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Wednesday's Walk ~ Family Gatherings

I was looking forward to another Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane where I link up with Jenilee of The Goodwin Family. It's fun to remember times from years ago. And it's also nice that my niece Katie enjoys reading these posts to learn more about her family history.

My Grandpa Sumstad loved his family. He emigrated from Norway to the US with his brother when he was in his twenties. Whenever any of his relatives came to visit, it was a major family event.

His two sisters Agnes and Haldis came to visit him on Long Island, New York in 1971. So the whole family was invited to meet them, work on speaking some Norwegian, spend time getting to know them and of course ...to eat. This is a photo of Haldis, my Nana (Grandpa Sumstad's wife), and Agnes. I remember Haldis worked as a nurse in Trondheim, Norway and this interested me since I would be starting nursing school soon. My Aunt Ruth left Long Island and moved to southern California. She married my Uncle Bob. When they had their first baby they came back to Long Island for a visit.

This was the first time we got to meet Rodney Squires, my new cousin. My mom, dad, brother and sister are also pictured. I'm the one in the front right with the very short dress. After all, it was the style in the 70's; lol. Here's a picture of Rod. He looked so much like my grandfather; too cute! This is my grandfather holding Rod in his arms. My little sister Christine is standing next to him in her very short dress; lol.

It's very sad when I realize that not long after this gathering, my grandfather died of a sudden heart attack. He died at home in his favorite chair watching the news. I still miss him but I'm so thankful that he is in heaven where I will see him one day. Fast forward 39 years and here's a photo of Rod all grown up with his two children; Kate and Jake. Jake looks so much like the baby photo of Rod.

Believe me, life passes quickly so enjoy your family while you can.

Blessings and love,

Debbie Petras
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  1. Amazing how fast life flies by!

    As God says - this is all but a vapor!

    I look forward with great hope to our reunion with loved ones for all of eternity!

    Love and blessings! Jill

  2. I loved this post sweetie, thanks for sharing your memories.

  3. Beautiful family and beautiful memories. Time definitely flies by...

  4. Debbie I just love your whole entire family! Short dresses? Oh do I remember them. Was that really that long ago?? Can't be! My Uncle Otto also had HIS chair in Oslo, Norway, and he read his newspaper there, ate there, dialoged with all of us there in that chair. My aunts and cousins are scattered all over Norway and I can't wait to see them again! Love your words.....life is short, and oh so important to keep remembering to treasure EACH day. I thank God once again for my family. (Grandpa Sumstad sounded so special...and down the line came...special YOU!)

    Carol Joy

  5. Those are neat pictures. I liked how you put a current picture at the end to compare!

    Great memories!

    God bless you.

  6. Thanks for sharing those cute pictures of your family. Love you ~

  7. This is so interesting. I love seeing pictures of your family. In the first picture, the lady on the right looked exactly like my great grandmother - hair, glasses, and dress! :-)

    Love to you Debbie, and continuing to pray for you all.


  8. Seems like I just turned around and our boys were grown. Time passes so quickly.

    Great pictures, Debbie!

  9. Oh thank you for participating! I LOVE history and pictures and family photos. What a great way for you to record some of your amazing family life! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. Have a GREAT day!!!

  10. I love looking at old photos and hearing others memories. You have some good ones. I remember those short dresses for sure. Do you remember hot pants and boots? haha Have a great day Deb. Hugs, Debbie

  11. Great pictures of family and I remember having family time to as a child. Every Sunday going to Grandma's for some kind of dinner and holiday's. Thanx for sharing.

  12. Debbie:

    You KNOW that I almost feel like I'm looking at 'our family' when I see your pictures! It's really fun to see the history and who came from where and where they all went...

    With all of our connections, you would think that maybe we should have met along the way... but I'm just glad we've 'met' now!

    Hope you get your email back soon. It's probably both frustrating and peaceful! :)

    Love you,


  13. Thanks for sharing your family & memories with us Debbie. Aren't we blessed to have film to help preserve our memories?

    Love & hugs,

  14. Thanks for sharing your family & memories with us Debbie. Aren't we blessed to have film to help preserve our memories?

    Love & hugs,

  15. Sweet memories...time flies so quickly....

  16. Such special memories, Debbie! I love th pictures! Thanks for sharing this...and thanks for stopping by. It's good to hear from you...I miss visiting some of my blog friends.


  17. what awesome photo memories!! I love it!

  18. I so enjoyed the family memories and photos Debbie...thanks for sharing this today.

    I remember the "hot pants and go- go boots" era as well as the short dresses! You and your sis were sure pretty girls!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  19. What a great post in honor of your grandpa! I loved all the photos.

  20. Memories are blessings but even more so when you have pictures to go with them. I enjoyed this post.

  21. Beautiful sharing! Loved all the photos.

    My Grandma's name was Agnes. Love that name still...

    Time sure goes in a hurry. I love viewing photos from long ago and then seeing the changes, added family members etc over the years. Awesome!

    Love you.


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