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Wednesday's Walk ~ Katie

I'm joining Lynnette on Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground for the meme Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane. You can link there to find other participating blogs.

Today I'd like to share a memory of my niece Katie. She and her sister Kristin are my brother's daughters. But in so many ways, I always felt like I was a second mother to them.

Although I lived in Arizona and they grew up in Florida, there were many visits, phone calls and letters over the years. So, we've always stayed very close.

How could anyone resist a face and personality like this? Isn't she the cutest?

But Katie grew up and graduated from high school in 2006. For her graduation present, I took her for her first trip to New York City.

I had done the same with her sister Kristin several years earlier. (I'll save that for another post since another graduation is coming up in her life next month.)

We had a great time together. Although I grew up on Long Island and made many trips to the city, it's always fun to introduce the sights to someone who has never been there before. Here are a few photos to document our trip.

Katie in front of Rockefeller Plaza's skating rink.

One of our first stops was the Carnegie Deli. We had to have their corned beef on rye sandwich. At least, we knew enough to split a sandwich so we'd have room for their fabulous cheesecake for dessert!
Do you recognize who that is with Katie? Yes, it's Diane Sawyer. Katie was just so popular that all the celebrities wanted to have a picture with her. Not really! We had tickets to the inside audience of Good Morning America.
And of course, Charlie Gibson wanted in on the action too.

The cast from The View wanted Katie to stop by the set.

" They better not ask me to do anything, Aunt Debbie. Why did they put me in the front row?"
We loved going to Broadway plays. Mama Mia was a favorite!

One of our favorite things to do in New York was to eat pizza! And Lombardi's in Little Italy was a place we loved to go.

Relaxing in Central Park on a beautiful sunny day!

Katie went on to beauty school and after graduating ...she moved to NYC!

She has an apartment in Brooklyn and takes the subway to work each day. She's getting to be a seasoned New Yorker as she works in a hair salon in Manhattan.

Katie at the top of the Empire State Building

Here's Katie riding the subway

I hope you enjoyed my special memory of my trip to NYC with Katie. You can find other Wednesday's Walks down Memory Lane on Lynnette's blog.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Dear Debbie,
    Such beautiful memories you have shared with us today.
    I guess the wonderful aunt also was a reason why you were put in the front row..
    Beauty is also a gift from God, I know you have been treating your gift with respect and not with unselfish pride.
    You are a true beauty inside as well.

    I just have said a prayer for you and the family. God knows your needs. He will not leave you wanting.
    Hugs from Felisol

  2. Looks like you both made awesome memories!! :)

  3. Wow! that's very sweet of you, Debbie! Thanks for sharing those nostalgic memories with captivating photographs! I'm pretty sure Katie is so lucky to have you as her Aunt & second Mom:))

  4. You're a great auntie! I wish my kids had that kind of relationship with my sisters.

  5. We had a good time at the Grand Canyon when we went, but really loved New York City in 2008. It is a amazing City. It is so lovely to make memories with others.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Oh, I can tell how proud you are of her - by the way you speak of your niece. Those photos are such wonderful memories for you both to share. I have never been to NYC - but would love to some day. I also went to beauty school 6 years ago and loved doing it before I became a mother. I can only imagine how much fun she is having doing hair in NYC!!

  7. sounds like such a fun trip! the pictures are great... how fun to be on the set of GMA! :)

  8. That is such a great story and I love that she lives there now! Awesome!

    Thanks also for your comment about consignment shops....if this works out, I will definitely email you :)

  9. What an AWESOME aunt you are!

    NYC seems like so much fun. I've never had the pleasure of going and I keep telling my hubby that I want to go soon! The pizza from Little Italy totally got my pregnant cravings going! Yum :)

    Thanks for being you! Your nieces are so blessed to have you :)

    Kate :)

  10. Yes, you are an awesome Aunt! How fun and what a great memory. :o)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my Walk Down Memory Lane post yesterday.
    I LOVED this post. I have the same relationship with my nephew, although he is only 9. I was his 'daycare' for 4 years until he started kindergarten. He's like my son. In fact, for the past 3 years he goes with us on our yearly family vacation. I can't get enough of him. So glad you have such a great relationship with your neice :o) Such a blessing.

  12. You are such a precious aunt.

  13. I'm still hoping that one day you and I get to take a trip to New York. What fun we could have!
    Love you!

  14. Aunt Debbie, i finally get around to leaving a comment!!!
    this is such a sweet post and i can't even describe in words how much fun that trip was it was! I mean, so much fun i had to move here!!! haha

    i love and miss you so so much and can't ever thank you enough for everything you've showed kristin and i. you turned us into little travelers before our teens! i couldn't of asked for a better family!!


  15. Your niece is beautiful (like her Auntie). What a fun trip that would be. I'm a quiet life country girl, but I think I would like to see New York City - just once. My older kids would love to go and see it.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


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