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Fitness Friday ~ What Can One Huge Meal Really Do?

It's Fitness Friday today. I'm linking with Sandy at God Speaks Today for this week's health information.

Since I spent time at the Pritikin Center several years ago, I subscribe to their newsletter.

Today I read one of their articles about an ABC news segment. Dr. Robert Vogel is professor of medicine at the University of Maryland. He is also the chief medical director of Pritikin.

Two ABC journalists went to the University of Maryland and met with Dr. Vogel. They conducted an experiment to see the impact of one high fat, high calorie meal.

The journalists began by having their blood drawn. Then they sat down and indulged in a 3 course meal. This meal consisted of the following:

The total calories for this meal were a whopping 6,190 calories and 187 grams of saturated fat! Can you believe it? And saturated fat is the kind of fat that can clog your arteries and believe me, that number is very high.

How many of you eat 6,000 calories in just one day ...much less one meal?

( Photo by Scotty TFK12 on Photobucket)

Two hours following the meal, the reporters' blood was again drawn. It looked quite different in appearance than before the meal. Instead of their blood being clear, it was cloudy with a fatty substance look to it.

The reporters also felt sluggish after consuming this meal. Gee, I wonder why?

We may think that one mega-meal is OK. But I think we need to consider the damage these types of foods do to our bodies. And we often underestimate the calories we're consuming each day.

It's a wonder why we're seeing more heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity today.

Let's consider what we're putting into our bodies. I can be as guilty as anyone, particularly when I'm really hungry or stressed or tired. But I'm getting to the point where I am planning ahead what I will eat so I can make healthier choices for my heart and health.

If you'd like to view the short video of the ABC segment, you can link to it here.

So, on this Fitness Friday will you consider the eating habits you are forming? Your children and grandchildren learn much from you. How about making the choice to begin to eating healthier?

Debbie Petras
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  1. EWWWWWW...what was the cloudy substance?


  2. The cloudy substance was probably fat and glucose. Eating too much also can spike blood sugar even if it is "low carb" food. The truth is, our bodies aren't meant to work so hard to keep up with all the food we put into it. It isn't just the "bad" food, it's too much food, period.

  3. Very interesting. I did not realize that one big meal could have such immediate negative impact. It is easy to rationalize that I only do this once in a while so it couldn't hurt that much. Over 6,000 calories in one meal...good grief!

  4. Well, pound it home why don't you? I've felt horrible this week for so many reasons. My emotional state has led me to eat just about anything in front of me. With funerals comes food...lots of it. I've also not had time for my exercising. Last night I went out and ran and was so slow in returning, my husband took to the road to find me. I know. Pitiful.

    The graphic description of the blood after a "fatty" meal has me thinking. I don't eat like this at all, but when I overdo it, I feel it profoundly.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.


  5. This is especially appropriate for me. Recently, hubby and I went on vacation (in the South)to visit the relatives. Good food is in abundance, and one of the ways of entertaining is with that wonderful southern comfort food - and lots of it. If you visit one relative each of the five days, and they feed you their specialty each day, plus the ones that want to take you to their favorite restaurant - "eat up, it's all you can eat." Oh my......if one big meal isn't healthy, think of what this vacation did to me! I'm still wondering when my jeans will not feel so tight again.
    Hm.....how about some comments on ways to say "no" politely when you know people have gone to extra trouble to fix something special for you = including this wonderful dessert!

  6. Dear Debbie,
    Food isn't easy.
    I have come to a standstill concerning weight loss.
    My "diet" is lots of fruit, vegetables, herbs(I grown them self, a lot), bread with white cheese, one portion of dinner, no sugar, no chocolate, no ice, more fruit, and for supper more bread..and cheese. I have eaten cheese because I need extra calcium for my osteoporosis.
    In Norway we use either brown or white cheese, mainly. I prefer the white.
    Now my daughter tells me she saw a program about how the white cheese make the stomach blow up, due to some digestive processes.
    Dried friut should have the same bad effect.

    Is this something you are familiar with too?

    I have bought a 4 grain mix, no sugar added, and sour milk to replace my cheese meals, at least the one for breakfast.

    I am I on a right trail?
    It has been so disappointing not to loose more weight, since I feel I've cut so much from my food plan.
    I'm still writing what I am eating, so its easy to make adjustments.

    I also wonder about instant coffee. Is that bad for my cholosterol?

    I know I should work out more, but that doesn't come that easy.
    Working in the garden is a big hobby and joy to me. I hope that might be of some use fitnesswise too.
    Have a nice week end.
    From Felisol


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