Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ God's Love

It's Thankful Thursday and I realized I've not participated in the last few weeks.  Iris of Grace Alone is hosting and I wanted to join up with her.  Btw, did you know that Iris celebrated her birthday this past Tuesday?  Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday if you stop by.

Happy Birthday Iris!  I'm so thankful for you.  Did I mention that Iris lives in Arizona and I've met her in person? :)

I'm so thankful for God's love.  He knows exactly what I need and when I need it.

I'm participating in an online Bible study called "A Heart Makeover".  Tracy Berta has written it and is teaching through videos over At the Well.  This study has been so timely for me.  The Lord has been doing a major work in my heart as I honestly answer the questions each week.  This past week concerned a healed heart and it was very revealing for me. 

I'm not an openly emotional person.  I love people and I'm a hugger.  But I've had layers of self-protection over my heart for years.  As I've been spending time with the Lord each morning, He has been dealing with major heart issues in my life. I've found that tears come so much more quickly lately. 

Tracy wrote such a sweet note to me and mentioned a song by Natalie Grant called "Held".  I found it on YouTube and was so touched by it.  I sent a link to a friend who lost her young son.  I think the words to this song deal with major life issues such as divorce, death of loved ones, financial crisis and more.

I'm so thankful for our blogging community. I believe the Lord is doing something good as we get to encourage one another.  I pray you will enjoy this song:

Don't forget to be on the lookout for all you can be thankful for today.

Blessings and love,

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Martianne said...

Thank you for sharing this song, as it is something I know a friend of mine needs right now.

eph2810 said...

I think that all put protection around our hearts. God has a way of peeling away all those layers, one at a time. I stood in the store today and just started crying...not sure why, but my heart is un-peeled lately.

Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us.

Love & peace,
<>< Iris

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Happy Birthday Iris! :-)

Debbie - love your heart and how it is growing so beautifully into the likeness of our Savior!

Hugs and much love!

Sonja said...

This was so moving Debbie. I hadn't heard that song all the way through and I can't imagine that it doesn't minister to every single one of us ... we all have that NEED to KNOW that He holds us!

Thank you for you continued honesty and your shining heart.

Love you!

pam said...

God is SO GOOD at doing the spiritual house cleaning. I know I "think" I have dealt with things or know how I "should" feel or think as His beloved and don't always feel it through. So thankful He doesn't leave us in our slime. He loves us so much....great post!

Denise said...

Sending you love and hugs sweet friend. I love this song.

Whidbey Woman said...

Beautiful. Thank you and God bless.

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie
I hardly ever cry, I'm not cut like that. This song made my tears flow, and cannot even explain why.
It somehow worked as a key, and made me able to cast allmy sorrow upon Him, knowing He caresfor me.

Dear Debbie, I have said it before, but I will repeat it. By so generously and honestly sharing your trials and pains, and your way through dark valley towards the light, you are helping all your readers.

You know,I can feel small and lost when the whole congregation shouts from joy,and I'm the only feeling sadness and pain.

Following you is even better than reading Pilgrim's Progress, cause you're always holding up a light in your posts.
How did the words go in "your"song? Hope born of sorrow?
And we are saved by hope, Paul says.
Have a blessed day.

Amanda said...

oh wow... I am so touched and I haven't even listened to the song yet! Just the love and encouragement flowing from your post and the comments. How special can this be, that blogging friends are more than that... they are sisters. This is definitely one of the benefits of modern technology.

Felisol comment is so beautiful, and one of the most honouring comments/thoughts I have ever read in a blog.

I agree with her...

What a blessing you are Debbie...

Now, off to get some tissues before I press the 'play' button ;)

Heather said...

I am too thankful for the blogging world of friends! :) I am really learning more about myself and God through that study.

I love that song by the way!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks...having a lot of heart surgery around here also...but you know what, I am starting to enjoy the process and kinda excited about the outcome!!
Blessings...sending you hugs

LisaShaw said...

How precious Debbie is this entire message!

I can so relate to this: "I'm not an openly emotional person. I love people and I'm a hugger. But I've had layers of self-protection over my heart for years. As I've been spending time with the Lord each morning, He has been dealing with major heart issues in my life. I've found that tears come so much more quickly lately."

I leaped over to Iris to give her birthday blessings.

I love you much and I'm thankful for our friendship!

Tammi said...

Hi Debbie....this song has a special place in my heart. Even though it was recorded years after my sister passed away, when I heard this song the first time it was as if someone put into words some of what I had felt, and sometimes still do. I can so totally relate to you and also the comment by Felisol~~where it seems others are full of bubbly life and joy, and the pain we are dealing with isolates us. Somehow God will use the sufferings to teach us more about Himself so that we can in turn share His comfort with others in their time of need. . just like you did when you posted this! Sending hugs!
Love U,

Sara said...

I used to not be able to listen to that song all the way through without crying. Am I really Held by God? Why can't I feel it? (like a long tight squeeze of a dear loving friend?) I'm still not there yet, but I'm learning to be held is more of a heart thing then and arm thing. It happens from the inside out, not one you feel on your arms first. I'll be on the look out today. ;)

bp said...

This Texas girl would like to meet you Arizona girls someday! In Heaven for sure, huh!

Our blogging community is so special to me too.

So thankful for you!


RCUBEs said...

I loved this song that I had it playing in my playlist for a while. Yes, blog world is a rich source of friendships/love/prayers/unity...Blessings.

myletterstoemily said...

dear debbie,

you will never know how much your kind
words of encouragement mean to me
and so many bloggers.

i am emotionally challenged and i am a
terrible hugger. even my kids say it,
lovingly, of course. my girls say, "mom,
you can do this just a little bit longer . . ."

thank you for being so transparent.


Debbie said...

Debbie I too have had some pretty major "heart surgeries" this last year. Not an easy process of course, but with such benefits. This was a great post.

Hugs, Debbie

Joan Davis said...

Oh Debbie, I'm so thankful for God's love, too! The comfort that comes through that knowledge has encouraged me so much over this past summer with all of its ups and downs! Thank you for sharing the song and for being such an encouragement yourself in our blogging community!

Living for Him, Joan

Charlotte said...

It was nice to hear from a person who is not emotional yet share openly. It sounded as if it was very natural for you. Because I am new at blogging and hearing the hearts of others in this manner, I am finding amazing hearts in abundance. What a beautiful people He has created...!

Marla @ Always Nesting said...

Yes, I know how hard it is to peel away the layers... I tend to mask my feelings with humor, although laughing about most stuff is good, sometimes it's an escape.

I'm so glad I connected to you and your blog. You are inspirational in your posts and I love your honesty.

Laurie said...

Oh, dear Debbie, you have once again opened your heart and risked to be real with all of us, and in doing so, given me a great reminder to be thankful for what the Lord is doing in my life, be it something that is difficult or a joy; He is there and He alone can use what is in my life and heart for good.

I thank God for your friendship, Debbie, and I pray often for you as you go through the challenges you are facing. May you feel His loving arms around you today, filling you with His warmth and love!

Love and hugs (I wish for real!),

hk said...

Beautiful song. Experientially, I understand this song. Thank-you.

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