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Fitness Friday ~ Discipline of Exercise

It's Fitness Friday and dare I mention the word discipline? Discipline sounds so rigid and legalistic. After all, aren't we all ...about grace?

My mom was such a good example of a disciplined person. Although she had a weakness for chocolate, she only purchased one large Nestle's chocolate bar each week. She would break off a single square each day and that satisfied the urging. There was no sneaking back and eating another piece either.

Mom was also disciplined about exercise. She would work out on her treadmill just about every day without fail. Even as her health was failing, she tried to get in some form of exercise. I even have a photo of her on the treadmill in her bathrobe. She knew it helped give her energy and keep the weight off.

I recently read a post on Internet Cafe that was written by Gina of Chats with an Old Lady. Now, I had to find out how old Gina is and do you know what? She's only in her late 40s; much younger than me. Oh well, lately it seems everyone is younger than me but that's OK.

But her post was entitled "Have You Worked Out Today?" and I thoroughly enjoyed it and could relate. Here's an excerpt from that post:

"One day while on the treadmill I was thinking about how hard it is for me to step on the thing every day. I started to think about how I am the same way spiritually. I am drawn to the Word, know how important it is for me to be in it, and love the benefits of spending time with the Lord. Unfortunately, my flesh does fight the discipline of sitting down, quieting my mind, and listening to the Lord. It seems like it is a battle every day to not get distracted and to choose to spend the time I need in the Word!

I heard someone say once that American Christians are "lazy, fat, and happy!" Just like I would probably be lazy and fat if I didn't discipline myself to get on the treadmill every day, the same would happen if I didn't discipline myself to be in the Word. As I age, I will become more vulnerable to disease and obesity if I don't exercise. The same will happen if I am not in the Word, learning how to discern between biblical and unbiblical thinking. I will become lazy and fat spiritually, and will open myself up to wrong ways of thinking, if I don't discipline myself to spend time with the Lord, nurturing our relationship."

I thought this was right on. You can read Gina's full post on Internet Cafe Devotions.

So, even though you might dislike the term discipline ...we need it in our lives.

Do I skip my exercise sometimes? Yes, of course I do. But it's choosing to create a habit of exercise even if my natural flesh wants nothing to do with it.

(Photo credit: Southern Living)

Today, will you simply go for a walk around the block? Or go to the park and walk? You might ride your bicycle (the pink one Helen) or climb a small mountain. Just do something to take care of your health and get moving.

Slow and steady but ...it's a great way to start.

Now, don't forget to stop by Sandy at God Speaks Today for her Fitness Friday post about working out when you have small children. And Sarah of All Pain, No Gain is sharing her photos after 8 weeks of rest, so check it out.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Hi Sweet Lady
    Oh this is so for me.
    My body looks like a strangers. I have so little discipline when it comes to the bones. I have yet to own my body sometimes I think that is the issue. I do so want to let go of this mass that surrounds me and pads me from the world. I want out. It is like a butterfly in a cocoon there has to come a day when I emerge.

  2. Great post, Debbie...discipline of both body and soul keeps us healthy physically and spiritually. I'm working on becoming disciplined...wanting exercise and healthy eating to become natural rather than work. I haven't heard of either of the blogs you mentioned, but will visit them...sounds like something that would greatly interest me. Your mom must have been a very special person,leaving you with some wonderful memories and truths to live by.

    God bless,

  3. I agree with Donetta, well said.

  4. To your precious readers - Jesus already owns your body - it is His holy vessel and His love for you is deeper than any amount of your desire to hide inside.

    Go to Him and one day a time ask for the strength and grace to be take care of yourself - eat healthier - exercise even 15 minutes a day. Drink more water and learn all you can about health (alkalinity) for the body. You will find not only is it easier than you thought but TASTES great too.

    Just as the word says - Taste and See how GOOD the LORD is!

    I spent 10 yrs researching this topic - wrote a book and have watched 100's be set free from the bondage of food and the lies the enemy has told them! http://breakingfreetruths.blogspot.com/

    I'm always here to encourage as well!

    Debbie - beautiful post and my heart cries out AMEN!

    Love you!

  5. I try to workout daily and I hate it, but the benefits are a plus!

    I've never been fond of discipline but its what builds character and good health. Great post.

  6. Debbie,

    I am getting back to getting on my elyptical over the last week and 1/2. OH how I miss my treadmill BUT this is what I have so this is what I use! Anyway, yesterday I actually did a full hour and then I hulahooped! I was soooo pumped! It felt awesome. I am sooo praying that I can be disciplined and remain faithful to doing it!

    thankyou for this post and putting that confirmation before me! I hate the word discipline as well but when our hearts are in the right place it doesn't feel so much about legalism or rigidity it feels like a desire to be keep my temple healthy or in the case of being in the Word ~ keeping my mind filled with HIS ways, HIS promises, HIS grace..... I could go on and on :)

    Bless you my friend.....Happy Friday :)

  7. Oh Debbie this was soo good again. My daughter is just like your mom. She is soo disciplined about it all. She is 5 foot 7 and weighs a slim 120. Now she is a small girl naturally and this is a great weight for her. I think everyone always assumes she just stays there with no effort (as she has always been this way) and it is NOT true. She buys a choc bar (just like your mom) and breaks off a square or two and that's all she has. She eats what she wants but ALWAYS in the right proportions. She is an exercise nut. Maybe it is because she played sports all the while she grew up to include a travel softball team which I don't know if you know much about travel teams but they are REALLY rigorous exercise. My oldest son is a karate school owner and teacher and is also a fitness pusher. He is putting together a program for me to do 2 days a week (to start he said) and will be something I can supposedly do with the arthritis in my knees. You might wonder how my kids are so in shape (I guess one of them isn't so much, HAHA) but when I asked my daughter where on earth she got the discipline for these things from a mother like me she said,"Whatever are you talking about mom. You taught how to eat right and pushed exercise and sports as fun my whole life"
    She does not exercise now (at 23) unless it is something fun to do. An exercise class with friends, riding her bike, long walks (runs really) with her dog. She tells me make it fun mom if you want to stick with it. I am sorry I have written so much. I did the same thing on Lisa's blog. I read the blog you quoted regularily. She is awesome. OK, I'm done. Have a great day Deb. Love, Debbie

  8. Right on the money, Debbie! Discipline is the key to a lifetime of fitness.

    The wonderful thing about discipline is that it is a fruit of the Spirit! So when we stay connected to God, we can develop this fruit as well. Good news!

    Love you,

  9. Pray I can get back on track dear sister.... Blessings...

  10. Debbie ~
    This is totally where I feel like great at... to great to where if I skip of day of working out I start to feel guilty and it begins to eat at me.

    This is the main thing that I have been praying for peace about while I'm on my road to recovery. I don't want to get out of my discipline mode to the point that when I'm fully recovered that I won't want to be doing it everyday like I was before.

    I know that most people have the opposite problem... but I can say that I have honestly been there. When I first started my weight loss journey I had to force myself to workout... Now look at me, I'm LONGING to workout!

    * By the way... I had no idea you had a blog button. I just put it on my blog!

  11. So check it out.
    I was able to walk around the block this morning. Very carefully and slowly with the knee injections things are tender. BUT I DID IT! These ladies walked by me and I said to them that they were inspiring. They told me to find someone to talk to it makes it easier...I walked on and it hit me...I started talking to PAPA GOD!
    cool ha
    I'm joining up aaaaaaaaaaaa!

  12. Con-VIC-ting!! This is right where I am, and your words are almost like what I blogged about a few weeks ago. Discipline... don't LIKE the word, but I LOVE what it produces. So... I'm off to the store and then a good strong power walk!! Thanks Debbie, I loved this.

  13. Ok, Debbie.....I'll keep it brief because I need to apply some discipline and get my self in gear and go for a walk!

    Thanks so much for the post. Yes, it's so true - I am so disciplined in so many other areas but as far as exercise and healthy eating I have really slacked off. The Lord has been nudging me and your post was the icing on the cake (no pun intended)!

    Sweet Blessings!

  14. I need a walking friend. Or I need to get back to Golds or say yes when my husband invites me.

  15. Excellent, excellent post! (Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment about where you grew up and how much you like sea food. I always enjoy learning about others.)

  16. Dear Debbie,
    This stone old lady also believe in just moving, every little bit counts.
    I'm struggling with pains in my right arm, from shoulder blade to fingertips. Of course my physiotherapist has given me a row of exercises to loosen the tensions.
    Today I thought I'd have to go for a painkiller anyway. Then I distracted myself by going out in the garden, to gather some more herbs before the frost comes.
    I used scissors, I used hands, I bowed and stretched, I cleansed and boxed for half an hour, and believe it or not, my aching right arm stopped aching.
    All the unfamiliar movements had loosed up the tension.
    If one cannot go that far, just do something you like.
    (I also dance alone in the living room to energy music. I never could dance, but it makes me happy, so I don't care.)
    Have a lovely weekend from Felisol

  17. Thank you for your encouraging post. It was quite convicting! I kmow blogs take time, so, thank you for taking the time to remind us of the importance of being disciplined.

  18. What a great post Debbie. I need more discipline. Unlike your Mom, I need to just push chocolate completely out of my life because one little piece is never enough.

    I need discipline!

  19. Hi Debbie~ So glad to be catching up with your blog! And I am totally convicted by this post. I KNOW I need to exercise. I have a treadmill and belong to a club... I just hate it and end up doing all kinds of other things with my time. Please pray for me to be obedient this week!!! I need to do like "Nike" says and "just do it!!!!!"

    Thank you for your prayers for me so often - I'm praying for you, too...

  20. I enjoyed all the info. Thanks. I'm trying to find how I join you for fitness friday. I'll keep searching your blog for it. Doylene

  21. Well this post got me moving. I dusted off the bike and treadmill and I polished the weights. I vacummed the rug and washed the mat. I re-read the excercise program that I have had success with in the past and I got my journal and exercise log ready.
    Hopefully tomorrow I won't be too tired to get started.

    Really though, I did do the exercises two days in a row due to your post. Thank you, it gave me the motivation I so surely needed.

    It was great being with you this Lord's Day.

    Anna May

  22. Exercise for me is hard at the moment. I have no energy left looking after two kids under two. But I know if I make myself exercise I will feel much better. Discipline. It is a hard word but also a good word ;)

  23. All right Debbie, I'm going out to the garage right now and get on the pink bike. Hope you're happy!
    Love you, h


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