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I'm Hosting In Other Words Tuesday

I am thrilled to be hosting "In Other Words Tuesdays". Thank you Loni of Writing Canvas for the opportunity. I had some time to think about the quote that I wanted to use today. Here it is:

How many people do you know who follow this pattern?

Maybe it was how you were brought up. You go to church, maybe you read the Bible (especially at Christmas or Easter) and you don't commit the "big sins".

Is that enough? God doesn't just want our outward submission to rules. He doesn't want us to 'do church' to be seen by others.

God wants our hearts.

Romans 12: 1-2 says that we are to present our bodies daily as a living sacrifice to God. As Christians, we allow His Word to transform our minds and thus our lives. When we do this, we are submitting to the Holy Spirit's guidance. The byproduct will be the fruit of the Spirit evidenced by ...love.

If God doesn't have our heart then all our church attendance, the money we give, the time we devote to Bible studies and other good works ...won't matter. They are being done in ourselves by the power of our flesh.

In contrast, when we submit ourselves to the Lord, He guides us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Going to church to worship will be done with the right heart motive of love instead of out of obligation. And that's pleasing to God and ...counts for eternity.

So my answer to the question in this quote is NO that is not passionate, wholehearted love for God.

How about you? What do you think?

I'm using the new Mcklinky so you can sign up below and add your specific blog posts for this week's In Other Word's Tuesdays.
Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh... Thanks for sharing this! I often pray that God would give me an increased passion for Him. It's all about Jesus - loving Him, obeying Him, serving Him, and sharing Him.

    Thanks Debbie! You always encourage me : )

    Love ya!

  2. Dear Debbie,
    Good post,-again.
    God is wise. He knows that the more we need help from outside, the more we will cling honestly to him.

    I so well remember my brother, a migraine haunted very gifted chess player of twelve, saying to my mother before an important match, "Don't pray for me mother, I want to win this one on my own."
    Little had he then understood that we are who and what we are by his grace alone.
    At the same time he acknowledged God's power. Praying was cheating.

    How wonderful we have God on our side for good and evil days, just because we allow him to be there.

    "He who has committed one sin is guilty of trespassing all."

    One can just pray to be filled with more love for everybody.
    From Felisol

  3. Great post Debbie. Thanks for sharing and hosting this week's IOW. Your posts are always encouraging.


  4. Debbie:

    Thanks for sharing this. Thankfully, I had great examples as a new Christian, who loved God and lived a life fully committed to Him. I was never tempted to just go through the motions, because I didn't really know it was an option. And once you experience true intimacy with God, anything less just won't do.

    I pray I can be that same example to others--especially my kids.


  5. What a great message! I love your photo, too... pure joy!

  6. "The byproduct will be the fruit of the Spirit evidenced by ...love."

    Your words ring true. When the motive of our heart is love, then what we do "counts for eternity." But without love, all our good works "won't matter."

    Thanks for choosing a thoughtful quote and hosting IOW this week. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit!

    Denise Hughes :)

  7. Great quote. What God does want is our heart if we would only be willing to give it to Him unconditionally. Thanks for hosting today.

  8. I agree - being a passionate follower of Christ is much more than a "check-list" of things we do, and oh yes, not doing the "big sins." It is a process, and sometimes that check-list may be a tool, but the transformed heart, that new way of thinking, service, truly loving Him and serving Him - the heart change, that is the desire. I too pray for increased passion.

  9. Interesting quote to ponder. My answer would like yours, no, He wants our hearts. I just wasn't able to get to the point I could write this week--too many other things in life crowding in. Thank you for hosting, I'm enjoying reading what others are saying.

  10. You chose a great quote that really makes us think about our Christianity. Thanks for this today.

  11. Awesome post Debbie! I'm loving that quote! It really makes me think.

    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by my blog today and checking in. It just makes my day that you thought of me :) You are so sweet! I have been enjoying my summer - awaiting the arrival of our little girl! By the end of this month she should be here! Your prayers and sweet comments always mean so much :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week, friend! Thanks again!

    Kate :)

  12. Debbie, I got on board late today.. Thank you for this quote and hosting IOW. I enjoyed your post!

  13. I didn't participate this week, but just popped over to see what the quote was. Funny that one of my posts this week was sort of on the same topic! (It's here.)


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