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Serious Life Magazine

The March issue of Serious Life Magazine is available online now for free.

It doesn't get much better than that. You can view it for yourself by checking out this link.

Brent Riggs is the editor-in-chief of the magazine and if you know anything about him, you know it has to be quality information. He's been a Christian for more than 30 years and has an online ministry. He has several websites including Brent Riggs and Serious Faith. He's on the radio, is a talented photographer and web designer, along with many other talents.

For those of you who must be living on another planet (only kidding), Brent is also Abby's daddy. Brent and his wife Michelle write frequent posts on The Riggs Family Blog...where laughter lives. And Abby is one of their six children and is only four years old. She was adopted from Guatemala when she was six months old and was diagnosed in July of 2008 with an aggressive form of leukemia.

Abby has the sweetest personality. You may wonder how I could possibly know this, especially since I've never met her. Well, her dad posts so many videos of this precious child as she bravely battles her cancer. He gives us frequent updates on her condition.

Brent believes in the power of prayer. And he's not shy about asking people in the blogosphere to pray and ...to tell others to pray.

In the midst of the challenges that Brent and Michelle are facing at this time, they continue to praise God even though life isn't easy. They spend much time at the hospital with Abby. Meals consist of hospital cafeteria food. Michelle's background is nursing so I'm sure that's a big help in this situation. But it's always different when the patient is your own child.

You may have noticed this image on the right column of Heart Choices. And often you will see it on other bloggers' sites too. We're all trying to get the word out so more people will join us in praying for Abby.

Abby's bone marrow isn't producing the cells she needs and her white blood cell count is dangerously low. So, she often has to receive blood transfusions.

Right now, Abby has a fungus infection on her tongue and had to have her tongue painted purple with the medicine. She didn't like that until her good old dad agreed to have his tongue painted purple too. So, Abby and her daddy sported purple tongues!

How cool is that?
No wonder the Riggs Family Blog says "...where laughter lives".
In the midst of going through some very tough challenges, they've made the choice to bring laughter into their lives. And that is such good medicine!

Well, back to Serious Life Magazine. If you haven't checked it out ...you must! Inside its 190 pages, you'll find interesting articles, book reviews, Brent's reviews and (drum roll please) and 300 bloggers in their Blog Directory ...including Heart Choices. They've already had 480,000 page views!

So, don't waste any more time and check it out. And please don't forget to pray for Abby. She needs our prayers.
Debbie Petras
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  1. I bet that purple medicine was Gentian Violet! One of my little girls had thrush real bad - nothing was taking care of it - so we went to that Gentian Violet. What a mess - especially with a nursing baby - which means her mouth was not the only thing purple! :)

    Thank you though for sharing this story. The power of prayer can certainly do miracles. Don't we know?!?!?!

  2. That is so sweet that her dad joined her in having a purple tongue to make her feel better. I know that one time, I got a message on Myspace from a father who's son had cancer. One of his son's goal was to have a million friends on Myspace, so his dad campaigned all over the site, and after a bit, his son had over a million friends. Not only did he make his goal, but he raised awareness for children with cancer, which was a great thing.

    ~ Kristi


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