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Wednesday's Walk ~ Lindenhurst High School

It's Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane when I link up with Jenilee of The Goodwin Family blog.

I graduated from Lindenhurst High School on Long Island in 1971.  This was my graduation picture.  I know that's many years ago. 

Since I'm active on Facebook, I've reconnected with many of my high school friends.  Even though we're all much older now, it's funny how easy it is to revert back to those days and the way we were. 

My friend Lou Sussman emailed me this clip from one of our school newspapers.  Thanks Lou!

The five of us pictured had just won an election for Lindenhurst HS Student Council Officers.

Richie Viverito was the President and he went on to Annapolis after graduation. He also married a good friend of mine, Donna.

I have no idea what happened to Glenn Mark who was Vice President.

Cindy Bunin married her high school sweetheart but I saw her on Facebook and she's now single again.

Kathy Spiller (on the far left) continues to be a friend of mine. After about 30 plus years, we reconnected at an informal reunion two years ago. She lives in Florida not far from my dad.  I'm on the far right.

These are a few of my high school friends.  We've all known each other for over 30 years.  Lois (who is standing right behind me in the dark blue top) and I were in Girl Scouts together.  My, how fast time goes by! 

I had to laugh at the article written about our election.  I think we won because we promised to allow seniors to leave the school grounds during lunch.  At that time, nobody could leave school grounds at all. 

Times have changed!
With the internet and Facebook, I'm learning that everything follows you.
Be sure to stop by Jenilee's and join in on Wednesday's Walk.
Blessings and love,

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Debbie Petras
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  1. I must say, you were beautiful back then and still are. You do not look your age.

  2. You have always been such a beautiful girl/woman!

    I adore you just the way you are!


  3. Great picture, Debbie...

    It is neat to be able to connect with old friends...enjoyed your post!

  4. Debbie:

    I really enjoy these old pictures and memories! How funny... not leaving the campus at lunchtime. I think the only reason we could leave campus is because they were building our new high school in Pasadena, so our campus was shared with the Jr. college. Every day (if I had some money in my pocket) I went across the street to Orange Julius and had a 'pickle pooch' & a small Orange Julius...

    Your memory sharing just brings mine right to the surface!

    I love the pic of you... you are even more beautiful now! Such fun...

    Love you,


  5. I laugh because I graduated in 1966!! I've also reconnected with a lot of friends on facebook and classmates. Funny how they remember me and I don't remember myself!

  6. You are still gorgeous in and out! You are a gifted person my dear friend Debbie. Hugs.

  7. Loved your post! (You look so young...) It's fun to look back...time DOES fly! Enjoying life with my new "friends" through the wonderful world of blogging! :D

  8. I enjoyed this post! You haven't changed a bit. It is great how everyone can now connect through fb and blogging. Thank you for sharing=)...

  9. You still look great! It's neat that you have held on to some of those friendships...time flies, doesn't it?

  10. seriously.....NEVER would have thought you graduated in '71.

    no way! You look fabulous....and what a pretty high school photo too. You don't even have a funky hair do.....I had the classic "Farrah Fawcett" that I was SO proud of, LOL

    anyway....I think it is awesome that you reconnected with so many friends....

  11. What a beautiful senior picture. I love these trips down memory lane!


  12. what a cool reflection this will be my reunion as well I graduated in 1990. Looks like your reflection was cool how fun it is to go down memory lane

  13. Fun memories! Enjoyed reading this post!

  14. Beautiful pictures and you are so pretty. I love Facebook I have gotten in touch with a lot of school friends that I prolly wouldn't have found on my own.
    Have a great Wednesday !

  15. fun post! I love looking back at everyone's high school memories. and isn't facebook fun for that reason?? :) such a beautiful senior picture!

  16. Debbie...I am not kidding...you look even prettier today than you did back then! What a beauty!

    Thanks for sharing. I am linking up late...I hope you will hop over for a visit.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  17. You are such a loyal, forever friend. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

  18. Wow, you look like you have not aged a bit - still beautiful! Really enjoyed your fun post. Thank you for sharing your high school days and friends with us! Rah-rah-rah! :-D

  19. HOw fun, Debbie! Not sure who my hubs knows :-)


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