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Have You Ever Felt So Tired?

Have you ever felt so tired? My niece Katie loves to shop and I think this photo was taken after a long day of bargain hunting in New York City.
Or take a look at Rachel, Jamie's daughter. Her little legs were so tired after a day walking. She's wiped out!

I think I've been doing pretty well lately under the circumstances. In the past, I would have been freaking out about the uncertainty in my life. But I've been learning what it means to ...abide in Christ.

I'm also learning though that I need to be on guard. I still must contend with my flesh this side of eternity.

Just when I think I'm getting it all together, I have a day like today when ...I'm so tired and weary.

It's interesting as I reread that last paragraph. I noticed I wrote "when I'm getting it all together". Yeah right!

Abiding in Christ means that I yield it all to Him. I allow Jesus to work in and through me. I rest in Him.

But right now I feel more like this photo. I'm juggling so many things right now and trying to keep them organized.

And the truth is, this is how my home office looks right now. A bit messy wouldn't you say? I find it interesting how often my exterior environment often reflects what's going on inside.

How can I go from feeling so great just a few days ago to feeling so tired and weary? I didn't even write a Thankful Thursday post today. In retrospect, maybe that would have been helpful.

For several days last week I was so excited as I awakened each morning with a song in my head and heart. I loved it. The words to Hillsong's song "Still" stayed with me for several days. I even posted the video of the song on my Then Sings My Soul Saturday post here.

But it reminds me that we can't live our life by feelings.

I even wrote about that very thing on this past Tuesday's post titled "Responding to Difficulties" here.

I have to remind myself that my feelings don't always reflect the truth. And my theme for 2010 is to "trust and obey". Now that doesn't mean only when ...I feel like it.

There will be trials and challenges in life. I don't have all the answers and I struggle from time to time. It's a moment by moment choice. Will I depend on myself or will I run to the One with all of the answers?

I choose to run to God and ...abide in Him.

How about you? Do you go back and forth between living by your feelings and living by faith? I need all the help I can get.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh girl, I am constantly running back and forth between feelings and faith. No wonder I'm worn out sometimes. This was a beautiful reminder to abide in the One who has it all under control.
    Oh and your office doesn't look nearly as bad as mine did before I organized it! LOL!

  2. You are doing a great job Debbie at remembering to stop - and give it to God!

    Your office isn't nearly as messy as mine either! I'm getting shelves finally and everything will be OFF my desk and have a place to go! Ahhhhh!

    I love you! Big hugs!

  3. Deb, this is often the question in my heart. How to balance, but more so, how to stay even-keel in the chaos and the calm. My best hope has been in seeing my patterns, recognizing that I'm starting to spiral in my emotions, identifying the triggers (like a messy room or more likely, a messy situation that is out of my control and burdening my heart), and then taking those thoughts and feelings captive and making them obedient to Christ -- the Word. Whether it is through repeating Scripture, reading my Bible, praying for focus, worship music, or talking to my wise hubby or dear friends...I look for the Word to change the emotion.

    I hope that helps. Love your sweetness and transparency so much!


  4. Debbie, thanks so much for stopping by my blog post about Danny Gokey! You have a wonderful blog here. Blessings! :)

  5. Debbie:

    It's always a battle, isn't it... the faith and the feelings? I think you are doing so well... your heart is right on track... the feelings may go up and down, but remember that God sees your heart, and He knows your desire is to TRUST & OBEY! So hang in there... all of His promises are for you!

  6. Yes, I catch myself and think why am I trying to do this, I need to just stop and focus on God.

    (You should see our "office" area! It's on my to do list but i haven't tackled any more of it since working on it last weekend!)

  7. I "feelings" are like a roller coaster. All of sudden I look down at my plate and it's FULL!

  8. Girl, you should see my home office...((shudder))...

    Abide in Him...oh, yes...feelings come and feelings go...but His word stands always...

    You know, the Lord created us girls with these big time emotions that are tied into feelings...I think He was trying to teach us something....

  9. Oh Debbie I can't imagine there is not a woman out there who is being honest that doesn't feel this way from time to time. Goodness knows I do...ALOT of the time. As a matter of fact today was such a BUSY BUSY day where I had the baby (Cody the wild 11 month old one) for 9 hours and Jeffie and Lindsey for 4 to include their homework and dinner etc....I was delirious by the time they left. He is just soo active and wild and my knees were killing me and he is just too little to really listen much and he is soo strong it is like a wrestling match when he doesn't get his way. I felt resentful and annoyed by the end of the day, in addition to just plain exhausted which made me feel like a bad Gamma (haha) and a poor Christian. I was soo glad when his mama walked in the door I could hardly stand it. I don't usually have him that long and I won't be again, but right now I am thinking I am REALLY glad I am not watching him again till next Wed.!! MAYBE by then I will be ready, haha. I have a million other things I just don't think about as well or I could just flip clean out. Sooo, to answer your question do I ever let my feelings get the best of me? Do I ever let life's uncertainities and HARD situations have too large a hold? Uummm YES....BUT!! The good news is the Lord always seems to know when I have had enough. He is ALWAYS there to draw me back. His peace will wash over me when I seek it and ask. He reminds me sooo many different little ways that He loves me and that He is in control. PRAISE GOD for that. Can you honestly imagine life without Him? How my heart aches for people who don't...How on earth can they ever get along? I will pray that we both have a better day tomorrow. You had soo many good reminders to draw on and I soo appreciate it. Love you, Deb

  10. Debbie - I am so sorry for the bad day you had today...I pray for you and that you will continue to trust and obey...

    As I had mentioned before, my hardest place right now is work. How do I get through my days...I have several note cards with Scripture passages right by my monitor. If the day gets really bad, I read one of them to remind me that I am loved and I am not alone...Most days it helps me. Or I listen to music/sermons on my MP3 player...

    I know the journey is hard - I too have good and bad days...but as long as we are attached to the Vine we can make it through the not so good days...

    Love you, my sweet friend.


  11. Praying you will feel better and have strength to endure. You should see all the papers all over the place at my house. I'm sure I would feel better if I cleaned them up. Sometimes we do feel overwhelmed. Love and Hugs ~

  12. Debbie, I've been refreshed by my time away from blogging, but before the holidays I was so tired and scattered!

    Last night, I finally managed to READ something for the first time in weeks. Isn't it crazy that we who love books so much often have no time for them?

  13. I always like to remember that in each day we have to settle the matter of authority. To choose to live in the flesh or in the Spirit. To settle the matter of authority. The days begun with me spending time with God & giving my day to Him are always blessed.

    The enemy is always there to distract & overhelm us. The enemy wants us to yoke to the world/his lies & become weary. Let down our sheild of faith. Abiding in Christ is a good word to ponder friend, thank you. His burden is certainly easy & light, praise God!

  14. I LOVE this:

    "But it reminds me that we can't live our life by feelings."

    Amen, sister. I have to remind myself of this ALLLLL the time. And I mean ALLLL.THE.TIME.

    This post was perfect for me today :) Thanks girl! Have a wonderful weekend!

    I'm thankful for you!

    Kate :)

  15. Dear Debbie,
    You are an amzing lady. With all that you have gone through, I would think you would be exhausted more often. It is great that you are learning to trust and obey on a moment by moment basis. I always have to get into God's word when my feelings take over. I know that He is trust worthy, even if I feel like everything is out of control. We will be praying for you.

  16. Debbie,

    This is raw and real, just what I was writing about this morning. But I must say, your office is NEAT compared to mine! LOL. Still, I get it. Thinking of you today.


  17. Yes, I do...more often than I'd like to believe!

    You are right...if I quite trying to handle everything myself and give it to God, the outcome will be soooo much better!


  18. Oh boy are you right on it in this message. Thanks for sharing Sister. Keeping you and Greg in prayer as well. Love you much.

    Running to ABBA for refreshment...

  19. Dear Debbie,
    Christmas still isn't quite over here, so I haven't been too much online.
    I hope you don't feel it a defeat that you are getting tired sometimes. It's only human, and the Lord made us this way.
    In Norway the Sunday, the Lord''s day still is considered holy, at least semi-holy.
    The shops are closed, the road workers, builders are free, so it's quiet. It's even now considered not proper to have a wash hanging out for dry on Sundays or to move the lawns on Sundays.
    I think the Lord's laws were made for the good of people. We need rest. Before there were 8 hours workdays, summer holidays and all this, the Church holidays were there for rich and poor.
    Maybe that's way my mother is so keen on keeping Sunday holy. A housewife's work was actually never ended, except for Sundays.
    And boy,did she work hard and was she tired!
    Jesus new all this when he saw his disciples had had an overload.
    He gently took them aside.
    Markus 6: 30The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught. 31Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."

    It's all right to get tired. It's healthy to get some rest.
    From Felisol
    PS My home office is never that tidy, not even on a good day.

  20. Debbie...sorry I'm reading this late. I just want you to know that under the circumstances, I think you are doing just fine. Of course we all have those days. I would say about one day a week or maybe one day every two weeks, I just crash. Maybe that's why God created our bodies to rest. We all need a break from the craziness. Especially when life is difficult and uncertain.

    Take those breaks when you need them, dear. We're all here for you, lifting you up in prayer.



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