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In Other Words Tuesday

In Other Words Tuesday is being hosted by Deborah on her blog Chocolate & Coffee. You can link there to participate or to read other blog posts on this topic.

Hmm ...chocolate and coffee; two of my favorite things.

Well, I guess I'd better move on to this week's quote:

"Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high
as it will."
by Aiden Wilson Tozer

I never wanted to be average. As a child I always felt I had to prove something. I was different from other children because I was born with a heart defect that wasn't corrected until I was seven years old. So, I couldn't run and keep up with the other children prior to that time.

Once I had the corrective surgery, I felt like I had much catching up to do. I wasn't content with running a race. I wanted to run faster and maybe even win. Well, I didn't always win but ...I can run pretty fast. Just ask my husband; lol. But it was really my flesh that wanted to prove a point.

But as a Christian, there really is no place for average. And it has nothing to do with me in myself. It's because of who lives within me; the Holy Spirit. I am a child of the Most High God and the Bible says He has gifted each believer with talents.

I might think I have something above average to offer but ...whatever gift I have is because the Lord created me and gifted me in that way.

If my heart is totally given to God, I will use the gifts I've been given for His purposes. And best of all, He does the work in and through me. I just need to cooperate and not allow my flesh to fight Him or get in the way.

Have you ever had a time when you had a challenge before you and it was so outside of your normal comfort zone? I have and it's in those times that I knew I couldn't accomplish this but He could through me. And it was so awesome to see Him work through me.

I guess I could say I felt like I could soar!

Debbie Petras
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  1. I totally love that quote, Debbie! I'm gonna write that one down!

    The idea of realizing that there is no place for average when the Holy Spirit is at work is awesome and challenging....thanks so much :)

    Blessing to you,
    Kate :)

  2. "As a Christian there is no place for average." I like that thought, it is so true. We go only so far and we think we can stay there. We should never settle for halfway.

  3. Wasn't this a great quote?

    I loved what you wrote here If my heart is totally given to God, I will use the gifts I've been given for His purposes. And best of all, He does the work in and through me. I just need to cooperate and not allow my flesh to fight Him or get in the way.

    Good stuff, my friend!

    You are such an encouragement, Debbie. Your kind words about my blog and my dream spur me on. I cannot believe you had the incredible privelege of hosting Lysa & Holly. OMStars! How awesome was that!!!!!!! I'm so glad she encouraged you to blog because you have definitely blessed me!

  4. Your childhood is a great illustration and striving to be better than average. Thank you for sharing it. If we could all just translate our fleshly desire to soar to our spiritual condition before God, I think the world would be a far different place, don't you.
    Good words today!

  5. Thanks for sharing! This is a great quote to ponder.

  6. Hello! I joined in this meme today for the first time, so I'm checking out the other posts. I particularly like your emphasis on Christ working through us. We are nothing (not even average!) without Him.

  7. I loved your take on this quote sweetie.

  8. You wrote that for me huh? I also read we need to get to a point where we fear disobeying God's calling more then the fear of stepping out.

    Oh Debbie thank you, you know how much I needed to read this. I may print it out and post it on my mirror =)

  9. I agree:) ...sometimes, I complain about how heavy the burdens were but He gave me more strength and the more He gives, the more He tells me to go on and share what He had given... he doesn't want His disciples to be just simple and laid back but always on the go, in spirit as there are lots of things to do in His name....
    God Bless you, Debbie! I'm glad to hear your inspiring stories:)

  10. I think everyone has something above average to share, they just need to find what that something is and embrace it. Unfortunately, finding that something usually depends on whether you have the desire to, and positive encouragement from those around you.

    On another note, I've tagged you in one of those wonderful 7 things about you memes in my 7 things post.

    ~ Kristi

  11. You go girl---there is NOTHING about ANYTHING that our God knits together and designs that is anywhere near "average", especially not you!!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing and joining in IOW today! Isn't it exciting to see, as we trust Him, how God will allow us to soar for Him?

    Thanks for the encouraging post.

  13. Good morning Debbie,

    You will never know how much this ministered to me this morning. My heart has been struggling with the new medication and I finally felt the Lord speak to me to put it down through a Psalm. My words to myself were "I'm just an average girl...I always just do average things and obey"...They Lord spoke to my heart and told me to obey and I've been getting stronger every day away from the medicine. I believe the Holy Spirit is doing a work in me and maybe it was the wrong medicine or maybe the Lord is healing me but I know that whatever my witness will be...it won't be average.

    Thank you, Debbie. Big hugs to you today!

  14. I named my other blog "No Ordinary Faith" because I also don't want to be average, especially as a Christ-follower. I don't want to "settle" in any area of my life.


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