine and my brother Steve.  I'm standing in front of my grandfather and I look a bit sickly because I had only recently undergone open heart surgery for a congenital heart defect. 

As I remember back so many years ago, it seems like it was only yesterday.  It's amazing how that can happen when it concerns momentous occasions in your life. 

At the time, surgical techniques were not quite what they are today.  The surgeon told my parents that I had a 50/50 chance of making it through the operation.

At the time, 30 B positive blood donors were required to be at the hospital in New York City the morning of the operation.  They had to donate blood for the heart lung machine.  Nowadays, this isn't necessary.

My mom was interviewed by several newspapers since she was having a hard time locating enough blood donors.  The Smithtown Messenger wrote the piece above. 

However, Newsday wrote an article with the bold headline:
"Mother Pleads for Blood to Save Life of Daughter, 7". 

That got much attention and ...plenty of blood donors.

This was a follow up article after I was discharged from the hospital.  I am completely healed and have been healthy ever since.

I've been studying Ann Spangler's "Praying the Names of God". The focus for this week has been on God as healer or Yahweh Rophe.

Before I entered the hospital, many people prayed.  I was asked to come forward at my grandparents' church, Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle as the elders prayed over me.  (I have to add that when I checked the link for this church, I was so excited to see my grandfather Henry Sumstad's name recorded in their church history.  He began prayer meetings in his home in 1950 after moving to Long Island from Brooklyn.)

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Lord answered the prayers of the people and my family.  He healed me.  God had a plan and a purpose for my life and He wasn't finished with me yet. 

How grateful I am and so thankful to ...God my Healer.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Praise God for healing you sis, love you.

  2. what an amazing story!! Praise God for protecting you!!!!

  3. Wow, that is awesome, Debbie. God is so faithful.

    And from what I've noticed so far, your mom really knew how to dress you! What a pretty dress!

  4. Hi Debbie, this is a very beautiful story of faith. God is really good. and Yeah 1960 - my parents even havent met each other yet bt for sure they were already born. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh what a phenomenal story. I love these flashbacks of yours.
    You are a little miracle aren't you? And I'm so glad that our paths have crossed because you truly are an inspiration.
    I think it's cool that you still have the newspaper clippings. What a memory.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  6. You are a miracle and proof that Yahweh Rophe still performs them today! That He heals us physically and spiritually! The He sustains us with His grace and love!

    Praise God!

    Love you!,

  7. Amen God does have a plan and a purpose our job is to find that and realize that he can use us God Bless you for you are a wonderful person

  8. What a wonderful story. I was almost a twinkle in the summer of 60!

    I guess your experience is why you became a cardiac nurse.

  9. Wow! That's quite a story! So glad it had a happy ending for you and your family too : )

  10. What an amazing and awesome story. I LOVE it..Your very own miracle. What a wonderful God we have. Oh! and I was already 4 years old in 1960, haha...Have a wonderfull week-end Deb. I love these old photo's of yours..I need to work a scanner.

  11. Wait...I was 6 years old...Now my age is really showing, hahaha

  12. Yes, He heals! Thank God for those people who prayed. Perhaps some of the same people prayed for me when I had a long hospitalization with Rheumatic Fever.
    Bless you!!!

  13. Our God is an Amazing God, isn't He? I too am thankful that all those prayers were answered and you were healed! I enjoy reading your blog, and am sure God has much more in store for you!


  14. Hi sister Debbie. I'm glad you came by my site because I know that I've been here before but I forgot to follow and now, I traced you back :)

    That's a powerful testimony and what an awesome blessing that you received from our mighty Healer! Glory to God! Considering that the technology then was not as advanced as now. "Where else would my help come from? But from the Lord, our Maker!"...So blessed by your comment, to know that some of your correctional nurses' friends are still sharing their light in that dark place. No doubt! The inner change comes from knowing our Savior! Blessings to you and looking forward to reading what you're writing about "the Lord being your fortress" :) Have a great weekend! God bless.

  15. Wow, what a beautiful story! It's amazing how something like this really pulls people together. God certainly had His Hand in this!

  16. And oh, how glad I am that everything was healed and you are fine!!

    I had spinal meningitis when I was 11 and not expected to live, and our church leaders also came and annointed me with oil. My dad was in Hong Kong preaching, and he and a team of ministers and missionaries prayed around the clock until I 'turned the corner'.

    Do you think there are still more parallels for us??? :)

    Love & hugs!


  17. Wow Debbie~ That's amazing - what a miracle you are! God definitely had plans for your life, and I'm so glad that He did. Love to you and continual prayers...


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