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Thankful Thursday ~ Strength

It's Thankful Thursday and Laurie of Women Taking a Stand is our host for this month. Laurie writes about strength for today on her Thankful Thursday post. To be more specific ...God's strength.

I have to admit that I'm a pretty strong woman. I think it has to do with my Norwegian genes. You remember the Vikings, don't you? Pretty scary, at least according to my husband. :)

I'm not only strong in my body but also in my mind. And that can get me into trouble sometimes, especially when I insist on exerting my own will.

I've been studying Ann Spangler's book "Praying the Names of God" with Jill of Forever N Ever N Always. This week the focus has been on God as El Olam; the everlasting God.

The older I get though the more I realize that I have some physical limitations. I may still be strong physically but it takes much more effort to keep my weight down. There have been days when I'm just too stressed or simply too tired to exercise. And at this season in my life, that's something I really need to continue to do.

But I'm also grateful that I'm realizing my need for God. I need His strength when I don't think I can continue. When I'm so strong in myself, I don't always see that need for God.

As I've been going through a season of trials, I've been depending more and more on the Lord and less and less on Debbie. And that's a good thing!

I'm so thankful that God has provided me with many blessings. My Aunt Ruth (my father's only sibling) was attending a conference at the Phoenician with her sister-in-law Ann. I had the opportunity to meet them at this beautiful resort for the day.
Isn't this place beautiful? The weather was perfect for eating on the patio of The Terraces. Thank you Ann.

My aunt and Ann were attending a conference for the Jewish Voice Ministries. This is a Christian organization whose focus is to proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jews and to all the nations of the world. I got to meet their President Jonathan Bernis.

But then we left to go shopping at Nordstrom. I haven't been shopping in such a long time but it was nice to check out the latest syles and to watch Ann shop. She knows her way around this store, that's for sure; lol.

I was so thankful that El Roi (the God who sees all) knew that I needed a fun day like this.

I'm also very thankful for Greg's sister Amy. She's been such a support and a true friend to me. We've become so much closer in the past year and for that I'm so grateful. Btw, as you can see, Amy is a strong woman too. We even arm wrestled at our family Thanksgiving get together. :) I think it was a draw, if I remember correctly.

I'm glad that I have this opportunity to connect with other thankful bloggers on Thankful Thursday. I'm on the lookout for all that I'm thankful for and that changes my perspective. And I have to add that it gives me strength to continue ...trusting God.

Happy Thankful Thursday!


Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie I soo enjoyed this post. I loved the pic of you as a Viking, haha...And the place you went is gorgeous. As for the arm wrestling? I am impressed to say the least, haha...I can't see myself doing that at all. I do know what you mean though too as well. I have learned to lean on the Lord more in this last year, than in many other previous years combined. It is a good place to be. Makes me wonder why I fight it like I do sometimes. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Deb

  2. I'm just saying it again... You are my sister!! The viking picture was so cute! My husband also refers in 'fear' to my viking genes!!:)

    Debbie, these pictures are always such fun to see. It really is like getting out our family album... you are so much better organized than Carol and I... we have pictures in 20 bins and don't know which is where!

    What a beautiful day at the hotel and Nordstrom's. I was at Nordstrom's this week in Dallas, haven't been for awhile and it is always fun to see what is currently the big thing in fashion!

    Loved this!



  3. love your post I believe you look good as a viking and therefore you are a pretty strong person in your own right. I love your list of thankfuls

  4. Loved this post....I want to strong in both areas....

  5. HA! Loved that photo of you!


    I love the Phoenician as well.

    Glad you have been enjoying many blessings lately! I know they are much appreciated by you!

    Hugs and love,

  6. Like Iron sharpening iron....friend in Jesus! Keep looking for everything you are thankful for, it really does change your perspective!!
    Looks like you are tremendously blessed!

  7. I enjoyed your post today giving thanks Debbie! The resort looks just beautiful!! Glad you got to visit your aunt. God bless you, friend.

  8. I really loved this thankful post.

  9. Great post! I loved the pictures :)

  10. Loved the Viking pic...too cute!

    I enjoyed the pics taken at the Phoenician....what a beautiful place. Wouldn't mind spending some time there, myself!

  11. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us...

  12. Deb, your post today kept a smile on my face the whole time I read it. Your insights are so 'right-on' and relateable...sharp and powerful (like a Viking) yet so gentle in arousing awareness of the Lord's presence in all our lives. I give thanks for having you in my life, and doubly-blessed that you are Greg's loving wife. :)

    Love Ya, Amy

    p.s. The pic in the Viking getup is priceless!

  13. The viking picture scared me... I won't ever mess with you!! LOL! ;)

    I am learning too ~ over and over again ~ to trust less in Jenn and more in God! will I ever learn?!

    In All Things Give Thanks!
    even during those nasty trials..
    I know this...
    and sometimes I can even do it!
    knowing and doing are different skills! ;) Thanks for the reminder to trust in myself less!

  14. Debbie, thank God for blessing your time with your aunt and Ann. Wow, you are surely a very strong woman! Love the photos :) Thank God for giving you strength to go through difficult times. I am learning too to rely upon Him daily. Thank God that He is with us and He gives us strength day by day.

    Thanks for your visit and encouragements. Take care and may God grant you and family a very blessed weekend!

    Blessings and hugs to you,

  15. Your first picture cracked me up!!! I am half Norwegian and so it was especially fun to me. :) What a wonderful list, and the place was gorgeous. I love how you post pictures like that. I need to take the time to do that more. Thanks for taking the time, it was fun. :)

  16. I so loved this message and all the photos!! While our roots may be different we are truly sisters dear friend. There's a photo of me some where in a bit of a different attire than yours but it showed the "mighty girl" look and it's hilarious. If I ever find it I'll have to FB it to you.

    Debbie, I was all over this that you said:

    "But I'm also grateful that I'm realizing my need for God. I need His strength when I don't think I can continue. When I'm so strong in myself, I don't always see that need for God."

    Well said! Love you.


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