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AZ Bloggers Meet Face to Face

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet six other AZ bloggers for lunch at Gooseberries in Phoenix. It's one of those lovely tea rooms that we gals tend to love.

When you read someone's blog consistently, you really get to feel like you "know" that person. After all, most of us write what's on our heart. Many of our real life friends and family don't always understand the blogging bit.

But I must say that getting to know these women online made it so easy at this first "in person" meeting.

I jumped at the opportunity when Michele of Beelieve You Can suggested it. The occasion that prompted our meetup was that Michele is moving to Pennsylvania next week. Since we both live in Phoenix, we've often written each other about one day getting together for coffee or lunch.

But you know how life is. You get busy and keep putting it off. But there's nothing like moving to another state on the other side of the country ...to give us a push.

This is Mary of Pile of Smiles and Michele of Beelieve You Can. Both of these women were just like they write.

From left to right is Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix Donetta of A Life Uncommon and Marty of A Stroll Thru Life.

We didn't leave empty handed either. Sherry gave us each a gift bag of goodies and Michele had a beautiful hat box and asked us each to pick out an item to take home.

Here's Charlotte of At Home in Scottsdale and Charlotte's Weblog. Did you know that her hubby is also a blogger and a retired pastor? He should have joined us for lunch too. She shared the story of how they met. I got to sit next to her.

Take a closer look at these adorable bookmarks. Charlotte made them for each of us. She obviously researched our blogs and used photos and wrote the name of our blog on each one. She's very creative and good on that computer of hers.

And on my other side, I got to sit next to Mary of Pile of Smiles. We were matching in our blue tops and we had lots to talk about; too much in fact so I think we need to get together again. She is just as nice as she seems on her blog and I love her smile. She's the real deal.

In fact, I have to say that this time together was a delight. Donetta was so interested in our stories about how we came to know the Lord. It was so interesting listening to how He's impacted our lives. That alone makes us instant sisters, doesn't it?

Thank you Marty, Donetta, Sherry, Michele, Mary and Charlotte. I loved meeting each one of you and hope to see you again soon. In the meantime, I'll be following your blogs.

Debbie Petras
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  1. Oh Debbie, I know you ladies had a great time!

    Thanks for sharing your pics with us!


  2. Oh too fun! I'm meeting my 2nd blogging buddy in real life tomorrow! I can't wait. You got 6 all at once. How wonderful!
    HUGS to you my friend.

  3. Beautifully written of our time at Gooseberries. Your friendship is a present to me and I agree with you...can't wait to get to know better these precious sisters in Arizona. We are blessed to connect in person!

  4. I wish I could have sat at that table with you beautiful precious sisters in Christ and enjoyed that special time.

    You are all beautiful and the gifts are so sweet.

    I agree with you Debbie that many family and friends don't understand the purpose of blogging. As a matter of fact only my hubby blogs and that's rare and only one of my girlfriends reads m blogs. Everyone else likes phone and Email with me and in person and that's ok.

    I think blogging is a unique and very different avenue GOD uses to bring together people who otherwise WOULD NOT ever be able to fellowship, pray, laugh and even cry together and then in some instances HE brings some together to meet in person to develop the relationships even more.

    He is awesome! He is GOD and His ways are so perfect.

    Signing off line for the weekend. I love you girl and you are ON MY PRAYER LIST to meet in person.

    Your guest post on my Fit blog is a hit. Love ya.

  5. How fun! So glad that all of you girls got to get together - and those bookmarks are such a special gift!

    People who don't blog truly are missing out on a new dimension of friendships that stretch across the world. What a blessing that you got to see these friends face to face!

    Have a beautiful weekend... Still praying for you...

  6. I wish I could have been there - really!
    You are right Debbie, reading each others blogs does make it easier when you meet face-to-face the first time. First off - you know already so much about each other :)

    I hope next time I can be there with you all!

  7. What beautiful women to fellowship with in person!

    Praising God for the blessing of your time together!

    Thanks for sharing it here with us!

    I can't wait to meet so many of my blogging friends like you in person!

    I trust God to give us the perfect opportunity!

    Lots of love,

  8. How fun! Good for you all for doing this instead of putting it off.

  9. Dear Debbie,
    Oh, how I am happy for you sharing all that joy and companionship with your blogger friends.
    I can clearly see you are a good match and mix.
    You're all glowing with happiness.

    It's also right that when you blog, you will end up with keeping close contact with the ones you really level with.

    It must have been a vitalizing meeting.
    I kind of think this meeting was just what was good for you right now.
    Hope you got a refill of hope and inspiration. You are a rare woman, but even as such you need positive feedback and confirmation.

    Be a realist, expect wonders.
    I'm looking forward to a wonderful
    autumn for you.
    From Felisol

  10. Oh Debbie,

    What an absolute rich blessing. I would have liked to be there among you so very much.

    I would hug you, laugh and cry. Likely at the same time. I look forward, with great anticipation, for the day we all unite at the foot of the throne of our Lord.

    These tiny moments together are just a hint at our eternity among our sisters. How cool is that??

    One day you and I too shall meet face-to-face. I hope it is in this life time and soon.

    Love you all so very much, Hugs, Lynn

  11. How cool. I have had only one chance to meet a bloggy sister and it was an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  12. What a GREAT time, and a great idea. Wish I didn't live hundreds of miles away. If I'm ever going to be in AZ I'll be sure and let you know. I've actually got a couple of blog friends there I'd love to sit down with face to face.

    It's great to hear how much like "themselves" everyone was when you met them in person. I sometimes wonder if the people I communicate with in writing would like me in person. People sometimes belittle blog friendships as not being real - as if we were having imaginary friendships. I think the real person shows in the blogs. People can't hide faults and weaknesses that well - especially the ones they're not aware of.

    I'd also add that we have a very real second-hand computer in my husband's cave donated by a blog friend in Tennessee - which has very well convinced me he's a real friend.

  13. Hi Debbie,
    I'm still reliving those moments at Gooseberries and enjoying reading what each lady says about it. You did a great job of describing the day.
    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  14. Oh Debbie!
    That was a lovely post. Thank you for your kindness. I so enjoyed the Chrisian fellowship that we shared, it left me with a very happy heart. We shared tears, we shared smiles, we shared love for the Lord. What a wonderful luncheon. I so enjoyed myself. I told Charlotte I think we should get together every other month. It would be such a blessing to each of us I know. Love, Sherry

  15. Dear Debbie,
    FIRST....I wanted to say thank you for all the prayers you said for my daughter, Amy, when my sister, Sherry posted "A Call For All Angels to Pray."
    We needed and felt every prayer...being a cardiovascular nurse you would know about the test called cerebral arteriogram...they were checking to see if she could live with just the right carotid artery without having a stroke if they removed the left carotid......PRAISE GOD SHE PASSED THE TEST but still has visual disturbances in the left eye.
    SECOND....You Arizona girls are just beautiful. Sherry had a wonderful time and I am so very happy to put faces to the blog......
    I would love to invite you to join my blog...it is not as snazzy as Sherry's but I am so very, very proud of her and you ladies have been such an inspiration to her and me.
    So very nice to meet you
    Angel Hugs

  16. Oh how wonderfully fun that must have been! I have to agree with Lisa. I don't know anyone who blogs like I do or even cares to. I believe God has intertwined our lives for His purpose, and I'm so glad He has.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

    I'm reviewing the info you emailed me. :)

  17. I've loved the pictures! I saw some last week on Charlotte's (and yes I enjoy her husband's blog as well!). I need to check out the other AZ bloggers I haven't read yet. Those are neat bookmarks. Glad you had a lovely time!

  18. Enjoyed reading about your Gooseberries luncheon. It is such a special place, what a great place for you to meet your bloggy friends. Each face represented in your pics, had such beautiful glow - it must be the Spirit of the Lord.


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