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Calling All Savvy Aunties!

Have you heard of a website called Savvy Auntie? I heard about it shortly after the founder Melanie Notkin introduced it.

I became a charter member and even blogged about it. I was so excited. You can link there if you'd like to read my initial impressions. That was way back in July of 2008.

Since I was unable to have children, I hate to admit this but ...Mother's Day can still be a little bit difficult.

Not that I don't want to celebrate moms, because I do. They deserve all the recognition they can get.

But Savvy Auntie is a place where you can find other women who are also aunties. You can join forums and chat with others, blog, give and receive ideas for things to do with nieces and nephews according to their ages and so much more. Check it out for yourself.

So from now on, the 4th Sunday in July will officially become Savvy Auntie's Day. And the symbol will be a flower in honor of Melanie Notkin, the founder and CEO of Savvy Aunties. She is known to wear a brightly colored flower.

Check out this video of Melanie talking about this new holiday. She is too cute!

Debbie Petras
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  1. This is so cool! I have to tell Amy about this. She loves her role as an aunt. I know that you do too.

    Thank you for prayers. See you soon.

  2. What a great idea. Everyone needs an Auntie. Or, can be one!

    My kids had a great one. A friend not related to us, but always there for us and very fun.

  3. That was so cute ... and made me tear up. :)

  4. God needs Aunties too!

    God needs all of us to love His little children!

    You are a blessing to all the children in your life!

    And to mine because of the encouraging words you always share about them and to them!

    Love you!

  5. I love your blog...I write for Melanie as an expert on love and loss and am an auntie myself, after a long battle with infertility that didn't work, I learned to embrace the role of Aunt Steph! I can really relate to your feelings about Mother's Day and so can many of my clients. Great to find you!

  6. I know you are a "savvy auntie."
    Fun post. Love you,

  7. That is too cute.....Thanks for sharing....so glad you stopped by for a visit...

  8. oh, this is very interesting:) personally, I have one favorite Aunt& growing up, she had influenced me a lot and I always felt like we had the same personality. She passed away when I was only 12:( I always remember her as very generous & friendly...

  9. I know I'm a little late but...

    Happy Aunty's Day!

    Motherhood is a calling that all women are born with - not just those who bear children.

    It is certainly not a fluke that Christ refers to charity as 'she' - Charity is the pure love of Christ and when we have this love we are certainly practising our motherhood.


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