Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm a Romantic

I have a confession to make. 

Yes, I'm a romantic!

My mother used to tell me I was 'all girl' even when I was very little.  I would walk with my arms out and loved frilly dresses. 

When I was a teenager, my mom said I was in love ...with love.

She hoped I would be a bit more practical and not always follow my heart.

Being a romantic, I love to day dream.  I hope you don't mind joining me on a virtual tour of a few things that I love?

(Photo Credit: Victoria Magazine)

Candles set the romantic scene in such a lovely way.  There's nothing like it to set the mood for romance.

(Photo Credit: Victoria Mag)

Add flowers to the mix and it only gets better.  Isn't this pretty?

(Photo Credit: Victoria Mag)

I love those handwritten notes.

(Photo Credit: House Beautiful)

Is this bedroom fantastic or what?

(Photo Credit: Bountitul)

What a lovely setting for dinner on the beach!  There's nothing like the sound of the surf and the smell of the salt air.

(Photo Credit: House Beautiful)

I found the perfect house for Greg and my virtual vacation.  Check out this beachfront house.  Quietness and solitude; away from the stress of daily life.  I want to pack my bags now.  After all, romantic girls dream!

Tell me this isn't a romantic photo?  No, it's not me and Greg. 
It's my niece Kristin and she and Kevin are now engaged to be married.  I can't wait; weddings can be so romantic.  More details to come...

I think I needed to post something light and fun this evening.  I hope you don't mind my indulging myself a bit.  But just maybe you enjoyed the romantic pictures too?  Any other romantics out there?

Blessings and love,
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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


ROMANTIC here too!

Loved all the shots and can't wait for you to enjoy your nieces wedding!

I want to go on that vacation for real! Oh how I long to be on a beach and private location with just my sweet prince! One day! until then I will join you in this virtual romantic place!



Cathy said...

I liked your post and pretty pictures, Debbie. I think I used to be one too. I remember wearing long skirts and dresses. And I like light romantic movies. Love and Hugs ~

Sara said...

I think there is a romantic bud opening over here too. Ryan gave me dancing lessons with him of course, and we are learning to dance together. I never used to like getting dressed up, but now I feel like a princess is bubbling up inside of me. I loved the pictures too.

Cactus happy,

Sassy Granny ... said...

I confess: I'm one too!

You'd love my friend, Judy, @ She's always cookin' up something lovely or yummy ... and all of it's romantic.

Great picture selections! The beach house is my fav.


Laurie M. said...

Oh, I'm not a romantic. Seems like fun though. (Love that bedroom, bTW.) My mom bemoaned most of my childhood my refusal to wear frilly things, and my insistence on wearing hiking boots....until I discovered boys that is. But even then I was no frills...still am, though I've noticed a shift in my forties, not to more romantic, more towards zany.

Patricia said...

The little cabin sold me. I could transport myself right now.


Denise said...

I am a romantic too, and I enjoyed this post.

Sonja said...

That was so much fun Debbie!

I think that label fits for a lot of us. 'Romantic'... brings to mind lots of the same kind of photos you posted here. They are beautiful. Looking at some of these magazines is also something I love to do, they are so full of ideas that stir our imaginations!

What a nice little change of pace.

Life is full of many wonderful things to enjoy, and you've captured some special ones here!

Love you sister,


jo.attalife said...

Something has spoiled me off romance, Debbie. I'm happy for you that you have it in your life. However, I am looking for the day when "I will be loved, and will have a new name," like what happened with Hannah Hurnard's character in "Hinds' Feet on High Places."

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie,
Funny thing. I came over just to tell how much you and your blog means to me.
(Not in a romantic way though!)
The way you are sharing of your "heart language" always makes feel feel enriched and full of gratitude.

Of course I'm a Romantic too. It must be a sign of strong mental health.
Give me a shore, any shore, a bonfire, candlelight, soft music and a glass of pearly wine, anytime anywhere. And Gunnar's arms to cuddle into.
It's then I know I'm very rich, even if we are dressed in down feathered jackets!
The sun seconds of life!

Sara said...

okay sweet friend, I am celebrating my first year in blogland. The party just wouldn't be complete without you.

Debbie, I wanted to thank you for being a part of my first year of blogging! What a wonderful year it has been. I'm throwing a little party and as an honored guest, I would love for you to stop by and share a highlight of your year with all of us.

Cactus Happy,

Lylah Ledner said...

Debbie....THANKS for sending me over :-) or inviting me over. Just came in from the outside to refresh myself...and who'd a thought I'd get a double blessings from your romantic post. LOVED each picture you chose.

BTW - Michael wrote me 6 SIX love songs before we were even engaged. LOVE it!

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