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Then Sings My Soul Saturday ~ The Prayer

It's Then Sings My Soul Saturday and I link up with Amy of Signs, Miracles and Wonders.

I have a list of songs that I accumulate during the week but I usually decide on Friday which one to use. It depends on what's going on in my life, my world or maybe what I'm learning in my walk with the Lord.

I had actually planned to use a different song today but felt that this song represents ...what I've been feeling lately.

This song is called "The Prayer" and the words express much about my own response to what is going on in the United States today.

God is being taken out of everything. No prayer at school. Tolerance has become the buzzword. As never before, I do believe we need to stand together as Christians and fight for the Truth. But as this song reminds me that ...it needs to be done in love.

Rod Stone is a singer and songwriter who is a Christian. I encourage you to visit his website called "Stuff I Believe In". Here is his song called "The Prayer":

Debbie Petras
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  1. Debbie - that is a great song and I'm sure it will minister to many today!

    Big hugs and lots of love!

  2. Blessings Debbie...How true your words & heavy heart! I do like you save songs than choose or in my case this time not choose.

    I did not know this singer or his version of "The Prayer" but I have heard others with that title. Thanks for including his website!

    You really need to spend time listening to these words and how he answers all these bizarre happenings...we know why? May God have mercy & hear our prayers. May we humble ourselves before Him!

    Thanks Deb, enJOY TSMSS & your weekend in His Presence!

  3. Debbie, That is great you have a list of songs during the week. I liked The Prayer. Thanks for sharing about that artist. The song Lee Greenwood sang is very nice too.

  4. Dear Debbie,
    I have been philosophizing quite a bit about the issues in this song, made even stronger by the accompanying pictures.

    I guess cannot really picture the circumstances you are living under.
    We take so much for granted, but still we aren't living closer to Christ or being more "Christian" in our morals and doings than the Americans.

    I think the answer lays in what you said, being Christians through a life in love not in hateful slogans and diversifying battles.

    I include myself when I ask, how many do we really know willing to live outside the camp, carrying the disgrace of Christ?
    I know very few. My dad, he was such a man, at work, at church, at home in health and sickness, his whole life was a testimony for Christ, not so much in the big words, but in life and action.

    We are called to be light and salt of this earth.
    Paul says , we are the messengers of Christ, known and read by everybody.

    I barely dare quote these sentences, 'cause I my failures and defeats are better readable than the words and light of Christ in me.

    You said it so well, and I agree, this is how I should be, this is what my everyday aim must be.
    From Felisol

  5. wow..

    by the way check out my entry here

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful song.

  7. Wow!! Such a powerful message...I have never heard the song or seen that video...thanks for sharing....

  8. Hi, I've visited your blog and enjoy it. Success for you.

  9. Debbie,

    Sorry I am just getting here, my friend. This is a great song and I'm so glad for the men and women who have been gifted with song who use their talents to bring the message of hope to a needing world.

    Love you, my friend. Have a blessed evening and a beautiful Sunday.

  10. Debbie...this is the first time that I have heard this also...

    It really does bring up questions...and that we all have to continue to pray for our nation and also keep those in the military in our prayers too.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  11. What a wonderful song and you are so right about doing things in love, I think we lose sight of that sometimes, at least I know I have been guilty of that

  12. Hi Debbie :)

    Thank you so much for checking in on me!!! I plan on being a much better blogger here soon :) I think I'm finally getting used to having TWO children now! Whew! It's crazy, but it's awesome!

    I can't thank you enough for thinking of me and my little family - you rock!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Kate :)

  13. Powerful song!

    I'm reminded constantly especially since during the campaign and the election that:

    "Blessed is the nation whose GOD is the LORD".

    We're not blessed if our god is a 'man', charisma, government, material things, pride, tolerance, inclusion of everything to the point of compromising Christian beliefs or peace with people who want to kill us.

    As I often say, I don't invite the devil over to eat at my table and talk peace. Why? Because he would surely come and suggest peace but the moment I close my eyes to pray and ask God to bless the food, the enemy would try to slit my throat!
    He seeks to destroy us.

    JESUS HAS COME THAT WE WOULD HAVE LIFE. I pray a change sweep the land and that MANY will come to know HIM and repent of their sins and confess Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior and then, live it out.

    I love you Debbie and I'm so glad we're on the same side and that side would be JESUS.

  14. Debbie, I have the honor of being married to the man who wrote this song and created the video. This song is online because of his obedience to the Holy Spirit. Thank you for expanding his territory by featuring it on your blog.
    I cannot begin to tell you how it makes me feel to watch Rod struggle with what he sees in our land, how he mourns over the Word of God being mocked and removed from public places, and how he longs to do something, anything to make an impact for his Savior.
    Thank you again and may God bless the USA.
    With love in Christ,
    Carrie Stone

  15. Thank you. This is the first time I have heard The Prayer. Awesome message. When Jesus said, "Father, forgive them," voices were mocking him at the foot of the cross. May America repent and turn back to You, Lord.


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